by Ananda

JC hated this photo shoot.

It the most obvious thing in the world. The way his body sat tense in the water, only halfway in like he was about to bolt at any second. The way his arms almost gripped the sides of the pool, ready to heave himself out of there as soon as possible. And, most of all, the way he looked at the camera, not even trying to hide his expression of discomfort and unease.

JC hated this photo shoot.

Which wasn't that hard to believe, considering the location. Sure, in theory lounging around in hot springs in the middle of a tropical paradise would be a little piece of heaven, and hey, if you have to wink and smile at the camera a little to get there, then more power to them. But in reality, it wasn't quite as enjoyable as it seemed. The beauty of the scenery seemed to dim tenfold when it was draped with cameras and props and photographers, as well as the loud dance beats that were pumping from the stereo, trying to make this photo shoot 'fun' and 'hip'. And it was kinda hard to enjoy the exoticness of the location when you had to worry about looking like a lusty sex symbol and non-threatening boy-next-door all rolled into one.

JC hated this photo shoot.

Which made Justin feel a little bit guilty about the fact that he was *loving* this photo shoot. It created all kinds of suggestive scenes that were at present running wild through his head. The way JC's beater wet beater clung tightly to his chest did things to him that none of their target audience would ever even have *heard* of. He wasn't due in front of the camera until later on in the afternoon, and his shots were taking place on a beach a couple miles down from the location they were at now. Which gave him plenty of time to sit and watch. And enjoy the view.

After another half hour of the photographer trying to convince JC how to look 'sultry', the shoot was done, and JC scrambled out of the pool. Justin's breath caught as water droplets rolled off his boy's body, his eyes following their path as they traced their way down JC's toned abs and disappeared at the top of his swim shorts. JC looked up and caught Justin's glance and the hunger in his eyes, but was too aggravated to do anything more than tilt his head towards his trailer before stalking in there. Justin quickly stood up and grabbed his towel off the rock he was sitting on, following him in there.

When he got inside he found JC pouring himself a glass of Coke and rubbing his forehead. He leaned back against the door as JC started whining, a smirk already forming on his face as he tried to concentrate on what Josh was saying.

".look 'sultry' JC. No, that's too sexy JC, we can't make the parents mad! Come on JC, this isn't that hard, look like you're enjoying this JC!"

He stopped and took a gulp of his drink before slamming the glass back down beside the sink.

Justin's smile grew broader and he moved to stand behind JC, wrapping his arms around his lover's waist to grip the bottom of Josh's transparent shirt and pull it off. JC sighed obligingly and raised his arms so that Justin could remove the shirt completely. Once he had tossed it to the floor, Justin leaned his head down and kissed the back of JC's neck softly, the taste of the hot springs still lingering on his wet skin.

"I think you're sultry," Justin breathed into his ear, and JC couldn't hold back his shudder. "I think you're sexy too. And if you weren't enjoying yourself doing that, well," Justin paused and turned Josh around in his arms, so the two men were facing each other. "well then maybe we should get them to photograph you doing something that you *do* enjoy," he finished, winking suggestively.

JC laughed lightly. "Careful what you wish for before the National Enquirer starts getting ideas."

Justin didn't respond. Instead, he stared into JC's eyes for a moment, before breaking contact and lowering his face down to one of the droplets still rolling down JC's chest. Gripping Josh's arms tightly with his hands, Justin leaned in and licked away the droplet slowly, feeling the muscles beneath his tongue grow taunt as Josh clutched the counter behind him, trying to maintain control. Justin kissed JC's bellybutton quickly before looking up into his face again and speaking.

"I like it when you're wet. In a pool. Trying to look sultry. It makes me want to do lots of different things to do."

" what?" Josh panted, closing his eyes as Justin's tongue continued roaming over his chest.

"Like this," Justin bit gently at his nipple and JC arched into his touch. "And this," he sucked gently on Josh's collarbone. "And definitely this."

Justin slipped his hand into Josh's trunks, sliding his hands over the hardness inside, feeling the heat radiating from JC. Josh moaned and his hand found the back of Justin's head, pulling him closer to kiss him roughly.

Pulling away after a couple moments, Justin rested his head inside JC's neck, trying to slow his breathing back to normal while Josh stroked his hair gently.



"I didn't hate this photo shoot *that* much."

Justin smiled.

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