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12/03/00: GRRRRRR!!!!

Our lazy way of doing recs (a mutilated guestbook) has apparently been eaten by bad guestbook server gremlins.  So the hard way it is, again.  <sigh>  Naturally I didn't have the old recs saved anywhere useful. I'll try to get them back. The old old links and recs are still over here.

So for now, some new (but badly dated) recs from me:

a variety of new things by Helen

Helen has been doing lots of good stuff. She has this very cool random slash recommendation thing which I really want. She did a poignant Sports Night story which is quite different from her usual stuff, although exactly the same in that it's absolutely superb. She did this absolutely superb sexy fun Q/O thing and coined a word to go with it.

Um, and in case you've had your head in the sand for months, a while back she finally posted the "Jim Gets Amnesia" story and it's funny and bizarre and clever and tricky and moving and absolutely brilliant.

"A Day in the Life: Or, the Care and Feeding of a Modern-Day Sentinel" by Shadow

[Sentinel: J/B] This is way too clever.  Starts out pretty damn funny, swings by serious, gets romantic and then goes way funny again, with a marvellous sting in the tale.  Quite unlike anything else I've read in TS, making very clever use of cliches and fanfic staples.

"Apprentice to Journeyman" by Susan Smithston

[TPM: Q/O]  I meant to rec this as soon as I read it, but I'm the worst procrastinator. It's been rec'd everywhere else already, but I will too, because it's an instant classic, a must-read for TPM. Luxurious, long and thorough, with the most wonderful characterisation of Qui-Gon I've ever read. In this story he's the perfect Jedi Master, with all that entails, but also so very human - kind, wise, and powerful.  I was enchanted.  I can't wait until she writes more.

(Link is to part one of five parts)

The "Consequences" Series by Yvette

[TPM: Q/O]  You know, I'm sure I've read other things of hers that I've really liked. Unless there are some other really good Yvettes wandering around. Anyone want to remind me?

Anyway, this is a *good* series, already finished so one can rush in and gorge oneself on half a dozen plotty stories with lovely characters and space adventures and sex and things. And what's more, it has that nice, rich, detailed feel to the landscape and the slight suaveness to the characters which I crave in Star Wars fic. It really fits the *feel* of the films.  Well, except for the explicit m/m sex. But I'm not complaining about that little inconsistency, except to say that canon still has a lot of room for improvement. ;)

Anyway.  The stories are, in this order: The Lie, Daen, Bear the Consequences, Aftermath, Misdirection and All I Wanted To Say.

"The Prophecy" by Pumpkin

[TPM: Q/O]  This story is cute and funny for the most part, but it was the ending which made me sit up and go "fucking wow". It retrospectively adds a poignancy and urgency and genuine *mystery* to the whole thing. I want to absolutely rave about it but I suppose I better not spoil it for those of you who are gonna read it.  <g>

just about everything by Francesca

[Sentinel: J/B]  The thing about Francesca is that nobody ever agrees on what her best story is. There's widespread agreement that she's extremely good, though, and each story is usually some combination of funny, deep, intelligent and sexy. The Nature series is her magnum opus, and of the standalones I personally love No Lothario, for clever twists, Pretty Boy for emotional impact, and Sestina for its quiet beauty... although I reserve the right to pick any other three on any other day.

I also adore each and every one of the Eye of the Beholder stories - all strong, distinct and intriguing stories, and if there's a hint of agreement on her best story, it's probably Keyhole. But really, there's no point me telling you which stories to read. Read them all and make up your own mind.

"Rival Claims" by Calico

Some part of me really hesitates to recommend a friend's work, for a lot of reasons. I admit I'm extremely biased, but this has been in my top ten favourites since I saw the draft, and a year later it's finally public, so what the hell, I'm going to recommend it.

Calico writes with a lyrical ferocity which takes my breath away, and she's brilliant with an unreliable narrator. Rival Claims is a little on the a/u side of Voyager slash; it's dark, twisted and devastating. And hot. And tragic. Funny, in places. And a lot of other things besides. If you like your Paris, Kim and Chakotay blended with shades of black, you'll be blown away.

We're totally unreliable for a steady supply of recs. If, like me, you need regular shots to the vein, I can't live without Torch (who has listed lots of other recs pages on her links page), or Sandy (who has a big list of other pages at the bottom of hers), or Killa for mainly HL.  If a story was widely rec'd on those pages, btw, unless I totally *adored* it, I won't be repeating it here.

errrm, that's about it for now.  You can go back to Julad, Calico, Anagi, or Envoy.