by Tiff

Chris loved JC in jeans. Faded, ripped, starched, tight, baggy -- whatever they happened to be, JC wore his pants well. JC had a tendency, of wearing the same pair of jeans several days in a row. Usually, Chris didn't even notice -- but he was having a hard time getting an image of JC clad only in those jeans out of his head.

They were in public, a charity event for God's sake and Chris was getting hard. He pictured JC, lean and muscled, his too-big jeans hanging loosely around his jutting hipbones. The low-slung pants leaving bare a generous amount of JC's tanned, ripped stomach, a light dusting of soft pale hair, trailing down to the button on his jeans. The very pants JC was wearing now.

Chris closed his eyes, and swallowed, trying not to recall the night before -- and JC in those jeans. He could perfectly picture the way JC looked, the way his skin felt, and how he smelled of cedar, sweat and Hugo Boss.

They'd spent the evening at JC's new house, putting together a bookshelf JC bought not knowing “assembly was required”. As nightfall approached, they moved to the back porch, beers in hand -- lounging on the cedar chairs, JC had specially ordered. The sun began to fade, pink and orange reflecting off of the swampy lake and accenting the manicured green of the golf course. JC slipped off his shirt, to absorb the fleeting warmth of the sun. When the sun finally dropped below the horizon, and the mosquitoes began to bite persistently the men moved to the living room.

Chris sat on the couch and tugged at JC gently, pulling him forward. One of Chris's hands splayed against JC's back, the other hooked around his side, Chris's fingers angling down across JC's buttcheek.

Chris leaned forward, his lips making contact with the smooth skin of JC's belly with a loud, smack. JC made a soft whimpering noise, and placed his hands on Chris's shoulders.

Chris moved his mouth a little lower, placing his lips just above the button on JC's jeans. His tongue darted out, tasting the cool metal of the button, then swiped upward lapping at the faint salty tang of JC's skin. Chris glanced up at JC's face and sliding his fingers under the waistband of the cotton-soft jeans. His eyes widened in surprise when he realized JC wasn't wearing anything under his pants. JC's lips curled into a lusty grin, and he thrust hips forward in anticipation.

Chris slid his hands around JC's waist, unbuttoning the button and lowering the zipper until a small patch of dark, curly hair was revealed. Chris's tongue traveled over the kinky hair, dampening it with his saliva.

JC stepped back, his pants riding down even further on his hips. He stretched out a hand towards Chris….

Chris's day dream was interrupted as a sharp elbow jabbed him in the ribs. “God D… Ouch” he murmured glancing around to see if anyone had heard him. He sighed gratefully, as he realized that no one had noticed.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Lance hissed. “They are taking about homeless children, and you are standing there grinning like the village idiot.”

Chris frowned, “Sorry” he said and turned his attention back to the spokesperson for the children's charity. Chris tried to concentrate on the speaker, but his thoughts kept drifting to JC. As the group moved towards the podium to present the check, Chris resolved to get JC out of those pants as soon as they got home.


Chris pulled JC inside the door quickly “I was thinking about you today.”

“Oh yeah,” JC leered. “What were you thinking about?”

Chris reached for JC's zipper, pulling it down quickly and shoving his hands inside, to cup JC's ass. “Your pants.” Chris gasped as JC bit gently at his neck.

At Chris's words JC stepped back, looking down at his jeans. “These?”

Chris nodded, reaching again for the waistband of JC's pants.

“Well, if you like them so much, I can leave them on.” JC grinned, leaning in to kiss Chris roughly.

“No” Chris, pushed JC's pants to the floor he giggled as JC hobbled around for a moment, struggling to pull off his sandals, and the pants that now had him trapped. His stiffening erection bobbed as he fought with his clothing.

Chris swiftly removed his own clothing while JC was busy. As soon as his JC finished the battle with the offending garments he glanced up to find Chris removing his final piece of clothing, a single sock. He stood in the hall way of JC's house buck naked, foot in hand, yanking at the crew sock.

“Hey, I wanted to do that” JC complained, he reached for Chris and finished removing the sock. Chris's mouth covered JC's and JC mumbled “I like stripping you.”

Chris thrust his tongue into JC's mouth, when he pulled back he murmured “Next time” he grabbed the back of JC's shirt, pulling him into the bedroom.

As they tumbled to the bed Chris fell on top of JC. JC's hands moved to Chris's hair “You forgot to take this off again” JC said, pulling off Chris's hat and tossing it across the room.

Chris slid down JC, his tongue trailing over JC's skin as he moved. When he reached JC's chest he paused for a moment, taking time to nibble on a bud of flesh, lathering the areola generously with saliva and blowing gently, before moving to JC's other nipple. JC mewled and thrust his hips up, grinding his erection into Chris's stomach.

Chris licked his way down JC's stomach, dipping his tongue into JC's bellybutton and exploring the contours of his belly. He nipped JC's hipbone with the blunt edges of his teeth, pressing his hands against JC's thighs to hold him still on the bed. As JC wiggled underneath him, making sharp incoherent noises Chris turned his attention to JC's cock, already leaking precome. He lapped the tip, and ran his tongue down one side, and up the other. Chris covered the entire surface of JC's penis with licks and kisses until JC's head was thrashing from side to side keening “Chris, pleeease, Chris.”

Chris moved to the bedside table to grab condoms and lube. He unrolled the condom quickly and applied a generous amount of lube to his cock. Then he reached between JC's legs, to apply the excess lube to the puckered bud, nestled between JC's asscheeks.

As Chris's finger slid into JC's tight entrance, JC lifted his hips and sighed in pleasure. Chris pulled his finger out, replacing it with his cock, thrusting into JC forcefully. JC cried out at the intrusion. Chris thrust inside him with three long drawn out movements and JC came, spattering both his and Chris's stomachs with the sticky substance.

Chris continued started bucking his hips, moving in and out with punctuated thrusts. JC moaned, a steady “Ugh, Ugh, Ugh” coming from his lust slackened mouth. Chris continued his pace, and as he reached his orgasm slammed into JC, thrusting wildly suddenly stopping as he came. He pulled out slowly, yanking the condom off and leaning over the bed to throw it in the trash can.

JC used the corner of the sheet to wipe of his stomach, then did the same to Chris. As JC lay his head on Chris's chest Chris bent his head, kissing the top of JC's hair, pushing the soak sweat strands away from his face. JC tiled his head up and looked at Chris. Chris grinned, kissing JC's lips briefly before saying. “You are *never* wearing those jeans in public again.”

JC laughed, rubbing his hand up and down Chris's chest. “Why not? You still let me where the space cowboy pants, and the black lace shirt and the…”

“Shut up” Chris interrupted and proceeded to do so by kissing JC. JC's mouth opened up to allow Chris's tongue to sweep along his teeth and Chris proceeded to show JC exactly why it was best to leave some things for the privacy of home.

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