by Calico

June 06

A whole slew of pairings. <smirk> Joey's kitchen doesn't figure. you probably won't notice that, though.

Oh, yeah. this'll be partially familiar to all the lovely people who threw suggestions at me, and particularly to Nemo and Georgina and Julad, who catered to my whims and tantrums very gracefully indeed.

"I'll call you later, ok?" he says, and there's a pause on the other end of the line, and he can almost see Danny bite that pretty lower lip and glance nervously round the room.

"Yeah, ok." Beat. "What time?"

"Can't I just call?"

Another pause. "Well... I wouldn't want anyone else to pick up, y'know."

Lance tries not to sound frustrated-- he loves the guy, really, he does, but it's no fucking fun having Danny's boyfriend lurking behind every turn. "Maybe you should call me, then," he says calmly, and his thumb slips over to cut him off, smooth buttons on his cell phone promising peace and fucking quiet.

It's not his fault Danny's in high demand, is it? Not his fault he's the only decent looking guy with the tour -- not his fault that Danny's just enough an amalgamation of the four guys he isn't in a position to drag into his bed at every opportunity, which unfortunately makes him indispensable to Lance's libido.

"I'll call-- mm, yeah," and he clears his throat conspicuously, "but if we don't get the rivets sorted then we've got a stage supply crisis, you gotta understand -- hold on, my boss has just come in, I'll have to get back to you. Extension six, right? Or if you could get hold of the shipping records and call me back in an hour."

"Oh, fuck off," Lance mutters, only half-fond, and hangs up. Danny sucks cock like a master, and he's generally ok to talk to after, but the little shit's also just way too comfortable taking risks and it's not, as Lance knows, a risk-happy business he's in.

If Lance had any sense, he'd be fucking the others. He's not even sure how many of them'd protest-- Joey's come apart beautifully under his tongue on several occasions, even if they've never gone past that, and Joey's also admitted that Chris is partial to a hand-job or two. The others, Lance isn't sure -- Jayce is so fucking obvious these days, if he's not trying to tell them something then he's got a better sense of humor than Lance ever realised. As for Jup's new look, jesus, the bootcamp makes Lance's brain go dizzy until he's no idea if Justin's giving off vibes or not. He keeps promising himself he'll investigate -- find out if Chris, at least, would like to extend his hand-job application -- but he's never really gotten around to checking it out.

There's the problem in a fucking nutshell: getting around to it. It's not like any of them are short on action, not like they're gonna turn to Lance and beg, and he's sure as hell not gonna risk messing up by acting on vibes and undercurrents if the chances aren't high he'll get off by the end of the night.

At least with Danny, that much is certain.

Lance snaps his phone shut and stretches, staring at the ceiling of his bunk for a good twenty seconds before reaching under his pillow for the pack of Kleenex and wiping his stomach.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

It's fucking boring, and there's still two weeks to go til everything speeds up. Jesus. The bus has never seemed smaller.

Ok, so the fact that Chris drank two cups of coffee on an empty stomach and now feels like someone's planted a huge throbbing engine in his chest that's pulsing out energy to every extremity it can think of -- that's not helping much.

"Joeeeeeey," he crows, purely because Joey's woken up now that Lance's book has fortuitously soared across the room and smacked him in the head.

"What the hell-- did you throw a book at me?"

"What book?" Chris says, throwing his arms round Joey's neck and dragging him forcibly out the nest of beanbags. Joey braces against him, stubborn, and the beanbags shift and slide beneath them, the noise of a thousand tiny polystyrene balls rubbing against a thousand others setting Chris' teeth on edge. "I don't see no book, man," he says, slumping down in temporary defeat. The wool of Joey's sweater tickles his nose -- when did Joey start wearing wool, for chrissakes -- but he doesn't mind. The solid heat beneath it makes up for any temporary inconvenience.

"Fucker," Joey grumbles, elbowing him away, glaring up belligerently. "I was dreaming about Britney, man. You owe me, like, three jerk-off mags to make up for disturbing this one."

"I'll tell Justin," Chris says quickly, digging his chin down into Joey's chest, and squints at the tiny patch of ceiling he can see from this angle. Oooh, neat. Not gonna miss an opportunity like this one...

