If you don't have a horrid, sick sense of humor, don't read this - You'll only get upset and I won't care.

Thinking Outside The Box
Fraser leaned back his head and moaned.  It was the most incredible feeling; the warm, wet tongue moving between his legs.

Spreading his thighs wider in the chair, he arched his back, cupping his hand under his balls and pushing them up.  Obediently the tongue ducked under his grasp, exploring the shadowy cleft, pushing and straining to reach the center of his body.

Fraser slowly released his balls and ran his hand slowly up and down his shaft, pumping gently.  He brushed a firm thumb over the head at the top of every stroke.  The wet tongue followed his movement relentlessly; wrapping itself around his thickness, lapping at the steady leak of fluid from the slit.

With his free hand, Fraser tugged on his own nipple, twisting it in counter rhythm to his moving hand.  He could feel his balls tightening and the pleasure spiraling about his thighs.  He moved his hand more rapidly, forcing quick pants through clenched teeth.  The head between his thighs pushed against him;  tongue working rapidly at the head until he came in a heady, hot rush. He milked his softening erection until nothing remained.

The tongue nuzzled his belly, cleaning the cooling fluid with relish. An occasional moaning jerk marked the times the soothing licking was replaced with sharp, nipping teeth.  Fraser could feel the tender welts his lover raised on his belly and thighs and smiled tiredly.  A smile price to pay for the pleasure he received.  He reached down and ran a tender hand over the head now resting on his knee.

"Good boy, Deifenbaker."

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