A Young Prince

by Lemon

The backstories were perfect. When you have that much money, you can buy anyone, you can buy anything. You can buy sisters and parents, and old family friends, and you can artfully alter old videos to reflect old altered truths. It becomes a game, to see how far you can take it. It becomes a challenge to see how much fantasy you can get away with.

"Yes, I met Chris when I worked at Universal Studios, I met JC sometime that same year...When they asked me to join the group, of course I said yes."

And when the one they call Chris teases you, and says that if there had been an audition process, you probably wouldn't have made it, you laugh along with everyone else. After all, it IS kind of funny.

Chris pays for that little remark the same night he made it. But not too much, because at bottom, you *are* quite fond of him, and you knew what he was when you chose him. Chris is the one who gets away with the most teasing, and you figure that it is good for you, really. Someone needs to keep your head on straight, and certainly Lance and JC aren't going to do it. They are a little too fawning at times, a little too timid. Justin? Justin is riding high now, the undisputed favorite, but he knows that it is all because of your graciousness, and that at any moment it could all be taken away from him. So, he teases too, mostly because he can't help following Chris, but his teasing is softer and gentler, and you really don't mind it.

Who ever would have imagined so much fun from a simple game of pretend? Let's pretend to be singing stars, and we'll travel the world, and put on shows, and people will scream for us. Of course, it had turned out to be ever so much more work than any of you had imagined. Even Justin flags at times, and you get the feeling if you were to ask the question, with a simple raised eyebrow, "Had enough yet?" he might hesitate before firmly shaking his head no.

Still, with all the sweat and aching physical labor, and the occaisonal boredom of the repetitive interviews, it is still infinitely better than sitting around a dazzlingly bright, stupifyingly dull palace just looking at each other. You are a prince, and you enjoy your harem, of course. You've taken pleasure with all four of them in amazingly varied ways. But even the hottest sex will begin to cool, if there is no outside stimulus, no new way of thinking or reacting, no other source of refreshment. No sense of PLAY. And since you are not the sort of prince to suffer boredom unnecessarily, The Game is born, and seems to take on a life of its own at times. But always, in reality, you do remain in perfect control, and your little lovers feel better, more secure, in that knowledge. That you won't ever let things spin out of control.

So, to the gullible world you wear the persona of a lovable skirt-chaser, a big lug who lucked into the best gig ever, and is now enjoying himself hugely. The truth is something a little more amusing. You chase skirts as part of the game, and in fact, often enjoy it, but--it is immensely satisfying to be able to turn during one of the endless photo shoots and look over your harem, and idly wonder which one you will choose for that evening's entertainment. If JC is looking deep in thought, or if Lance is doing his languid cat impersonation, it might be one or both of those. If Justin is looking just a little too cocky, or heaven help us, if Chris is just a little too crazed and hyper, it will definitely be one or both of those two. Lately, you have taken to enjoying yourself with certain pairings, to suit your mood, and it's working out deliciously.

Ah yes. Life is good, when you are a young prince. When you turn to face the camera just now, you cannot help but smirk a little, because of just how good and sweet it really, really is.

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