Bad Day
by Julad

Well, I have tried and failed (dismally, I might add) to do a story in envoy's style. So I give up and will try tagless dialogue... which I have only used once before, back when I didn't know what it was or that it was so fucking *difficult* <sigh>. It's well after midnight so I am nearly asleep and definitely stupid in the head and I'm at my parents house so I am ABSOLUTELY NOT saying the lines out loud <grin>, so it will probably suck but go ahead and flay me, it'll be good practise for y'all. ;) For Mykkhal, who no doubt deserves something better. :)

<swish> <stomp> <crash> "Computer, beer. Now."

[obliging beep] <deep drinking>

"And now a scotch. Straight up."

"Is something the matter, Paris?"

<glare> "NO." <deep drinking> <wiping mouth> "Computer, *more*."

"My love for you only extends so far, you know. If you're planning on drinking yourself into a stupor in my quarters, you'll have to use your own rations."


<sitting down on couch> "Or at least get me a drink too."

<reluctant smile> <hands over the second scotch>

<sipping> "Thanks. Bad day?"

<flops on couch beside lover and buries face in warm lap> <muffled sigh> "I'm not going back there, Harry."

<stroking blond hair> <sympathetic noises>

<rolling over and staring up into dark, soft eyes> "Can you call the doctor and say I'm too sick to be in sickbay tomorrow?"


<pitiful whine> "He spent *one hundred and fifty-two minutes* lecturing me on eight billion retrospective regenerative instruments and their myriad of boring fucking subtle *fucking* differences..."

<beginning slow scalp massage> "My poor baby."

"Which I don't want, need, or care to know because I'm supposed to be a fucking *field* medic..."

<loosening lover's collar and working fingers inside to stroke neck>

<greedy squirm> "And *then* I had to scan and sterilise every fucking medical storage unit on the fucking ship, which can be done automatically, Harry; *automatically* do you hear?!"

<unzipping uniform and manouveuring it off tense shoulders> <murmuring as nuzzling bared skin> "I hear you, babe."

<arching into the touch> "And when I entered an official complaint into the log, do you know what that artificially arrogant fucking piece of bald holomatter said to me?"

<sliding hand down inside uniform to toy with lover's soft cock> <detaching lips from a nipple> "What did he say?"

<shoving uniform down from hips to provide better access to growing erection> "He said... *oh*... that I was - mmmmm - I was a..."

<one hand closing around arousal, other slipping between thighs> <dragging open mouth through chest hair and briefly tongue-fucking navel> "You were what, lover?"

<letting hand rest on soft black hair> <head thrown back> <sweat appearing on chest and forehead> "I was a lazy, good for *OHHH*... a good for nothing, ahhh! lazy..."

<lush lips close gently around cockhead> "Hmmmm...?"

<squirming with tingly vibrations> <panting for breath> "ummm... *unghh* lazy..."


<screech> <bucking into tight, wet, heat>

<suck hard>

"Oh god, oh god... *UNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH*!!!!!!!!"

<licking lips>

<closed eyes> <sated sigh> "Mmmmmmm...."

<soft kiss> "How was your day, Tom?"

<snuggle> <contented mumble> "Wonderful, thanks..."

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