recommendations six

Okay, this is a quick batch.


Equilibium by Destina
Just perfect. Lovely idea, executed with style and grace.

Cloud Mountain by Lemon Drop
I'm not one of the big fans of this writer, but I thought this story was really, really good, and very original.

From the no-brainer department--look, just go to Francesca's home page, there are three recent stories begging for your attention. Pretty Rough (sequel to Pretty Boy), EOTB: Research, and The Night Sandburg Graduated from the Academy.  And Yellow Roses, too, in case you've had your head in the sand for a while. With the exception of The Night, all those stories are darker than her usual fare, and also more difficult, but still absolutely worth it.

First of The Month and Curtains by Anna S.
As already recommended everywhere else.  First of the Month is dynamite, and a very damn clever story with layers to burn--a story I recommend you really get involved with. Curtains is stuff to make you go all gooey and melt.

An old one:

Thirteen Christmas Traditions by Resonant.
If you're doing the holiday spirit thing, this one is that rarest of all jewels--a Christmas story that fucking rocks.


But Not For Love by Miriam
Okay, this is now my favourite Miriam story, and that's really, really saying something.  It's absolutely divine, subtle and sweet, with a Methos voice to die for.  From the online version of Futures Without End III, which also has stories by Aristide, Barb G., Bone, Maygra... good stuff from everyone, basically, and absolutely beautiful presentation.


Well, fuck me, ladies and gentlement, but I'm going to recommend some het.

Molly, who already got much kudos for her TS, has written the most beautiful Logan/Rogue stories.  There's a few but Distinction and Defensive Lines are the best, and Clamor (which has slashy bits) is so gorgeous that it should be wrapped up in red velvet and locked away.  (With thanks to Livia, who, when I mentioned my disturbing inclination toward L/R, said "have I got news for you..." <g>)

Kat Allison, that fandom unto herself

Xeriscape, set after Hard Core Logo. (SEE THE MOVIE FIRST.  I mean it.  It's a fantastic movie, anyway, so it won't be a chore.)

This, no kidding, gets my vote for the finest fanfic ever written.  I'm going to quote a whole big passage from it to explain why:

"No, xeriscaping is--it's like--when you live in a dry climate.  Desert.  People who end up in the desert--usually, they try to have a normal garden, a lawn, 'cause that's what they know.  It looks normal to them.  But what they don't understand, they don't get it that once you're in the desert you don't get to have that anymore.  I mean, you can, but it's--the minute you stop dumping water on it, it dies.  Because it doesn't belong there.  But if you just go with what you have, if all that'll grow there is cactus and buffalo grass, then that's what you plant, you deal with it, that's the kind of garden you get to have.  That's xeriscaping."

That's a lesson that could be learned by just about every fanfic writer on the face of the earth.  This whole story is a xeriscape to Hard Core Logo's desert, and it is absolutely phenomenal.

Roots Rain, due South (Season 3/4)
I think this story is badly flawed, structurally, but it brought tears to my eyes and choked me up, and that gets Kat more of my undying admiration.

Miscellaneous Extras

Torch wrote this little story a while back, and I'm so in love with it.  The Best Policy, a Here is Greenwood slash story.  Understated and sweet, with a very addictive object of affection.  Don't worry, I hadn't seen the anime either and it still work if you go in ignorant.  Somebody on a list (forget who or where) was talking about their obsession with The Moment, that point in a story when everything comes together, clarifies, crystallizes, coalesces... and The Best Policy has one of my favourite Moments of all time.

The Theban Band OATzines are coming soon.  I've seen proofs, and they're absolutely gorgeous, with glossy Theban Band pictures.  I recommend Zine Two more than Zine One, for the stories by Calico and Tarlan.

More recs to come, because I've fallen for due South in a big way, and have been reading myself stupid.  All of the stories are currently mixing together in my head but I'll sort them out and get some feedback done and post my favourites soon.

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