by Sunnie

He'd noticed Lance was watching him a lot lately. Like, last night, when he was hunched over his plate eating a cheeseburger dripping with ketchup, he'd glanced up and seen Lance, his eyes glazed over, staring at his mouth. So he'd slid his tongue slowly across his lips, and saw the flicker in those pale green eyes before Lance finally looked up and realized he'd been caught. He blushed and darted his eyes away quickly.

That afternoon they'd been working out a new dance routine and Justin heard Wade yell at Lance several times. "Pay attention, dude you're just not fucking paying attention." And Justin wondered briefly what Lance *was* paying attention to, but then Joey made a comment about JC's ass in those sweat pants and he laughed and jumped on Joey's back and told him quit pervin' on JC, man! And they all got a little crazy after that until Wade yelled at them to C'mon! Get back to it!

By the end of the day, they had the dance down, finally. They stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors and ran through the whole song. Again. Justin glimpsed Lance in the mirror right as they were doing that hip-shimmy thing and he saw those eyes, those eyes staring at him, and he felt something tight in his chest and his groin, then tripped over his own foot. What the hell, Justin?! Wade sure had a bug up his ass today.

"I just tripped, dude, I think it was my shoelace." And Justin crouched down to untie and retie his shoe, his eyes darting up as he pushed the worn lace through the loop, to see Lance look away quickly, lips pressed together, hands on his hips.

Later, in the bus, he was sitting on the couch, not really watching the movie because Lance was sitting next to him. Not close, really, but he was there. And he couldn't stop thinking about Lance's eyes, the way they watched him, watching his lips, watching his hips. Always watching.

Joey was asleep on the floor. He was on his stomach with a pillow scrunched under his head, his face turned towards the television, snoring lightly.

So Justin found himself watching Lance...his profile, the way his skin glowed in the dark room, only the flickering light of the television dancing on his pale skin. His lips were unbelievably pink. Justin licked his own lips, wondering how Lance's lips tasted.

He had one leg tucked under him, turned kind of sideways with his head resting on the back of the couch. He could watch Lance like this and not be too obvious.

Well, except...if Lance caught him. The pale green eyes bore into his blues. "What?" Lance smiled shyly, his deep-soft voice vibrated through Justin's chest. Justin swallowed thickly and blinked. "J, what is it? Do I..." and Lance's hand swiped at his face, brushing off an imaginary crumb or smear of food.

"Yeah..." Justin sat up, the breathiness of his own voice surprising him. "Yeah, you..." And his trembling fingers reached towards Lance's mouth, brushing at the corner with two fingertips. He shivered.

"Is it gone?" Lance's whisper tickled his cock, which was already half at attention in his loose jeans.

"No." Justin touched him again. This time rubbing the pad of his thumb across Lance's sweet lower lip. Lance groaned as his eyes fluttered closed, the dark lashes resting briefly on his cheekbones. His eyes shot open again as the heat of Justin's hand left his face. His mouth hung slack as he saw the sensuous way Justin's tongue lapped at his thumb before coming back to his mouth, sliding wetly across his lips. A tiny mew escaped his mouth this time, his tongue flicking out to catch Justin's thumb.

And then his mouth, that mouth he dreamed about, fantasized about, stared at every chance he got, that mouth was breathing hotly on his. Open, and wet and his lips, fuck, they were like blushing, and Lance thought he'd faint when Justin finally gave him a taste. A taste like dark, sweet cherries.

Lance smoothed his hands around Justin's ribs, settling briefly when they met at his spine, Justin arching into him like a cat. Justin's hands on his face, fingers splayed at his jaw while he worked his hot tongue over Lance's lips and tongue, sucking, sliding over his teeth, moaning into his mouth sending jolts all the way to his toes.

Lance slid his hand down Justin's back, cupping his ass, kneading the firm roundness of him, then further, between his legs, pulling Justin in one swift movement so he was straddling Lance's lap, their erections pressing together, rocking and moaning.

"Fuck, you guys! Get a room!" Joey's voice grumbled sleepily from the floor.

The kissing stopped. Silence. Justin's eyes darted back and forth between Lance and Joey, then he laughed, and nuzzled Lances' neck. Lance was relieved, at first afraid the magic had been shattered, and laughed too. Justin slid off his lap, grabbing Lance's hand. He pulled him up, then growling near his ear. "Come on, let's get a room." They tripped and giggled down the hall to the bunks, climbing into Lance's because it was slightly more private than Justin's.

They slipped out of their clothes quickly, a tangle of arms and legs and buttons and zippers, and snuggled under the cool sheets, their bodies still hot and throbbing, their mouths tingling from the frantic kissing.

"So, did I really have something on my face?" Lance whispered against Justin's cheek, as his hand slipped between them, grazing down the baby soft skin to grasp the delicious hardness, causing Justin to groan and thrust against him.

"Mmm...uh-huh." He licked at Lance's lips. "Me."

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