Rules of the Game

by Kathryn

There you are, flaunting him. So what? I don't care that you have him for now. I know who he's coming back to the hotel with. And it's not you. So you just get everything you can from him, because as soon as the night is over, he's mine again.

Do you have to be so blatantly obvious about your joy in playing your part? Do you really feel the need to show off for the cameras, caught up in the lies we've weaved together? Being overly affectionate in public, in front of cameras, was not part of our deal. Have you forgotten the rules already?

My God! There you go again! After that last stunt backfired, I thought you wouldn't do it anymore. Or do you not remember the last time? Did you hear about how hot the sex was that night? I don't know what you did exactly, but he practically bruised me, he was so horny and ready by the end of the day. Ready for me. He shoved me up against the door hard enough that I had trouble walking for days. I'm sure you remember those days. But they're over now. He's mine now.

You bitch. You know the rules. Don't think I don't know who arranged the seating tonight. Your loss. Can you feel the sexual tension between us, sitting there in the middle, acting innocent. Would you like to feel something more? What if I just leaned over you, at the commercial break and sucked him off, just because I can? Not so innocent then I bet.

"Dani! Come over here, girl, let me get a good look at you!" JC, my savior. Finally, you've left and Chris and I can talk without you looming over us. He doesn't want to hurt you anymore that he has to, but I don't care. I'd tie you up and make you watch. Because as long as you're here, he's not fully mine. But one day, one day, you bitch, he will be mine.

A few tight smiles and you're back again, sitting between us. Like some freaking babysitter. Time for the game to end. You've broken rules, and now it's my turn.

"Chris." I whisper. He turns those twinkling, gorgeous brown eyes on me. I lean a little closer to him, making you edge away from me. "Guess what I want to do to you tonight, baby." You grimace at his devilish grin and sink lower in your seat, obviously not wanting to be in the middle of this. I raise my eyebrows and he winks at me. Don't give me that look, you whore. You were the one who wanted to sit between us.

"Mmmhmm. I can imagine. I can't wait to feel you inside me, and see you all sweaty, spent and laying on top of me." I smirked at his words. You looked as if you wanted to throw up. Or as if you wanted the ground to open up and swallow you. I wish. That would make my job much easier. But this is fun, so much fun I didn't want to stop as the lights blinked, signaling the end of intermission. You shove me off of you as the show starts again, and I can barely conceal the growl in my throat. You'll get your day. Soon actually. We've staged the whole thing; it's going to be nasty. And permanent. Don't worry about your job, sweet thing. He seems to believe you're good for business. So you'll see him. Hell, maybe I'll go with him, on those oh so rare occasions he visits the office. I've never had sex in an office.

"What the fuck was that?" you hissed in the limo.

"Just changing the rules of the game, dollface."

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