by C.

When Justin wasn't in the middle of laughing at him, when Justin forgot about fame for a while, when Justin came out of his pretty boy shell, that's when Justin made JC smile.

There was a connection, sometimes no more than friendly, between them. Sometimes that connection was so strong it multiplied feelings and tinted sight. JC found it hard to put words to how he felt for Justin, but he did know one thing was true. They were brothers first, friends second, and lovers through it all. They disagreed and fought, laughed and joked, kissed and made up. In the crazy world of stardom and fame, they held to their connection like a lifeline.

JC hoped it worked both ways.

That afternoon Justin was bordering on insane. Not the bad kind of insane where he would lash out and throw things and turn into a Generally Vicious Popstar, but the good kind of insane where he would do things that never would have occurred to him otherwise. He was in one of those jumponthetableanddoastriptease kind of moods.

"You look like an elf, check out the ears." Chris was just back from his solo shots and ready to harass anyone he could find, not quite in the same mood as Mr. Poptart. Photographers has the nasty habit of bringing out the worst in Chris's moods.

"He is defiantly not an elf, a banshee maybe, not an elf." Joey considered himself the resident expert on all things Tolkien and mystical.

"What good's a banshee?" Justin, of course.

"You can kill people with your voice." Chris again.

"How's that any different from what he does for a living?" Lance needed to get a line in there eventually.

Justin turned to the right and screamed. JC just smiled. He didn't mind at all. He would make Justin scream twice as loud later.

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