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disclaimer #1: real people slash.  get over it.  we have.
disclaimer #2: dude. it's fiction. we're making this shit up.

Latest additions: Double or Nothing, where Cal does something very new with Lance Bass. Also, less alarmingly, Under Glass, a somewhat academic JC/Nick, Between Corners, a somewhat enigmatic JC/Kevin, and Diversion, where Justin gets exactly what he deserves, all by Calico; Perpetual Motion by Nemo.

Rather than continue to update it herself, Julad has added The Profound Stupidity Nsync Haiku Machine.

PicProv - Updated May 25, 2003


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Time for a new intro: Yes, they are a bunch of morons. Yes, they are ugly. Yes, they are also, inexplicably, hot. Yes, they are, as I'm fond of saying, so fucking adorable it makes me want to puke. Yes, they are real people, somewhere under the thick layers of PR bullshit. Yes, they are slashy as hell. And yes, I am writing this stuff, with all due lack of self-respect, and having the time of my fucking life. Any questions?

Read everything at Puppies in a Box if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, and then, if you haven't melted into a big pile of pathetic goo, here's Lake and Favourite.

Oops, I wrote another one. Murder. Not sexy yet, but this'll be a kind of a series thing. Later installments:  Murder, Part Two.  

Murder, Part Three. This was meant to be vapid and smutty, but nooooo, it had to turn into a vile angst-fest. Grrrr.

Murder, Part Four. of five. Don't ask me what I'm doing, I really don't know.

Murder, part five. An ending of sorts.

I swear, any day now, I'll write something other than Joey/Lance-flavoured group slutfic. But not today. Frisbee.

End of the Beginning - a vague sequel to Frisbee, inspired by this fine piece of tabloid journalism. Part one of probably three.

My first ever mprov. That was kinda scary. For lack of a better title, I'll call it Halloween. Slutfic, naturally.

I'm getting in trouble from Nemoinis for posting my stories as text files, because I can't put pictures in them. After years of dicking around with html, I think deserve to get slack if I want, but since this is a PicProv, there's definitely drawbacks. Ah well. Go there, see Bitter and Smiling. It's not Joey/Lance, and it's not group slutfic. The horror! In fact, it's darkish, and was inspired by this, and this.

So, I have this kink. Who wouldn't? Beauty's Gentle Pleasures, JoLa.

Toronto Christmas, gooey mprov JoLa.

Exception to the Rule, Version 2.0. It's got a ludicrous premise, a sappy Joey, an OFC, and entire sections ripped off from another story. What's not to love?

Join the Club, PicProv#16, the short version. Longer, angstier version here. Both are complete, both stand alone, but be warned, the endings are very different. Choose the short version if you're shy.

Yet another damn series, this time spawned from Dale and Dacey's birthday challenge. I've been told, in response to this, that I'm fucked in the head. All I can say is: dude, I write 'nsync slash. Which part of "fucked in the head" previously escaped you? Not The Same Inside, part one and part two. Part 3, just a little snippet.

Party of the Year, JC/Lance mprov thingy.

Worth It, a very dumb mprov. JC/Justin-ish.

Blue Moment, or, The T-Shirt Story, slutfic by slutwriter who'll do anything not to write her own stories. Shame on me, shame.

Happening, sticky Timbertricky mprov.

Out Not In, another mprov. The unfortunate consequence of making drunken bets with Georgina.

At First Sight, JoLa, slightly weird and exceeding sappy, but whatever. Hey, it's JoLa.

Slytherin, mprov in which, well, I should apologise for certain characterisations. But that would be spoiling.

Fragile, FuLa. I want to do a series of standalones, Way of the FuLa, on all the ways Chris and Lance are just crack for each other. This, in my head, is the second, but on this page it's the first.

Remember, which follows Nemo's Watch in the Likes to Watch series.


The insanity gets collective. Behold some Profound Stupidity, as many people discover just how much can be said about 'nsync in seventeen syllables. Page two; page three. And finally, the ultimate haiku page: The Profound Stupidity Nsync Haiku Machine.

Julad's list of stuff about stuff; half rec-list, half RPS-defense.

And you know what? I like feedback. In fact, I'm a feedback whore. Write me. ;)

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[ calico ]


Double or Nothing, where Lance Bass has really, really unusual bedfellows. [Don't say you weren't warned: crossover; taboos; very nc17]

Under Glass, where JC knows Nick's that little bit out of his league. [part of the britishpublicschoolboy universe for Georgina]

Between Corners, where JC tries not to notice Kevin's shoulders because it's not appropriate. Secret santa for Cecilia.

Not Exactly Coping, where Joey wakes up in a newer way. Sequel to

4. Not the same bed, where Chris argues with himsef about turns.
3. Not a big lie, where Lance is clear-headed for a while
2. Regroup, where Chris is a diplomat
1. Fuckette, where Joey wakes up in a new way.

Diversion, where Justin gets exactly what he deserves. Secret santa for Stubbleglitter.

Spice of life. Joey invites the world in; Justin complies.

sowrong.txt. JC is a girl and. um. stuff. Chris. Justin's Merc. rude! extremely rude.

Punchline. Chris has a quest.

Lapdance. Justin. leather. body glitter. the Hips. and Nick has a few things to say, also.

Granted. Justin likes beatbox, and JC likes Justin.

Relief. heh. I've always had a thing for stamina.

Missing scenes: Trade and Jewel.

Affair. birthdayfic for Wax. Chris makes an announcement. things spiral. downwards. fast. <g>

Cuisine. tumbling in the rain, envy, celery and some Hot Jeans.

Sirocco. aka, the-pirate-story-for-Dale-and-Dacey's-birthdays. Not quite group slutfic.

Toasted. Carbohydrate-related smut: it's quirky, it's hot, it's got Chris and Justin in Joey's kitchen. You know, the usual Calico fare...

The newly named Impact series. see picture which basically tells it all here. or, proceed to Crash, short scene-setting smut; Bang, where Justin makes good on... stuff, and Lance is not infrequently breathless, and Collision, which is only half-written.

Resort, short illustrated hotfic. JC makes up with Lance.

Tropics. alcoholic group slutfic. JC didn't know about bringing provisions to Joey's house.

Disparity on the PicProv page. He bites back.

Rumour, wherein bacon sizzles. and hotels and Playstations and other nsyncian trivia, also sizzling sometimes.

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[ nemoinis ]


Another writer for the collection. Group slutfic is the best. Two Minutes and The Good Life.

Lance is something more: Milk.

A short little piece of gsf fluff: Competition.

Joey-centric Picprov: Bruised and First and Third. I'm such a happy girl...

Cosmopolitan. Lance gets his relationship tips from Cosmo.

More gsf - I'm sure you can never have enough - Travel.

Hmm, Backstreet Boys! Nick knows what he wants: Lollipop.

Hey, apparently I have friends. Who woulda thunk it? Check out the warped efforts of our combined sluttiness. Bottom of the Fifth. It's GSF with an AU twist.

Joey gets Distracted.

New series, Likes to Watch. First up, Watch, followed by Julad's Remember.

Finally! A new story - Perpetual Motion. Where everybody wants something and nobody gets it. Skeabs is kindly hosting it on her page because I'm a lazy bitch.

Nemo's Journal where I'm frequently bitter and only marginally amusing.

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