"You fucking won't--"

"I will unless you. heh. tell me in lurid detail what went on."

Joey's eyes widen incredulously, and one big hand pushes Chris' cheek away from him. "No way, man," he protests, his other hand going to Chris' shoulder, trying to shove him right off and onto the floor. "You gotta be kidding."

Chris lets himself be pushed, going lax and malleable until he starts to tumble right over backwards, then clutching at Joey at the last minute and hauling him with him. The beanbags rustle their complaint and fall silent; Joey grunts irritably and shifts back onto his haunches. "Pleeeease," Chris says, letting him go. There's no way Joey's gonna get back to sleep now.

"There was her, there was me, there was that chick who was sniffing round Lance for a while-- any more is too much information, man, I promise you. Why'd you wake me up?"

"Were the chicks doing each other?"

"Why did you wake me up?" Joey repeats, and Chris stretches balefully on the floor. Fine, if he's gonna be pissy about it.

"I'm way bored," he says. "Can we get a movie?"

Joey glares at him. "You woke me up to choose a movie?"

"I woke you up to make sure you'd watch it with me," Chris says, feeling a low tug of arousal in his gut. He can't help it -- Joey steams when he's indignant. It's like a chemical reaction.

"I'll watch it with you," Joey promises rashly, and Chris beams at him.

"Good. Will you make me a sandwich?"

"For the movie?"

"Now," Chris says, and he does feel hungry, actually, it's not just that he wants to watch Joey's fingers on the knife.

"No," Joey protests, then gets to his feet and heads off to the kitchen. "I'm gonna make me one, though."

"Make me a sandwich," Chris moans, catching up with him and wrapping his arms round Joey's waist. "Pleeeeeeaase."

"Quit your bitching," Joey mutters, opening the fridge with Chris' face still buried in his shoulderblades. "I don't feed limpets."

Chris feels the shift of Joey's back muscles as the fridge gets closed again, and takes a quick breath before allowing himself to be shrugged off against the cupboard. Smells good, as ever. "I'm a contemporary limpet," he says, watching Joey cut bread. "I've evolved from my upbringing of adherence. Dude, that's a fucking doorstop."

"It's an open sandwich," Joey says staunchly, buttering his wedge of bread. "And half of it's for you if you'll shut up and pass me the beets."

"I don't want beets on my half," Chris says quickly, giving him cheese and Branston and lettuce and mayo instead.

"I want beets."

"We've run out," Chris suggests, and Joey looks up at him shrewdly.

"You were complaining you couldn't finish yours yesterday night."

Yeah; that's why I don't want them now. "Lance did something to them. They decomposed in the night, all sudden like. I threw them out," and he tries not to look away from the glare he's dubbed the Super Interrogation Stare on several occasions; "three stops back. Into a hedge, fuck, stop sissing me, ok?"

"Sis-- what?" Joey says, frowning, and Chris thrusts the cheese under his knife and tries to look imploring.

"You know you want it this way -- don't fight it," he says, and Joey just looks at him. "Please?" Chris adds, and Joey stares a few seconds longer, then laughs to himself.


Chris whoops and seriously considers a flip before appreciating that the close confines really wouldn't make that fun. He settles for peering over Joey's shoulder as the huge slice of bread gets laden up by sexy deft fingers, then grabbing Joey's wrist and opening his mouth happily and guiding it up to be bitten into. Deep.

"You like?" Joey says tolerantly, as Chris chews, digging his chin rhythmically into Joey's shoulder to demonstrate his gusto.

"Mmm," Chris mumbles, closing his eyes, because it's fabulous, exactly what he wanted when he woke Joey up, even if he didn't know it then. "You're my hero." Joey chuckles, starts to take a bite himself, and Chris tugs blindly on his wrist again. "More."

"Bossy little bitch," Joey grumbles, and Chris nods fervently, taking another huge bite before stepping back and leaning blissfully against the door as the caffeine buzz starts to settle in his blood. He takes more time chewing this one, relishing the cold slide and crunch of the lettuce, the wonderful pure stodge of bread and cheddar made perfect with slippery seasoning, the way his stomach aches to swallow-- and when he opens his eyes Joey's watching him, amused.

