PicProv n 1: Story you have promised to write, based on a photo sent to you by someone who claims to be your friend but who in reality just wants to fuck with your head, otherwise they'd send you a normal god-damn picture....definition by Nemoinis

Latest: Please welcome our two newest writers. We have Noel with Painful Dreams [#12] and Doodlez offers 4 new stories - Double '0' Chasez [#13], Keeping Face [#15], Sand. Naked. Summer. Bummer. [#19] and A Quick Surprise [#21]. Keep 'em coming!

PicProvs #1 - #10 have been retired to the PicProv Archive on April 15, 2001.

PicProv #11

Kaleidoscope!Justin, by Lemon
Rules of the Game, by Kathryn
Untitled, by Webster

PicProv #12

Reparations, by Ananda
Painful Dreams, by Noel Bak


PicProv #13

Pants, by Tiff
Double '0' Chasez, by Doodlez

PicProv #14

Copycat, by Pet
Billiards, by Dasha


PicProv #15

Watchful, by Sunnie
Kiss, by Shakes
Thickening, by Kyra Leon
Keeping Face, by Doodlez


PicProv #16

A Young Prince, by Lemon
Join the Club, by Julad
Damn, by C.


PicProv #17

Rise, by Hayley
Banshee, by C.


PicProv #18

Maybe, by Genee Li
Called By Another Name, by Jaycela


PicProv #19

Guidelines, by Susie
Want, by Heather
Sand.Naked.Summer.Bummer, by Doodlez


PicProv #20

All That Mattered, by Tiff
Lucky, by Brian


PicProv #21

A Quick Surprise, by Doodlez


PicProv #22

Cameo Part Two: On The Set, by Terpsichore


So, some other people have asked to play this game. This is perhaps not as surprising as we initially thought, since the game involves boys and smut and staring at their faces. Or at their asses, if we could just find a good ass-pic or two. If anybody else wants to write one, feel free--anything goes, just base it on the picture. Um, and perhaps we should specify that it should be slash. ;)

Oh, new rule - pictures can only be submitted by picprov authors, so, you know... WRITE!!!

Send all pics and stories to Nemoinis. It's okay, she doesn't bite - much.

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