Subject: [PacKage] Pp for pksp stuff
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 17:19:58 +1100
From: julad <>
To: PacKage <>

From: julad <>

I know it wasn't OT at the time, but I promised anyway.

Without further ado... more tagless dialogue. I forgot that this
stuff is addictive. :P


<feeling bored and neglected> "Paris, what is that thing on your

<glancing up from datapadd> "Hmmm? Oh, that. Just a little
something I picked up before we left Yreas territory..."

<wrinkling nose> "Why does it smell like that?"

<smirk> "The smell may be bad, Har, but it tastes *fabulous*!"

<stare> "You've put that... thing... in your *mouth*?"

<returning to datapadd> "Among other things, yes."

<picking up contraption gingerly> <lifting it toward lips>

<peeking and grinning>

<noticing> "Paris, you're having me on. Tell me what it's
really for."

<sitting up straighter> "It's really for you to put in your
mouth. I swear."

<chilly appraising glance>

<patented innocent look>

<sigh> "All right, all right. We both know curiosity killed the
ensign. Several times." <carefully placing object between
parted lips>

<delighted grin>

<drops object on the floor> <disgusted face> "It tastes like
banana liqueur... YUCK!"



"Nothing, Har."



<pounce> <tickle> "Tell me or I'll never stop."

<squeal> <giggle> <screech> <howl> "Stop it! Okay! Stop it
I'll tell you stop stop stop..." <wail>

<final relentless tickle> <backing off> "Right. What was it?"

<breathless gasping>

<wriggling fingers menacingly>

<squirming uncomfortably> "Okay, okay! It was a traditional
solstice festival mumble mumble."

<pouncing again>

<scream> "Okay, okay! Egg beater! It was an egg beater!"

<jaw dropping> <suspicious disbelief>

"I swear! It was a traditional Yreas eggbeater for solstice
morning pancakes."

<snarl> "And why, Paris, does it taste like banana liqueur?"

<sniggering again> <jumping up> "No, don't tickle me, I'll
tell. I covered it with the stuff so you'd smell it and ask."

<short, surprised laughter> "But WHY?"

<turning red> "Mumble mumble"

<growling> <leaping for best friend>

<shriek> "No, stop, wait! I'll tell all if you just promise not
to get mad."

<evil chuckle> "I promise you've got sixty seconds to tell me
and then run for your life."

<staring up into heavy armful of gorgeous ensign> <dilating
eyes> "It was the second-last in a series of experiments..."

<extremely intense gaze> "Hmmmm?"

<parting lips> <husky murmur> "...examining what you will and
won't put in your mouth."


Oh dear, I don't know where *that* came from. I was gonna write
something short and rude about bananas. <sigh> Welcome to my
writing process, people.

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