For those of you who need to know - Selkies are mythological seals that can become human. There are several different versions of their origins, but for our purposes, Selkies are the souls of those who have drowned at sea and they can only assume human form once a year, on the anniversary of their death. Which, of course, makes this a DEATH story - but it's a HAPPY DEATH story. *Trust me, would I lead you astray?*

Thanks to Renny for her excellent beta job.

Co-written with DueStar

Ebb & Flow
Ray shivered and pulled the collar of his coat tighter, despair dragging at his heart. His head bowed under the cold wind, whipping briskly from the sea. The fog hovered eerily above the surf, distorting the moon and morphing the shore's occasional outcroppings of rock into ghostly shapes. He paced a few feet, absently wondering how much longer the battery on the Riv would last. He glanced at the car, sitting silent vigil over him, dim headlights barely piercing the mist.

Looking out into the darkness, he tried to see past the foaming breakers and hear above the crashing surf but it was useless. There was too much noise, too much blackness. He checked his watch again, his plummeting spirits being dragged out with the receding tide as he silently berated himself. *It's too late. He's not coming. You've turned him down too many times. He's gone and you'll never see him again. Even he won't wait forever.*

Earlier, his heart thudded uncontrollably as he saw a form shape and shift on the water's surface, but no, it was only the fog drifting with the wind. He turned towards the Riv, blinded by scalding-hot tears.

*Too late.*

Abruptly, unnaturally, the sea quieted behind him. Turning quickly, he looked out over the strange tableau. The breakers had become gentle swells and the pounding of his blood was louder than the quiet skitter of water across the sand. His heart dropped at the distant sound of splashing. Barely breathing, he raced along the pebbled shore, slipping on the dangerously wet rocks. Winded and trembling, he finally reached the water's edge. It had been a long time since he'd exercised properly. He no longer had a wolf to keep up with ... or a friend ...

"Benny?" he whispered, the sea taking in his word and echoing it back.

The splashing ceased. He listened frantically for any sound that would mean his dead lover had returned for him. Like he had every year. Defying his own death, Fraser came to comfort Ray, offering the cop everything he had and asking nothing in return. Ray remembered last year, when he had turned on Fraser, angry after so many lonely years; demanding to know why he continued to haunt him, why he wouldn't leave him alone, why he kept asking Ray to come with him.

Fraser had simply looked at him with those achingly sad eyes. "Because you keep calling me," he answered softly before slipping into the sea, leaving a raw, gaping hole in Ray's heart.

Ray remembered the words and wiped away a tear. *Well, I'm calling you now, damn it! Answer me!*

Another soft slap of noise and a sleek, dark head broke the surface not far from his position on the beach. Deep, black eyes met his, clear, untroubled and full of joy. He was here! Ray's heart gave a happy leap and he hurried forward to meet it, not frightened at all of the curious creature with the soulful eyes. The slick body glided through the water, then awkwardly shuffled up the beach, chuffing out a greeting.

Ray smiled as it reared on its back flippers, standing almost as tall as himself. He blinked and the seal was gone. Before him stood his lover, pale skin shining under the moon, wet hair slicked back against the perfect head. He was as nude and as beautiful as a Michaelangelo's David.

"Ray." The vision reached out a hand and beckoned him.

Never hesitating, Ray threw his arms around the figure and hugged him to his chest, crying again, ignoring the dampness seeping through his clothes. "Bennybennybenny," he repeated frantically. "I was worried. I thought... I thought you weren't coming. I..."

"Always, Ray." The reply was in the same even tone that had drawn Ray from the beginning. The voice that bespelled him, beckoned him; that pulled him from his dreary reality into a shining world that only Fraser could show him. "I'll always come for you. Forever."

Ray looked into fathomless black eyes, no longer missing the blue gray irises, and saw the love that still shone with sincerity and completeness. He brought his lips to Ben's, pressing into them with a year's worth of repressed longing. Hungry and demanding, he wanted nothing more than to devour his lover's soft mouth and drink in the unique flavor of magic and sea that flowed through his lover. Boldly, he pushed closer, sure in his welcome, feeling the unnatural coldness of the hard body embracing him and being burned by it.

Fraser's cool hands cupped his cheeks. "Slowly, Ray," he soothed. "We have all night."

"No, Benny, you're wrong." He took a deep breath. "We have forever."

"Ray?" Fraser's voice was thick and heavy with hope.

"I've decided," Ray whispered in a trembling voice. "I want to come with you." He bowed his head and waited.

Fraser sucked in a quick breath. "Your family?"

"All the arrangements have been made." Ray's voice was surprisingly firm.

"Ray, they'll miss you," his lover's tone expressed the sorrow of Ray's family for them. "Are you sure?"

"Nothing can keep me from you - not my work, not my family." A brief flash of memory and he saw a lifeless body being pulled from the water. "Not even death, Benny. I love you." Ray's voice reverberated with his conviction and he raised his gaze to Fraser. "You have my heart."

Fraser smiled his sweet lopsided smile and breathed into Ray's ear, "I'll treasure it forever," before blessing the gift with a kiss. Wet lips met his, and the sea returned, wave upon wave crashing once again to the rocks, beating against the shore. Ray could taste the salty spray in his lover's mouth and relished the bite and sting of it against his tongue. He ran his hands forcefully over slick shoulders and down muscled arms.

"Please, Benny," he begged.

Breaking free with a groan, Fraser grabbed his hand, turning to lead him to a small outcropping of rock, away from the chill. Even after all these years, Ray was still mesmerized by his nude lover's unconscious grace, watching the flex of pale skin over sleek muscles. Droplets of water still escaped the damp head before him and he watched them enviously as they slid down the straight spine to the shadowy cleft below.