"What?" he says, wiping his mouth, then shaking his head when Joey tilts the rest of the bread at him. He wants a drink now.

"You're such a freak," Joey says, taking a bite himself. "And you've got mayo in your hair."

"That's what all the boys say," Chris says sweetly. "I'm gonna go shower, then we're gonna pick out a movie, ok?" he says, running off backwards and nearly tripping over Justin's coat on the floor.

"Chris, you're a fucking prick," Joey calls after him calmly, as he opens the bathroom door. "You've totally spoilt my appetite, and I'm gonna hate you for life."

Just as long as you don't stop sending me the dark growly look, Chris wants to call back, we'll be totally fine.


The water's hot and tastes different, faintly sweet, and Chris realizes that means they're probably getting near the bottom of the tank and reminds himself not to open his mouth anymore. There's something faintly grim about washing in it at all, he supposes -- Lance'd think so, at least -- but the alternative is much worse.

He reaches for the long-handled brush with the blob of fake kryptonite on the end, pouring a load of regular shower gel onto its dark blue bristles and reaching over to scrub his back. However hard they clean the bus before setting off -- or, in Chris' case, however hard he watches other people clean it -- the action of actual traveling seems to churn up more grime than it has any right to. And then it all settles on him.

He flips through a few songs in his head, then wishes Justin was in here with him, crooning warmups. It's like whoa. Not that Justin's likely to share a shower with him again any time soon-- unfortunately, there hasn't been a water crisis since November. Or maybe that's a good thing, since last time he had to concentrate very deliberately on the documentary from the previous night about the heavily-bearded vet who dissects frogs in his spare time to keep from getting conspicuously hard.

He finishes by scrubbing all down the back of his legs, squirming a little after with the fantastic tingle of the water sluicing powerfully across thoroughly clean skin, then rubs Lance's All-in-One into his hair until it squeaks between his fingers under a mountain of froth.

He doesn't hold with all Lance's bottles of anti-aging this and manlifying that, but no one can say the boy doesn't know hair.

"I'm gonna wash that man right out--" he warbles happily, then cuts off to let the water tumble over his face. Coolness. Now he thinks about it, he's wanted a shower all day.

He's wanted something else, too.

Is it sad, he thinks, reaching for his cock, that he's got a routine to it now? He slides his fingers over it thoughtfully, and the heat spirals up, and he decides he doesn't care if it's sad because this particular routine is, on balance, damn good for the soul.

His hand tightens round his erection, warm and soapy, and he channels his thoughts towards the images he's cooked up from Joey's dream, the girls all rough and hungry and then mewling when he pushes inside. He adds another girl, then two more, because Britney has nothing to do now the first girl is arching wildly against him and totally incapable of going down on Brit with any degree of skill.

They frolic for a while as his hand speeds up, and then the images change, like they always do, because there's no way to prevent himself noticing the precise angle of Lance's butt when he stretches out to play Sonic II, and Justin's mouth was born to suck cock whether or not Justin's realized it yet, and JC would look incredibly good gripping the top rung of the ladder to his bunk with his legs spread wide and maybe no clothes at all, and Joey's even helped Chris out a few times when his own hand was not enough-- but right now, yeah, slippery and strong, his own hand's just perfect, absofucking-lutely--


"Dude. This movie sucks."

"Yeah, Joe," Chris says instantly, and Joey flips him off.

"Uh huh, Kirkpatrick-- we all know you chose it--"

"You lie," Chris yells, and dives sideways, clamping a hand over Joey's mouth and wriggling round to get a better angle to bat Joey's hands away from his prize. The scratch of Joey's beard against his palm makes him grip harder, pushing him back into the floor.

Small but deadly, Kirkpatrick, he congratulates himself; the enemy is immobilized with customary skill -- head office is totally impressed!

"Mmm-mmm," Joey shouts, outraged, twisting out of his grasp; oh no! the enemy is escaping, "you fucking little liar," Joey snarls, eyes bright, and flips Chris over onto his back.

