Haiku #3, aka we'll stop being stupid when they do

Okay, belatedly. Installment number three.

I've been meaning to link to this since the first installment: Parlance's Butt I Love You, and the even better commentary by Jess. Priceless.

fuck my fellow peers
five hot white boys come creeping close
too bad i'm thirteen

you have no shame when
you listen to five white boys
sing about horses

crushed velvet eye paint
put on your battle makeup
nsync's in new york

-- Harley

Camera on Jup.
Behind, smiling, Lance distracts.
What did Justin say...?

August -- RFK
Office calendar sign reads:
"Gone fishing for Bass!"

-- Sunny

Freaky haystack head
Invest in styling products
Or just use a brush

-- Laine

They 'dis you, Justin,
Mock your ebonic lingo.
I still like you best.

-- Ishy

Lance sleek and shiny
Chris with old-young monkey eyes
Fish and chimps for lunch

Pavlov was so right
'Crazy for You' pelvic thrust
Better than a bell

Must have the imports
Four versions of same damn song
Not obsessing much

Frame by frame we watch
'In the Mix' on DVD
Estrogen spiking

Our private language
'BSB' is not spoken
A four-letter word

Quintet of haiku
Impressions and reactions
MTV Icon

After Janet vid
Lame-ass dialogue forgiven
Still -- Justin, shut up

Chris does the talking
Calm, articulate, heart-felt
Age does grant its gifts

Fittingly-named Lance
Rumbles through tinny speakers
Do not adjust bass

Bed head, jean jacket
Anime!JC is hot
Revise band ranking

Joey lolls on couch
Red streaks like a satyr's horns
A Y2K Puck

-- Vyola

JC got purrrdy
Lance is now a sexy bitch
Step right up, Joey

-- Julad

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