by Nemoinis

“Is there any competition on-stage between the five of you?”

It started at the beginning of the tour, when Joey grabbed Lance around the shoulders after a show. “Shit, Lance, you were on fire tonight.”

Lance was flushed, sweaty from the show, “It was incredible. I've never been that on before,” he agreed, beaming.

Joey, ever over-enthusiastic, grabbed him by the cheeks and pulled him in, pressing a sloppy wet kiss on his lips. “I love you, man!” and hooted.

Lance just looked at him when he pulled back. “Oh, please,” he started in that low voice, “I was so much better than that,” and he grabbed Joey this time – fingers tight in the hair on the back of his head, tongue aggressively exploring the inside of Joey's mouth. Then it was slowing before coming back again, plenty of hot, wet heat. Lance's erection bumped against Joey's thigh.

“Hey,” Justin shouted in Joey's ear and they parted.

“What?” he growled.

Justin pouted like a five-year old, “I did really well, too,”

“Oh yeah? Well, Lance did better, didn't he?” and Joey smiled and spun Lance around.

Justin looked down at Lance's upturned face and his gaze flickered over his pink, swollen lips. “Yeah,” he offered as he slowly leaned in, “I guess he did.” It was a sweet, gentle kiss, followed by another, just as chaste.

Someone, Chris, cleared his throat nervously behind them. “Um, this isn't… I mean, we shouldn't…” he started, but JC placed a hand on his arm.

“He did do a really good job, don't you think?”

Chris stared at them all, and saw the hungry pleading looks. He knew if he said no, it wouldn't happen now or ever again – they'd all push it back, buckle it down, pretend it never existed. All for one, he thought and sighed.

“And I thought that Justin always had to be the center of attention,” and he bent Lance back, until Lance clutched at his shoulders, giggled against his mouth. Then he pulled him up and spun him into JC's open arms and smiling lips. By morning, Lance had them all or they had him, one way or another.

“Sometimes,” Chris answered, “but we work through it.”

Temporary Insanity