multicoloured gaze. suspect.

see my cheekbones yum

So we start off blue. Blue? People happy with that?

Cool. Blue. clearly blue.

dull emerald, if I'm not mistaken

But this ain't blue. you can't tell me it is. that's a green -- not a hazel or pine, but so not the fluted sky of before. a sort of, green-sea-on-a-cloudy-day, perhaps.

grey! grey!

And with the cloudy day rolls in the mist. fog. smoke. baby seagull feathers.

Whatever: grey.

oh chocolate


And, I mean, it's not like it's a reflection off something, either. he's worn denim before and not gone mahogany, right? right. So. huh.

side note: what's with the shoes? they remind me of liquorice.

disturbingly aesthetic dimples

and back to blue. darrrk blue. <shrug> which is the official line, as far as I know.

aside: this looks to me like the nicest school photo in the world. unnaturally nice. the blue background reminds me of being like, eleven.

Of course, in most photos his eyes crease up. or go black.

open your eyes, boy!

So, in conclusion (and linking it back to the story), I took out the colour reference to jc's eyes in Rumour.

yup. that's it. this was indeed just a gratuitous ocular indulgence and an excuse to spend an hour online. thankyou, and goodnight. <g>

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