Fever [PicProv #6]

by Shakes

"I think I have a fever," Chris announced to no one in particular.

Nobody was paying attention to him; they were all too wrapped up in their own post-show antics.

"Really," he whimpered, adding in a pathetic little sigh.

No response. Dammit.

He hurried down the venue corridor leading to their tour buses, followed by their bodyguards. In front of him, the other members of Nsync jumped around screaming or smiled maniacally, according to their natures.

Justin threw himself onto Joey's back. Joey grabbed his ankles and spun in circles, laughing like an idiot. "We were sooo bitchin' tonight! Did you hear me out there? I didn't miss even one note! Whoa! Slow down, Joey!"

Chris smiled slightly at Justin's innocent show of ego. The kid could be a pain, but at least he was cute while doing it. Chris couldn't understand how Justin managed that, but he did.

And Justin was right, they had been bitchin'. Every note hit, every move done perfectly. Chris himself had been suffering from chills the entire concert, but he had made it through. Right now, though, he could use a little comfort. He shivered, and it wasn't entirely faked.

Finally someone noticed. "You all right, man?" JC asked, still grinning widely.

"Yeah, I'm just a tad cold, is all."

"Dude, it's like eighty degrees outside! But if you're seriously cold, put on a sweater or something, kay?" As if Chris couldn't have thought of that himself. "Later, Chris!" They had reached the buses. JC climbed on one, and Chris headed for the other. "Bye, JC."

Chris resigned himself to spending the rest of the night shivering alone in his bunk. When he got on the bus, though, Lance was standing in the aisle holding out some Advil. "I heard you had a fever." He took the pills and let Lance lead him to his bunk. Chris curled up, knowing Lance would take care of him. Feeling lips on his forehead, Chris smiled again. Comfort at last.

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