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He fought harder than I thought he would, and in the end, I had to use my phaser. I stood over him and found myself smiling.


This would be even better than I thought. I started to strip.


A faint moan and a fluttering of those inky lashes told me when he stirred.

I walked over to stand next to the bed, so I would be the first thing he saw. That golden body, stretched out before me like a feast, writhed briefly against the bonds at his wrists.

He tried to free himself once more before those innocent eyes looked up at me, filled with confusion. "Tom?"

"Sshhh," I soothed, placing a finger against those parted lips, feeling their wetness. "No speaking." I looked at him with all the love in my heart and brushed back the silky black hair that fell in such disarray. I loved his hair.


"Tom, what..."

My open handed slap echoed in the stillness of the room and my hand print blossomed a fiery red against his pale cheek. The small ooze of blood from his split lip stained his chin and his eyes filled with pained tears.

"I said *no* *speaking*." I spat the words from between clenched teeth. He was going to ruin it. "Do you *understand*?"

I relaxed as he nodded, but then he turned his head away. I fought down my anger when he refused to meet my eyes. He didn't know how much this meant to me. He didn't understand. I needed to *make* him understand.

"No, no, no," I reprimanded him, gently, so he wasn't frightened. I tucked a finger under that chin, pulled his face back to me. The blood made me frown and I wiped it away tenderly with my thumb. "I don't want to hurt you, you know that don't you?"

He didn't answer.

I gave him a sharp tap on his red cheek to remind him and he was suddenly looking at me again.

"You know I won't hurt you, right?" I felt I had to ask again. I wanted him to know that he could trust me. That I wouldn't hurt him, couldn't hurt him. I loved him.


He finally nodded slightly and I was shaken with relief. He needed a reward for that small faith. I grabbed a wide roll of medical restraining tape and after placing a hard, fast, kiss against his lips, covered them. There. Now he could make all the noise he wanted and I wouldn't have to punish him for it. Although, as I licked away the taste of Harry's lips from my own, I wished I'd been able to linger. Next time.

I started at his chin, nibbling my way down, over to the junction between his neck and shoulder. Kissing wasn't enough and I had to bite. Just a soft, gentle bite. The thick, coppery taste of his welling blood was enchanting. Almost as enchanting at those sharp, little noises he was making behind the tape.

I brushed away his tears with my lips and whispered something soothing to him, leaving small smears of red on his blotchy cheeks. He continued to struggle and only succeeding in scraping the skin from his wrists. I was distressed by his obvious refusal to enjoy the game.

Perhaps he needed another lesson...


I washed with a damp cloth I replicated and dressed quickly. I had lingered longer this time and was going to be late for dinner. I was elated. It had been perfect. There was a completion that he had never given to me before. He had succumbed so wholly. I never imagined it would end this way; yet, I knew that finally, it had ended perfectly. I already ached to do it again.

I brushed my hair and looked in the mirror; cold, blue eyes checking out the scratches running down my cheek. I smiled. Bastard. He'd gotten an arm free at one point and managed to draw blood of his own. He had regretted it immediately but the damage had been done. A perverse streak in me refused to heal them. Harry had, after all, earned them.

I could see him laying on the bed behind me, his accusing face reflected in the mirror. I sighed and returned to the bed, perching myself on the edge, stroking his damp hair from his face.


He had tried so hard towards the end, pleading with those puppy eyes, straining to accommodate me. To let me love him completely. His shoulder was the worst. I knew from the awkward angle it lay at that it was dislocated. He had screamed beneath the tape when it happened but I hadn't stopped. I couldn't. I think he understood what I was trying to teach him. His ribs were bruised purple, at least two of them were broken, but he hadn't cried out then. He learned so quickly and I was proud. It made me love him even more.

I ran a gentle fingertip over his cheek.


His skin was no longer golden, just a sickly yellow; the cold flesh had an unappealing rubbery feel to it. And those beautiful eyes were glazed red where the blood vessels had burst as he suffocated. He was perfect.

I kissed him gently on the forehead and rose to leave. "Computer, end program and locate Ensign Kim."

My lover's body wavered and disappeared.

"Ensign Kim is in the messhall."

It was time to go. After all, Harry was waiting. And I had so many things I wanted to teach him.

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