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Yeah, they were at it again. Its a really good thing that the photos were mid-shots, that way no one would remember the way Lance had his hand on JC's ass. God they were disgusting. Everyone thought it was cute, but I knew the truth. It wouldn't last. I would make sure.

"Joey, what the hell are you doing?"

Ok, so I admit a handstand wasn't the best way to start off a photo shoot. Sue me. I thought it looked pretty good at the time. Plus the headrush was about as close as I was going to get to a real rush this early in the morning

"Who the hell dressed you all in red?"

Hey, you can't blame that one on me. I don't dress myself anymore. We all have 'people' for that.

"Can we just take the pictures?"

And Justin was bored already. Little horny bastard probably wanted to go shag the camerman's assistant in the back room; maybe he would bring the camerman along for the ride.

He had his hand on the back of Lance's neck, his neck for God's sake! Was that supposed to be sexual? Dammit, I could be more sexual with a tree... well, let's not go there.

And I swear if Lance doesn't wipe that smrik off his face I... I will..... shit. I can't take this.

"Joey, where you going?"

He had to ask, damn.

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