Called By Another Name

by Jaycela

Joey wished more than anything that he didn't have to be there.

He felt ridiculous in the turtleneck, the top of it so big that it wrinkled like Korea's fur. And he was really unamused that the photographer had decided to stick him next to Lance. Any other day, it would have been fine. Enjoyable, even. But not after last night.

"Joey," Lance's voice was quiet, nearly impossibly quiet as he came up beside the larger man. "I don't know what to say besides I'm sorry."

Joey wouldn't even look in his direction. Joey had barely moved since the second they had placed him on his mark, telling him to look serious, dark. "Well, at least you know my name in the light of day," he said, his voice nearly a sneer. "Wish we could say the same for when my mouth was on your dick last night."

"I'm sorry," Lance said again, his hand lightly resting on the small of Joey's back. Joey jerked away, and he sighed. "It wasn't like I meant to…"

"What? You didn't mean to cry out JC's name in bed? JC, of all people?" Joey's entire body was tense, his arms crossed, his eyes looking anywhere but at the man beside him. "You know, I thought you were over that. I thought we were cool."

Lance rolled his neck from side to side. He hadn't even realized what he had done until Joey's mouth pulled off him, a hand quickly wiping across those full lips. Then realization slammed him, but before he could even open his mouth to make an excuse, explain, anything, Joey had walked out the door, not even bothering to close it behind him.

"We are cool, Joe. Or, we were until I fucked up." Lance toyed with the zipper of the coat he was wearing, his face flushed with embarrassment. "I'm over him, completely over him. I have no idea where it came from. But I swear that I don't want him anymore. I'm happy where I am."

Joey still wouldn't look at him, and Lance was about to admit defeat. He had messed up hardcore this time, and it didn't look like forgiveness was going to come any time soon. "So, um…should I move my stuff into Chris' room or something?" Lance asked, silently cursing himself for the tremble that decided to come into his voice.

There was silence. Lance nodded, even though Joey couldn't see it. "Okay, I'll do that when we get back," he said. He reached for Joey's hand, squeezing once. "For what it's worth, I love you."

Lance released his hand and started to walk away, and Joey's control snapped. He grabbed Lance, pulling him into a hard, deep kiss. Lance was like putty in his arms, and Joey couldn't help but chuckle. "Bet JC never kissed you like that," he growled, his lips moving to blaze a trail across Lance's jawline.

"No one in the world has ever kissed me like that," Lance replied, moaning softly when Joey sucked Lance's earlobe into his mouth, biting down on the soft skin.

"Remember that," Joey whispered hotly into Lance's ear. A bodyguard stepped in at that moment, told them the car was there and that everyone else was waiting. Joey straightened up, walking away like nothing had just happened, leaving Lance with bruised lips and an ache in his groin as he followed.

The ride back was spent in silence. The other guys knew something had happened, but none of them wanted to ask for specifics. Joey and Lance sat alone in the middle seat of the van, and Joey used that to his advantage, his hand trailing in between Lance's thighs, fingers gently stroking against the growing bulge in his jeans.

Lance bit the inside of his cheek to contain his groan. The second the van pulled up in front of the hotel he was gone, practically tugging Joey with him through the lobby and into the elevator. Once the doors closed, Lance was all over Joey - grinding against him, sucking and biting at his neck. Joey just gave him an amused look, pushing him away gently as the doors opened.

"You're gonna torture me, aren't you?" Lance questioned when they got to their room.

"Oh you had better believe it," Joey answered. He looked at the freshly made bed, then at Lance. "Strip and lie down on your back. If you touch yourself, I'll tie your hands down."

Lance shivered slightly, nervous but unbelievably turned on. He did as he was told, folding his clothes and putting them on the table before lying down on the bed, his arms at his sides.

"Look at me."

Lance turned his head to the side, and he barely suppressed a moan as Joey slowly removed his clothes, his eyes never leaving those of his lover. The boxers were last, Joey reaching a hand in, stroking himself slowly as they slipped off his hips and onto the floor.

Joey's head fell back, his eyes closing, the slightest of gasps escaping his lips. Lance bent his knees, his toes curling into the bedspread as he watched. One hand raised slowly, fingertips tracing a line down the center of his chest until they brushed the fine hairs leading down to his groin. He moaned, and Joey's eyes flew open.

"I told you not to touch," Joey growled. He disappeared into the bathroom, returning with two of the towels. Straddling Lance, he wrapped each towel securely around one wrist, before tying it to the headboard. Lance tugged against them, biting his lip as he realized they were secure. He wasn't going anywhere unless Joey let him.

Joey smiled at the slight bit of apprehension on Lance's face and he leaned down, teasing Lance with the lightest brush of his lips. Lance raised his head, seeking more contact and Joey pulled away, shaking his head. "Don't move," he ordered, and Lance swallowed hard.

It took all the restraint Lance could muster not to arch up as Joey hovered over one nipple, blowing gently until it hardened. It was even harder not to writhe when Joey trailed tiny kisses down his stomach, around his thighs. It was completely impossible for him to contain his moan when Joey's fingers traced lightly over his balls, stroking back and forth between them and his hole torturously slow.

"Joey," Lance pleaded, and Joey stopped, looking up at him.

"Say it again."

"Joey," Lance repeated, his voice strained, breathless. "I want you. Need you…only you. Please."

Joey smiled, getting up off the bed. Lance strained against the towels imprisoning his arms, wanting desperately to be able to touch himself, to ease the ache that was becoming more and more prominent. Joey returned quickly, and Lance whimpered when he saw the tube of lubrication Joey now held in his hand.

In what seemed like an instant, the cap was opened, Joey's fingers lubed, one pressing insistently against Lance. He relaxed, allowing the finger inside, hissing as it stroked him slowly. After a moment, Joey added a second finger, scissoring them back and forth, stretching the tight muscles further.

"Joey…." Lance purred, his hips coming off the bed as Joey's fingers brushed his prostate. "Joey, now, please."

Joey removed his fingers before stroking his own erection slowly. Lance looked up at him, eyes pleading, darkened with desire. "Joey, I love you. I want you inside of me. I'm begging you, please."

The smallest of sighs escaped Joey's lips as he leaned over Lance, bracing himself on his arms. Slowly, very slowly, he eased into Lance, his eyes closing as he moaned. Lance dug his heels into the bed, his head falling back as Joey filled him completely.

"I love you too." Joey's words were a whisper as he began to move, pulling back and thrusting again in an endless rhythm. Lance pulled against the towels again, needing to touch Joey's back, the muscles that were flexing beneath his skin. The friction of Joey's body against his cock was sublime, and Lance knew he wasn't going to be able to last.

Neither was Joey. His thrusts quickly became fast and hard, one hand releasing its grip on the comforter to run down Lance's side, before encircling the erection pressed between them. He stroked it in tome with his thrusts, the fine sheen of sweat that appeared on them both only helping the glide of their bodies.

Lance cried out Joey's name as he came, his eyes shut tightly, his body completely taut. Joey felt his own release being practically pulled from him as Lance's muscles closed around him, his mouth opened in a silent cry as he let go.

It took a moment for them to come down off their highs. Joey removed himself, barely having the energy to untie Lance's bonds before he lay down beside him, spent.

"Woah," Lance said, still trying to catch his breath. "You know…maybe I should call you by another name more often."

They shared a laugh, and Joey pulled Lance to him, one leg thrown possessively over both of his.

"Don't even try it."

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