by Gemmini

It wasn't supposed to be this way, not really, not now especially. There weren't supposed to be feelings, hell, I almost didn't think they existed, they didn't, not 'til now. And ya know, it almost makes me want to do something about it. Almost.

I told you not to fall in love me.

I warned you.

I practically fucking yelled and screamed and just wouldn't sit still when you told me you might be, ya know, developing feelings.

I fucking told you not too, but you did anyway. And, it wouldn't be that bad, not nearly, because most of the time I can just walk away and pretend that whatever fucking feelings you're exhibiting don't exist. Most of the time they don't.

But then you had to go and get creative. You had to find a way to fucking kiss me every hour on the hour, just to make me horny. You had to find a way to brush up against my cock and just leave me wanting more, and knowing I wouldn't come to you, because that goes against every fucking thing I've ever believed in.

I warned you.

I fucking warned you not to fall in love with me.

I didn't want the responsibility, the anguish, the fucking tears that I knew were going to come, that I knew had to come.

They tasted metallic, your tears.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. It's never been this way, not with any of the other's. To be cliche, it's been wham, bam, thank you sir.

You fucking made me care.

I warned you.

I warned myself.

Then you had to go and cry. And I had to go and pretend to care, and somewhere along the line I just got screwed over because I went from pretending to reality, and I went from the fuck of the month club to fucking monogamy.

You were the only one, I told you that, but you didn't believe me.

You said my past was just to damning, but I know the truth, you knew the truth. You knew about the other guys, the other fucks, the lack of emotion that I had. You knew, and I warned you, I more then warned you, and now you just shake your head.

I told you, I can't stand the sight of tears, especially not my own.

ESPECIALLY not my own.

You're the only person to ever make me cry, did you know that? Every other person, every other lay, they were just that. They were other people, they weren't you, and you knew about them, you knew.

And you still shake your head.

Well, ya know what? I warned you, I warned you not to go getting feelings for me, I told you I was practically unlovable.

You listened to the practically part, and figured you had a chance.

And damn you, you did. You know you did. You know that! You know exactly what you did.

You made me care.

And now you just shake your head and cry a little and damn it but your tears taste good, but that's not important. What's important is the fact that you knew about me going into this thing, this fling, and you knew that I didn't like commitment, you knew that! Why the hell didn't you ever listen to me when I talked? Why aren't you listening now?

I wasn't supposed to care; no-one else does. Not even you, because you put me in this position, and you just sit there shaking your head not believing a word that's coming out of my mouth, and I'm just incredulous.

Incredulous. Fucking sat word.

I don't believe you.

I can't.

Not now.

It wasn't supposed to be this way, not now, not ever.

I was never supposed to care.

And you weren't supposed to cry those fucking metallic tears.

We both lost.

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