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  Passion's Rapturous Flame or Regency Novel #47
Harry fairly flew across the darkened hydroponics bay, straight into the fierce embrace of his forbidden lover. The dashing pilot held him close, bruising his plump tender mouth with a hungry, punishing kiss. Harry struggled weakly, weak and trembling in his fallen angel's arms. It had been too long since he had last been held and cherished by this man. Held apart by the dark forces around them, he carried the clean pureness of their love through the shadows. And now, finally, he was to be rewarded for his faith. This was to be the moment that they surrendered to their darkest needs.

Harry shuddered, faint with desire; he could feel the rigid press of Tom's arousal against his belly and his own body responded; his manhood weeping crystal tears of joy. Tom tore at Harry's uniform, ripping it from his creamy shoulders, revealing cherryripe nipples to his savage gaze. The young ensign gasped as they hardened further under that hot blue stare. Then those cruel lips were touching him there, where he had never been touched, nursing at his nubs, licking and biting as if starving. Harry couldn't contain his moan of ecstasy as he was ravaged in the arms of his older lover.

Then magically, they were nude and their slick bodies pressed against the others, searching for the perfect rhythm to bring them completion. Tom's passion beat at him, pushing him higher into the swelling tide of their feverish devotion. He stroked his rogue's swollen manroot as it searched hungrily for the sweet clutching haven of Harry's lovehole; it's purple crowned head pulsating with vigorous need.

Long graceful fingers plucked at his bedewed core before the hard rod pierced his virgin passionsheath as surely as Tom's roguish manner had pierced his heart. Harry couldn't contain the mewling noises in his throat. The feeling was as incredible as the fierce stallion that rode between his thighs, galloping them towards heaven's highest pinnacle. And then, without warning, thick honeyed cream filled him and his own rush of dew gushed forth to brand his quivering belly with its heat.

Harry knew, at that very moment, no other man would ever exist for him. Only Tom. He whispered his enduring love into Tom's ear. In return Tom looked deeply into his tender brown eyes and uttered the words he longed to hear...

"Hey, B'Elanna. Whatcha' writing?"

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