Double '0' Chasez

by Doodlez

Maybe he saw too many spy flicks as a kid, where the suave, handsome lead man can just do whatever the hell he wants, take no prisoners and still have every piece in his body there and accounted for. And he thinks that he might have spent too many nights actually paying attention when Justin had his James Bond phase and couldn't stop watching Octopussy and Goldfinger.

Sometimes he gets this urge, to do something completely scandalous and come out of the woodwork smug and confident, like he's done something badbadbad and should be punished, but wouldn't be, cause he's: Double '0' Chasez, Super spy.

The latest urge comes now, with Chris and Lance on either side of him, looking bored in some lobby where they wait with their luggage shoved in one corner while a pillar stands in the foreground. Chris isn't paying much attention because he's looking for someone to come by, and suddenly, Lance looks just delicious. He has the sudden urge to have Lance somewhere, almost like the young, dyed blond had grown DD-cup boobs, a horrible Russian accent and was plotting to keep Double '0' Chasez from some sort of secret headquarters.

Chris still isn't looking, so JC turns his head ever so slightly, clearing his throat to get Lance's attention.


"See that pillar? Behind you?"

"Yeah?" Lance whispers back.

"Get behind it. Now."

He turns the rest of the way to see Lance walk over without question. As soon as the last of Lance's leg disappears from sight, JC goes over to join him.

The minute he gets close enough, Lance is all over him like brown on shit (which really isn't the best analogy, but too bad. It's past midnight and it's my story) and is pushing JC up against the plaster and concrete. He's kissing a mouth that is practiced, smooth and urgent. (Or maybe he's the only one being kissed, but whatever.) Nothing falls off, or is being unbuttoned, because neither of them know what kind of time they have, or if they have time at all. They hide in the shadows quite nicely as breath quickens and voices get deeper from arousal.

And it's over as soon as they get the first whiff of Joey's voice in the air. "Miss me?!" he yells out to everyone and no one really in particular.

Lance just runs a hand through his hair, and then JC's, a slow, lazy grin developing and they both struggled with their breathing patterns.

"Oon-teal ve meet ah-gane," Lance hums in his worst Russian accent.

"Yeah, sure."

Lance laughs all the way about it to the hotel.

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