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This edition created April 2000

Calico recommends:

Sylvia's Once a Thief Slash

Gorgeous slashy boys doing gorgeous slashy things to one another.  In other words, slashy perfection.

A Boy And His Rat, by C.M. Decarnin [X-Files,M/K]

I'm sure it's been around a while, but it's worth it. This is Mulder/Krycek at one end of a very interesting spectrum, and it's fast paced, and it's
thorough. I've got a few problems-- but despite them, I've still come away feeling dry-mouthed and shaken in a very good way. There's a startling, remarkable attention to detail in parts of this, where you're *right* there with them. And look out for a couple of highly powerful lines.

Julad adds a few of her own:

Only You by !Super Cat.  [Anime: Shoujo Kakumei Utena]

You've probably never heard of the fandom, but hey, neither had I.  This blew me away on the very first reading anyway, and then blew my pieces into pieces on subsequent readings.  Unlike anything I have seen before and easily the most fascinating thing I have read so far this year.  Weird and potent and strangely sharp and dreamy at the same time.  Incredibly beautiful.  A staggering number of interpretations - don't stop at two; don't even stop at ten. 

This article (about a different story) should tell you all you need to know about the characters to understand Only You.  The Utena Encyclopedia is handy if you want to know more.  And anyway, it turns out that Utena is something like Twin Peaks multiplied by Blakes 7 to the square of Buffy, and that's a Very Fucking Good Thing, and should be encouraged.

Paradigm by the Sigrid the H [Sentinel, J/B]

I nearly liked Sigrid's first story, Yield.  In fact, I came as close as I ever will to liking something which quotes poetry.  <g>  Read it if you can.  This one, though, I really liked.  Clever and warm and a bit funny, and incredibly satisfyingly real, with Attitude Blair, my favourite, and No Bullshit Jim, also a favourite.  A well-thought-out Blair-as-cop story.

Shell Game by Miriam [Sports Night, D/C]

When she's good she's stunning, and when she's bad... well, actually, she isn't.  Ever.  Since Sports Night has finally bitten me, I've got to rave about Shell Game.  But, um.  I'm lost for words.  But hey, if you know Miriam, you know what I mean.  Go read.  If you don't know Miriam, you don't know what you're missing out on.  Go read.  It's a good story for SN newbies, too.  So, no excuses.  Go read.  End of story.

Swingers by Emily Brunson [Sports Night, D/C+]

She's got a big huge unfinished story which is no doubt tremendously popular, but actually I liked this one the best.  Breezy and serious at the same time, and very sexy and a lot of fun, suprising me later with emotional intensity and an understated sweetness.

And now Jules hereby goes on a laziness binge, simply naming a few authors whose pages she hits regularly who haven't yet been recommended. 

Te - various combinations of dark, chilling, gorgeous, poetic and funny, long and short.  OAT, DS, XF, Buffy, SN (yes, more Sports Night! very good too!) and lots more.

Martha Taylor - Sentinel, huge long gen stories with maaajor subtext and some seriously scary plot as well.  Okay, some people may want to avoid the more smarmy h/c stories, but definitely read Plank, and the Tristes Tropiques trilogy.

Resonant over at the Homeless Shelter (which is already highly recommended) writes J/B, has been impressing me more with every story.  Tender was gorgeous, and Waking was the most sophisticated PWP about an alarm clock that I've ever read <g> and pretty much everything else is hot, hot, hot, and deliciously satisfying.

Late addition: oh, fuck it, recommending Francesca is almost totally redundant.  Recommending the Nature series is even more so, since we're at the twenty-somethingth installment and if you haven't read it then you're probably never going to.  But still, this page is more about my opinion than it is about anything else, and in my opinion, Nature's Revelations totally kicks ass.

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