Small Talk

"Hey, nice to see you."

"Same here."

"I hear congratulations are in order. Again. What, this your fourth? You and Frannie do know what causes that, don't cha, Stan?"

"Yeah, Vecchio, we know. Thanks. And it's only our third."

"Well, Ma seems real excited about it."

"Your mother's always excited about it. So is mine, come to think of it. Shit, I think they're both more excited than we are. Mothers."


"How's Stella?"

"Good, good. She's in the middle of a case right now, couldn't get away."

"That's right, I heard she went back to work."

"Well, you know how she is, gotta be doing something all the time."

"Still got the alley?"

"Two now. Keeps me busy."

"That's good."

"Yeah. So, it's been what? Five years?"

"Try again, more like eight. Ben's almost seven now."

"Shit? That long? Man."

"You know how it is, time flies when you're old. I just can't believe we're here now. For Fraser's wedding."

"No, no, me either. Especially to... you know... him."

"Gotta agree with you there. First time for everything I suppose."


"So... you ever, you know... with Fraser?"

"What? God, no! I don't... I'm not... Friends. We were just friends. Good friends."


"Ah this, asshole."

"Well, it's nice to see some things never change. In your mother's house, no less."

"Hey, it's still my house. So... You?"

"What - Oh, nah, too high maintenance. You think he'll be good to Fraser?"

"Him? Yeah, I think so. Fraser helped him a lot, when he first came to Chicago."

"On the trail of his father's killers. Yada, yada."

"What? You've heard that one, have ya?"

"Har de har har. Shh, they're coming over."

"Pretend you have manners, Kowalski."

"Fuck you, Vecchio."

"Ray! Stan! We're so glad you could make it. You remember...?"

"Yeah, of course - How you doing, Willie?"

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