by TNL

Lance was graceful and precise. He was not the world's best dancer, but he was diligent and careful, and eventually he would get what the others seemed to pick up effortlessly.

When he was not dancing, he moved easily: Joey was once heard to say that he wasn't sure Lance knew how to sweat.

Lance kissed Justin - in an elevator in Hong Kong - his arms resting loosely around Justin's waist. "Wha-" Justin murmured, and Lance eased back, one finger still tucked in a belt loop.

"You ... you kissed me."

"Yep," Lance replied. "I liked it."

* * *

Justin kept waiting for Lance to kiss him again. When he couldn't stand it any more, he grabbed Lance, roughly, as they came off stage in Barcelona.

"Stop it," Lance said, pulling free.

He walked away, the even tread of his sneakers echoing against linoleum.

* * *

One morning, a sleepy Joey emerged, stumbling, from Lance's bedroom.

"They're, like, doing it, aren't they?" JC asked over breakfast, a week later.

"'Think so," Chris said, reaching for a bagel.

"Jeez. Who knew?"

"Knew what?" Justin mumbled, hands outstretched as he sought an unoccupied chair.

"Joey and Lance."

"What about 'em?"

"They're fucking."

"Shit," he sighed. "'You sure?"

"Well, no," JC admitted. "But I think Lance's beard burn would probably match up with Joey's, if you compared."

Just then Lance walked in, fully dressed. He grinned at the others. "'Already ate. Joey'll be along in a minute. I'm going down to the pharmacy - 'be right back."

JC shot Justin a triumphant look. "'See ya," he called, as Lance shut the door with a soft click.

Justin stared at his cereal bowl and willed himself not to cry.

* * *

"It wasn't really serious," Lance said.

"Obviously," JC replied, cuddled against Lance's chest.

* * *

"No. Just ... no," Lance sighed. Justin stepped back, his face flaming.

"You wouldn't-"

"I'm seeing Jace. You know that." Lance slung an arm, easily, around Justin's shoulder. "I'm flattered. Really. Thanks, man."

* * *

When JC and Lance started fighting, Chris took to manhandling Lance: "C'mon, Poofu: snap out of it."

Lance giggled and let Chris hold his hand.

* * *

"What?!" Justin snapped.

Joey nodded towards the bus' kitchen. "I think they're cute."

Justin's eyes narrowed. Chris was leaning over Lance, laughing while trying to escape his friend's menacing fingers.

"Yeah," he sighed, and Joey patted his back.

* * *

It was only a matter of time before Justin walked in on the two of them. "Sorry," he whispered, backing towards the door.

Chris held Lance tighter. "No," he replied, "we should've made sure the door was locked."

Lance let his head rest against Chris' chest. He smiled lazily. "Sorry, man."

* * *

"Don't go," Lance said. Justin paused, waiting for Lance to cross the suite's living room.

"C'mon, Lance, it's late."

"I want you to stay."

This time, Justin kissed him hungrily, hands roaming possessively up and down Lance's back.

* * *

They were both on the road, so it took several hours' worth of phone tag before Justin could speak to Britney.

"Hey," he said, his voice strained.

"What is it? 'You sick?"

"No, no, it's not that. It's ... it's like this. I've ... met someone. Someone I care for, so..."

"Oh," Britney replied, softly.

"I really hate to do this on the phone, but there's no telling when I'll see you again, and-"

"No. No, I understand. I'm glad ... glad you told me, I mean. Umm. How long-"

"Not very," Justin murmured, as Lance emerged from the bathroom.

He watched as his lover moved easily around the room, tidying up. Lance looked over and smiled.

"We ... we're just about to go into a group meeting, Brit, so I-"

"Of course. We'll ... we'll talk soon. 'Bye, Justin."

"Thanks, Brit. Thanks for being so understanding. I'll give you a call soon. 'Bye."

Lance closed his laptop. "'Missed you," he said, stretching languidly as he stood.

Justin grinned back as Lance slid under the covers.

"Gotcha," Lance murmured, moving in for a kiss.

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