A Quick Surprise

by Doodlez

It's not like they usually have pillow fights. Or slumber parties for that matter. No. Besides, saying those kind of things sounds like they've stayed up 'til midnight painting nails, telling ghost stories and gossiping in their PJ's. It never really happens like that, but sometimes it does.

Sometimes Justin will be lonely and wants the other four to curl around him so he'll be safe and he only lets them leave when they INSIST on going to the bathroom.

Sometimes, it'll be JC, who will go into a working spree and will almost forget that you have to breathe to stay alive and they have a sugar night, just to make him have some fun.

Then there was Chris, who grew up around women, and didn't have a lot of male influences in his life at an early age. Sure, there was an uncle here, a grandpa there, but if any of them really cared to think about it, Chris seemed to understand women more, had a better clue of how women worked. Beneath the skin of a football-loving, skirt-chasing, beer-guzzling sinner laid the heart of a compassionate male, who sometimes missed the closeness of it all.

Joey is, perhaps, one of the ugliest man-as-woman that anyone has ever seen, but it provides laughs. Plus, he like the nights where he can goof off and make his friends feel better by acting insane. Some whipped cream and a bra usually do pretty well for that.

Lance likes the wildness and the laughter, but he likes it most when they are all exhausted, but too drowsy to get up or not yet tired of everyone's company and they all talk seriously about things. Deeply personal things that they can't tell anyone else, or even mention the next day. When everyone is thoughtful, and mildly depressive. 

Lance likes it because sometimes, he forgets that behind the jokes and the dancing and the fun, besides the contracts and the promotions and the touring, these are living, breathing beings that he spends so much time with. It's moments like these that touches are made, quiet, unurgent tears are shed and no one dares make fun of you.

But mostly, anytime someone needs a fun night to let it all hang out, it happens and they get goofy and weird.

So it isn't hard to have fun when the photographer suggests that they go completely nuts. It almost takes nothing at all. Chris grabs a pillow and tackles Lance to the ground, just like he said he would a week ago when they decided to steal stuff from make-up and give everyone first grade style makeovers. He leans down while the photographer is reloading the film, grazes his lips over Lance's cheek and giggles as Lance barks out his familiar, friendly, open laugh.

Lance squints his eyes in laughter, and loves it when Chris surprises him.

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