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Lion at the Gate by Kirby Crow and Lilith Sedai.
TPM - Q/O 
I'm linking to the TOTO main page because it is one of the most beautiful fanfic sites I've ever seen, with some of the best stories in this fandom. Every single story there is highly recommended. Read, no, savour them all. 

Lion at the Gate is darker than my usual preferred reading fare, but the darkness is perfectly constructed, with a Sith trapping Obi Wan in a situation where resistence to darkness is not possible, and highlightending some of the paradoxes of pacifism. What got this story onto my favourites list, though, is the ending, which lifts the story to a level above dark and thrilling. It has an elegant and enlightening resolution, not only of the plot but of the issues raised by the story. Sublime. 

Added November 23 1999 at 22:59:49 
Recommended by Julad. 

Counterpoint sfz by Miriam.
Joxer/Ares (Xena:WP and Herc:TLJ) 
I love difficult, unlikely, strangely compelling pairings, but only when they're written as difficult, unlikely and strangely compelling. Miriam has done that here and she's done it very very well - she has paired the god and the fool in such a way that not only are they in character, their chemistry together is so strong I feel like there could be no others for them. 

This slash is both intelligent and entertaining. There are no easy answers here, and the real questions may not even be asked aloud. Definitely fascinating, but also so funny, and sexy, and at times very poignant. The whole series has the same outrageous style which made me love the shows in the first place. Original and excellent. I can't rave enough. 

Added October 15 1999 at 18:22:11 
Recommended by Julad. 

Kenobispotting by Rose.
Phantom Menace (Sith Academy) 
I'm not reading Phantom Menace, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not. But if I were, I'd probably rush over to the Sith Academy and read this illustrated little gem of a semi-crossover. I'd probably recommend putting all hot beverages out of reach first, to avoid any painful snorting->scalding incidents. And I'd probably advise seeing Trainspotting first, a) because it's an excellent movie, b) because it's got Ewan McGregor in it, and c) because then you'll find this story very funny. 

Added October 04 1999 at 06:05:26 
Recommended by Julad. 

Ghost in the Machine by Killashandra.
Star Trek: Paris/Kim, Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Paris 
I'd be very bad if I didn't recommend the story which hooked me on P/K slash. I was kidding myself that I was only going to include this story for sentimental reasons. Then I went and re-read it and was blown away all over again. 

This honestly has to be one of the finest Star Trek slash stories out there. Killa's plot crosses The Original Series and Voyager flawlessly, the atmosphere is perfect, the characters are utterly themselves, the P/K is heartwarming and the K/S is heartbreaking. Complex, moving, and absolutely beautiful. 

Added September 28 1999 at 22:14:24 
Recommended by Julad. 

Bad Seed by Kirby Crow.
SW:TPM, Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, non-cons. 
This is beautifully formatted and reads terribly easily, and doesn't let you go. I started, and then RL pulled me away within the first scene. But it haunted me, damnit! <g> And when I rediscovered it, I found my first impressions were accurate. It's one helluva story. 

Without warping, Kirby Crow manages take these characters to their extremes. Very dark. Highly reccomended. 

Post Script: I'm not a fan of death stories. But, well, you can tell I liked this one. 

Added September 26 1999 at 22:36:46 
Recommended by Calico. 

Wolfsong by Speedo.
Voyager, C/P 
This simply has to be my all time favourite story. It's C/P in the best possible way; Speedo has captured everything I appreciate in the pairing and made it into this long, devastating story, infused with an incredibly dark chemestry. Nice. I'm in awe of this Chakotay, and addicted to this Tom. Which is the way it's meant to be, imo. <vbg>

Oh yeah, temperature. Temperature. Did I mention heat? Did I mention stunning, violent heat? Well, I have now. Go play. :) 

Oh, and then check out Covert Ops. That's quite, quite delicious too. 

Added September 26 1999 at 22:33:13 
Recommended by Calico. 

Between Friends by Helen Inhell.
Sentinel J/B 
The word 'volatile' comes to mind when reading Helen's stories. And explosive. And intense. Not to mention piss-fucking-funny. Read them all, but Between Friends is easily my favourite. 

This is Blair in pathetic unrequited lust for Jim while they're fucking madly but not speaking to one another. Funny is the least of this story, because Helen has a thing for cliches and she uses them here to devastating effect. I didn't know what a fool I was for all those stupid contrivances until she used them in this story to break my heart. An action comedy with depth and some fast, furious sex. To sum it up, it's a wild ride. 

Added September 22 1999 at 06:19:46 
Recommended by Julad. 

Out of Whack by Bone and Aristide.
Oh, god, where to start? This is one of those strawberries and champagne collaborations; you start sweating just from reading who the authors are. Described as the world's biggest pop-tart, this probably sets all sorts of records for being the smoothest, creamiest, tastiest, most delicious bit of sex-soaked smut on the face of the earth. And it manages to be all that with depth, and without the least hint of sappiness or cliche. 

This is la creme de la pop-tarts; a story which re-opened my jaded eyes to the wonders of good smut. 

Added September 22 1999 at 05:09:37 
Recommended by Julad. 

Unbearable (and Change) by Temaris.
I remember falling out of the chair laughing when I first read Unbearable, and I've just done it again. Fast, funny and irresistable, this is a horny, apologetic Tom pursuing a snivellingly cute Harry, while Megabitch Janeway and the rest of the crew do everything to get in the way. Fun with bite. 

At the other end of the writing spectrum is Change, a speed challenge response which was onto my list of favourites before I'd even finished reading it. Haunting, mysterious and unspeakably beautiful, this is P/K as if Theodore Sturgeon had written it. Not for everyone, but those who like slash with a difference will find they like this very, very much. 

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Added September 11 1999 at 04:29:43 
Recommended by Julad. 

Control Freak by Sam.
Velvet Goldmine. C/B. It's a good idea to see the movie before reading this one. Only then can you appreciate how very, very well this fits the cannon plot. <slow sigh> This totally awed me; it's compelling and intense and, well, the best story I've found in the fandom. Delicious, in an agonising sort of way. Highly reccomended. 

Added September 09 1999 at 18:45:10 
Recommended by Calico. 

Strata (and Parting Glass) by Kat Allison.
Kat is my new idol. She writes the most heartbreakingly wonderful Duncan/Methos: beautiful words, exquisite emotions, and most importantly, a profound understanding of her characters and their immortality. Strata is the newest and the longest and it has sex <g>, so it's upmost in my mind right now, but I suspect Parting Glass will remain my favourite of Kat's stories. It captures the only eternal D/M relationship I can imagine. 

Added July 31 1999 at 03:01:47 
Recommended by Julad. 

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