Sometimes he says something that reminds me of you.  The turn of a phrase, or maybe just a word or two; suddenly he could be you.  Almost.

Sometimes I hear your name and I turn before I can catch myself; searching the crowd for your lanky form and the easy smile you saved just for me.

Sometimes I miss you more than others; when he leans in so close that I can smell him and I almost ask him to call me Benny.

Sometimes it's hard to be here without you, without knowing where you are, if you're safe.

Sometimes I lie awake at night, pretending you're here; wishing I had more than the memory of your body pressed to mine.  Hearing you in my dreams; panting and breathless, whispering in my ear.

Sometimes I try to be an annoyance, just so he yells at me, but it isn't the same.

Sometimes I want to tell him how I feel; to say out loud that I need you.  That I love you.

Sometimes I'm afraid that you'll return and have forgotten me; you'll find a new life with someone else.

Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night, worried that I didn't fall asleep with your name on my lips, or that I can't recall if your eyes are more green than gold.

Sometimes he's just as lonely as I am and I'm weak.

Sometimes, I know you'll be back and it's enough....


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