Once nestled inside the sheltered stone, Fraser opened the collar Ray had closed against the wind earlier and helped remove the thick, heavy coat, spreading it on a slanted rock. Allowing himself to be pushed down, the cop was caught between the unearthly chill of his lover and the unyielding stone but he didn't complain. His hands splayed into the drying tendrils at Ben's nape as they kissed again, tenderly. Ray could feel the heat blossoming in his chest and moving outwards, pushing at the iciness that his lover generated.

"You're so warm, Ray. I'm afraid that you'll burn me up." Each word was punctuated by a nip to his neck.

With a small smile, Ray remembered the days he had spent with his lover in his icebox of an apartment, so many years ago. Now here, where icy wind howled and breathed against them colder than Chicago had ever been, he felt it all and wanted more. "Cool me down, Benny," he begged, feeling the lips mouth at his cheek smile.

The thick collar of his heavy shirt was being parted and the buttons came apart as if by magic. Perhaps they had, Ben's movements had always held something of mystery to him. Soon, not only had his shirt followed the way of his coat, but his trousers and heavy boots as well. The Selkie's lips and tongue followed each curve of exposed flesh. Ray felt the heat being gently pulled from him with each tender kiss, until he could no longer tell each sensation apart and his lover's touch began to burn. All the while the sea foam exploded and sprayed about them, not a drop touching them.

Ben knelt at his feet and looked up to him with those deep eyes. Ray trembled as he met his lover's gaze. He heard the thundering of the surf echo the pounding of his pulse and the mist caressing his skin. Slowly his lover slide hands up Ray's calves, leaning closer to bestow a soft kiss to his thigh. Ray leaned back against the stone, his trembling legs no longer able to support him.

He could feel Fraser's breath, hot and cold at the same time, brush across the tip of his erection, before he was engulfed. His hips jerked and his body strained toward the liquid feel around him. "Oh, God. Yes." Ray's guttural groan fought to be heard over the breaking waves.

Fingers clenched in the thick hair, he spasmodically pulled Ben closer, as the mouth worked up and down his shaft and head. His swollen balls were cupped and rolled, each movement sending shivers up his spine until he thought he'd lose control. Ray could feel Ben's love for him in every stroke of the tongue over the sensitive glans, in every slow, sweet suck.

Each increase in pressure brought forth sparks of pleasure, until all that existed was the relentless push and pull of his mouth. In that timeless space, he was only aware of the feelings that had drawn him forward to the now. Nothing existed but Ben. He came with a shout, yelling Fraser's name out, to be swallowed by the wind.

Ben slid seal-like up his now limp body, trailing his tongue in a meandering pattern across the shivering skin under him until he was delicately lapping at Ray's lips, asking entrance. As always, he opened for him, tasting himself as he lazily twined his tongue around his lover's.

"Ready?" Ben murmured into his mouth.

Ray ran a hand down Fraser's taunt stomach to his throbbing shaft and cupped it gently, pleased with the reaction as his lover hissing a breath through clenched teeth. "What about you?" he asked, squeezing slightly.

"Not here. In the water." Fraser pulled away with a groan, taking Ray's hands in his own, leading him from the rock.

Ray followed reluctantly, half of his mind balking at entering the sea. "It looks cold," he offered up, ignoring the fact that his skin was as frigid as the air around them. Fraser stopped walking and just held his hands lightly, giving him the option of pulling away.

"You don't have to come with me, Ray."

"But, what..." he trailed off, embarrassed by his own cowardice. Fraser stood them patiently, letting him work through his thoughts. "What happens when you stop loving me?"

Fraser pulled him into a loose embrace and stroked his hair. "Ray, I already know when I'll stop loving you. Sshhh," he murmured, when Ray struggled briefly. "I'll stop loving you when the sea ceases to climb the shore. When she gives up her fight against the land. When there is no more ebb and flow."

Ray looked out at the relentless waves, watching them pound mindlessly together, rhythmic and steady. Endless and Eternal. He had been one with Ben in life. He wanted to be one with Ben now.

"You sure it won't be cold?"

Fraser barked out a laugh, smiling with Ray's decision. "It won't be cold with me." He took another step backwards and another as Ray followed without hesitation. The water swirled up and around, lapping greedily at their bare skin, until it danced around their chests, gently pushing them together.

"You'll like the feel of the sea against your skin." Fraser thrust against him, trapping his cock between their bellies. "It caresses you and holds you; making love to you with every wave." Ray sighed and let his arms drift around his lover, resting his head on a broad shoulder. Fraser held him tightly, strong hands cupping the cheeks of his ass, holding him as steady as he always had. He curled his legs around the hips before him, feeling the slow undulation against his belly.

"Don't you feel it, love?"

Closing his eyes with a moan, he focused on the soft brush of the water around him, feeling a thousand tiny touches against him. There was only warmth here, the fluid pulsating with life all about him. The waves stroked at his shoulders and kisses his nipples, relaxing him. "The ebb and flow," he murmured.

"Yes, Ray. The ebb and flow of us. Together." There was a sudden hot rush against his belly and Ben groaned, his mouth seeking haven in his own as they were pulled deeper. Feeling the delicate brush of water against his jaw, Ray let his Ben's name drift into the air one last time, before sinking beneath the surface.

"Breathe," his lover whispered. And he did.

The sea continued its eternal movement against the shore, relentless in its assault. Already forgotten were the two dark figures that sped through the depths together, twisting and barking in delight; caught in the endless ebb and flow of her embrace.

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