What's In A Name

'Dief and I are almost finished, Ray.'


'Pardon me?'

'Stan. You can call me Stan.'

'All right. Stan.'

'You don't have to, I mean, only if you want. I just thought... Ya know?'

'Yes. No. Actually I don't know. What *are* you referring to Ray. Stan.'

'So you, um, you don't get us mixed up.'

'You and Dief?'

'No, me and Ray. Ray *Vecchio*.'


'Never mind. It was stupid, forget I said anything.'

'I'm sorry Ray, I'm simply trying to understand. Ray Vecchio is in Florida, so I don't see how I might mistakenly call him instead of you. You are the only Ray here.'

'Yeah, well, sometimes that don't matter. I just. look, I dated a girl once and her ex's name was Ray. I was never sure when we were fuc- that when she said my name if she was really calling him or me. There. You see? Stupid.'

'No, no, it's a valid concern on your part. So, let me assure you that if we are ever involved in an intimate sexual situation, I will gladly call you Stan.'

'Really? Cool. Unless.'


'Well, if you and Vecchio never... cause it's not like I would worry that you were thinking about him while we were... I mean IF we were ever to... you know.'

'I'll call you Stan.'

'Oh. Promise?'

'On my honor as a Mountie.'

'Great. That's just. great. So... what should I call you, if...?'

'Ben would be fine.'

'Ben. Good name. And it's okay to call you that?'

'Yes, Ray. Any time.'

'All right, how about now?'

'Excuse me?'

'You said any time. So, Ben, I'd like to call you that now.'

'Well, if you like, but I don't really see why... Oh. I do see. Stan.'

'I figured you might. Wanna go practice your name?'

'Yes please, Stan.'

'Don't call me that. I hate that name.'

'But you said...'

'I lied. But don't worry, you'll think of something. If not, we'll keep at it until you do.'

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