Kaleidoscope!Justin [PicProv #11]

by Lemon

Dani's hot.

I mean, my girl's hot, too, don't get me wrong, Britney's all that, but, ya know. She's a girl, still. And Dani. Well, Dani's a WOMAN, and I never thought about it before but there's such a difference. When you see Chris and Dani together, they're so different from Brit and me. They've got that "grown-up" thing going on, and it always makes me feel like such a kid.

Sometimes I feel this weird thing in my stomach, if I happen to walk in on them in the hall, or a changing room, or where-ever. Chris is always leaning in on her, and she's so tall, she's right there in his face, and they're in their own world, and nobody else matters. Not like I hang around and watch, or anything! I don't. Just that one time, and I didn't mean to. Just kind of felt like--educate myself a little, you know? See how do the grown-ups do it...

I don't know about all grown-ups, but Chris and Dani are all about hands on faces. His hand cups the side of her pretty face, and her hand holds his head still, her long fingers pale against the black of his hair, as if she's making sure he isn't going anywhere. They must feel each other's breath on their faces, they talk so close, and no, I didn't hear the words, exactly, but it was love-talk, all murmurs and soft, like that.

I never did it again, spied on them, I mean. But sometimes, I would wonder, when Chris had been away from her for extra long, and he would get more and more quiet, the closer we got to whatever city she was gonna meet us in. His eyes would be so dark, and watchful, as if he could spy her from the bus, and jump up, and run out to meet her, without even waiting for the bus to stop.

Yeah, I would wonder what it must be like for two people who were SO into each other, and forced to be apart so much--when they finally can come together, what do they do? Do they just Slam into each other? Do they tease each other, and scream with wanting? Do they cry when they have to part again?

I think about Chris and Dani too much. I know I do. It's cause she's so hot. And a grown-up. Just like Chris. They'll always know more than me, and sometimes I resent the hell out of that, because I could tie them down, and make them tell me EVERYTHING, everything they know that I don't, and I still wouldn't know the mysteries they hold deep inside themselves, because of what they have lived. And what I haven't lived, and never will.

Look! There they go again. That hug, that embrace, that connecting thing they do, shutting everyone else out. They only need each other. My heart is pounding, I must be nuts, but I have the strangest impulse. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna go over there, and hug Dani. Just hug her myself. Take that woman in my arms, and embrace her beautiful body.

Ohhhh....I'm so glad I did. She's still warm from Chris' body.

Oh yeah. Dani's hot.

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