Give Some Heart
by Missi
picture chosen by Lois Lane

"Justin, get down with your bad, funky self," JC called out dryly.

"You're just jealous you can't dance like me, Jace."

"Can so. Just don't want to."

"Whatever. Besides, it's Joey and Lance getting down with their bad, funky selves." Justin gestured to the boys on the couch, Joey tickling Lance until he cried from laughing.

"What, you want in, Jup?"

"Nope. I know tickling is just a substitute for foreplay. And while I love ya'll...I don't." He laughed and walked away, ignoring Joey and Lance's half hearted denials, joining JC and Chris at the Craft Services table and then herding them out the door, Lonnie following.

Dre set up post at the door, surrepticiouly ignoring the boys on the couch and at the same time ensuring no one would walk in on them.

Joey laughed down at Lance, who was making high pitched noises no bass singer should make and writhing beneath him and laughing breathlessly.


The bigger man stopped, one hand holding Lance's wrists above his head, the other pausing on his ribs. He just stared down at the usually pale face, now red from exertion and laughter, the open mouth, wheezing shallow breaths, and the chuckling clear-jade eyes.

Lance held his breath as Joey stared at him, a million thoughts running through his head. "What is he thinking...why is he looking at me like that...does he want to kiss me?...I want him to kiss me..."

"Lance..." It was a question.

The blonde nodded.

Joey sucked in a breath and lowered his head, gently pressing his lips to the other man's, soft, chaste. Lance tugged his wrists away from Joey and threaded one hand up through the thick, dark hair. The hand that had rested on Lance's ribs traveled down to his stomach and stayed, softly stroking.

Lance moaned against Joey's lips, "Fuuuuuck..."

Joey pulled away and grinned, cocking one eyebrow. "Not here, man." He grew serious. "Um...Lance..."

Lance responded by licking his tongue across Joey's lips, moving his other hand to caress his back, and smiling.

Joey smiled and shone love through his eyes.

And they gave some heart.

-el fin-

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