Painfule Dreams

by Noel Bak

I watched him, every movement, every breath, every smile, I saw it. Whether he saw me watching or not was beyond me, but to tell you the truth I didn't care. Wanted him, more like need him. Every inch of him was a temptation, a dirty, filthy, temptation.

JC has been my obsession since the moment I laid eyes on him, but he, he never loved me back. Not the way I wanted him. I am just his brother, little brother Lance. That is the hardest thing to hear when you take someone you need in your soul aside and work up the courage to tell them you love them and all they say is "I love ya like a Bro. too man."

The moment those passed his lips and entered my ears a portion of my heart died. How could such a sweet and passionate man hurt me so much? Did he understand what I said, I wonder as he hugs me and passes by? I watch him disappear into the house and Chris claps me on the back as if to say he knows. I manage a weak smile and he clings to his bubble blond girlfriend and flows JC's lead into the house.

Alone, they way I always seem to find myself, Alone. I stair at the lake that surrounds the compound, the sun glistening off the ripples created by the unseen current. A light breeze skims the top of the water and gently brushes the hair away from my eyes. I inhale. The sweet smell of the crisp Orlando air and a hint of masculine shampoo and soap fills my senses and I smile, JC.

"Is it true?"

I Jump as his voice cuts like a knife through the still air that had formed a tight bubble around me. I can't look into his stony blue eyes and tell him again. I still hurt.

"Tell me is it true?"

I brush past him and he stands in shock, at this moment I really can't care. He follows me, him and his tight, beautiful, perfect body follow me towards the hot tub. I feel his strong hand grab my arm and I involuntarily stop. He walks around my body to face me, I lick my lips seeing him in nothing but a wife beater a pair of swimming trunks. He smiles tugging at my arm leading me to the pond style hot tub.

I can't read his face but I feel my body reacting to his when the water clings to his sculpted abs through his flimsy shirt.

"Are you going to just stand there Scoop? Get in and we can talk about everything."

His voice so tempting, his body a dream, I slide in and I feel my foot brush against his bare leg. The touch sends bolts of steamy passion up my leg and into my stomach, he's all I have ever wanted. He seems so willing, so OK, but what if this heavenly picture is nothing more than the same painful dream I have suffered through time and time before? He smiles, "Lance tell me it's true."

My head snaps up in surprise, he's begging me. Beautiful, passionate, perfect JC is begging me. His stony blue eyes lock into mine; he pushes up, leans into me and I finally taste the salty sweetness that I have pined for so long. I feel his hand glide over my bare shoulders, up my shirt, and pinch my already hardening nipples. His graceful legs straddle my aching waist, I buck into him. His mouth consumes both of our moans.

I grip his hair, pulling further into my mouth. I need him but he pulls away, "Shirt." I pull them both off and he chuckles his harmonious laugh. He attacks my lips again, running his hands down my bare chest and my chilled skin twitches with anticipation. He needs me as much as I need him. I taste his neck and collar bone. But he is the first to taste the prize the long awaited gem of life. His head is gone under the water and I feel his lips around my painfully hard cock. From that moment on all my visions blurred together.

When it was over he held me close to him, placing soft caring kisses on my tender neck. I mentally smacked myself for my temporary insanity.

"Baby you were fantastic." He whispers and I kiss him firm on the lips and tell him the same emphasizing each word with a passionate kiss.

"Maybe you two should take it inside." We turn to see Chris and his girlfriend standing there, mouths wide, debating if the hot tub is really the place they want to go now or not. JC just laughed "Don't worry about it guys we took care of any mess." I watch Chris and Kihra, his girlfriend, turn six shades of green before they turn and walk back into the house. JC kisses me once again as he stands up to leave.

"Come on Lance get your cute little ass out of there." And I smiled I turn to see the sun setting on the horizon, the reds and pinks reflecting off the rippling water. A soft breeze brushes back a stray hair. The sweet smell of the Orlando night fills my senses and I know I am finally not Alone.

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