The floor's pretty hard, from this angle. And the ceiling's a long, long way away. We regret to inform you that the top squadron's been defeated at last-- a blow for oppression and bad movies.

"I'll martyr myself for the cause," he tells Joey earnestly, and Joey squints at him, then bares his teeth.

"Do you renounce your... what you said?"

"I do! Don't kill me!" He feels the weight on his shoulders ease and rolls quickly away, yelping as his back comes painfully into contact with an empty beer bottle, staggering to his feet. "I'll... just..." He points at the coach with one finger, raising his eyebrows at Joey. "yeah?"

"You're not welcome on the floor," Joey growls, and JC rustles happily in his beanbags in a way that indicates to Chris that the couch is indeed the only option.

There isn't much room, though. Justin's sitting at one end, sipping a beer, while Lance is smushed into the opposite corner and taking up roughly 250% of the space he has rights to with his legs splayed out on the diagonal, feet almost touching Justin's. This is why Chris had been on the floor til now.

Chris stares at it as he would a mathematical problem, then decides to treat it as such and plonks himself down on top of them. Go for the obvious approach. Congratulations, Squadron Leader-- the enemy is bemused.

"Dude!" Justin yells, and Lance glares at him.

"This movie sucks, Chris. Don't expect co-operation."

Chris shifts round until he's sitting comfortably next to Justin, then kicks furtively at Lance's feet until it becomes clear that Lance is not even gonna move for the flying heel of Judas and he is forced to arrange his legs across Lance's thighs instead. His feet dangle in the air, and he hopes no one'll think of tickling them any time soon. That'd so not be fun.

We're leaving our flanks open to counter attack, sir, he thinks, then lets the rest of that thought wither because he's bored of the pseudo-commando thing now. "Ok, so the movie sucks -- what else is on?" JC tosses him the remote, and Chris catches it mid-air with a flourish and starts flipping through the channels. "Boring, boring, boring-- hey, commercials."

Chewing gum. AOL -- he thumbs down the sound of her voice with a grimace. Guinness.

Men think about sex every six seconds, Chris hears, resonant in his brain exactly the same way that the voice of his own thoughts isn't. Is that the right commercial? Is it even from a commercial? Ooh, nipples.

No, wait, they're just M&Ms. How the fuck did he mistake M&Ms for-- heh.

He grins. Hey. Guess it works. "Do y'all remember that Guinness commercial, with the sexy egg cups?" Four pairs of eyes look at him stupidly, and he waves them down. "Aw, maybe it's not that. The sex every six seconds thing?"

"Count me in," Lance says promptly, and Chris hi-fives him lazily;

"You go, girl."

"...hey, wait," Lance says, chewing his lower lip fetchingly, then opens his mouth in a perfect circle of cocksucking affected shock; "I do get it practically every six seconds. How 'bout that."

Chris laughs again, turning over the images slowly in his brain. Lance and Danny. It's pretty cool.

"Yay, it's so great one of us gets it as often as he likes," Justin says sourly, and Joey chuckles.

"Bitter, much?"

JC's squinting thoughtfully at the ceiling. "In Trespasses, they went on about it, but they didn't mention egg cups," he says, and Chris eyes him suspiciously.

"Trespasses. Uh huh. Jayce, if this is another of your made-up TV programmes..."

JC tosses a cushion at him; "They're not made up," he insists, "and actually Junkyard Wars is back on now, so you can check it out and see the amphibious vehicle thing and prove I wasn't making it up," and Chris starts making hurry-it-up circles with his hand because jesus but JC likes tangents; "anyway, yeah, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, it's all, like, sins and stuff."

"Never heard of it," Joey says, and Chris bunches his eyebrows together and tries to remember something like that. Sins, and stuff. Hmm. We're drawing blanks, sir. Wait, no, he was gonna stop that. Whoops.

"They had all this stuff on. About abstinence--"

Joey leans over to Justin, grin full of patronizing teeth; "that means not getting any," he says helpfully, and Justin scowls at him and shoves him away and growls,

"Thanks, like I really need a talking fuckwit dictionary," and Chris wonders how much the kid's had to drink tonight, then reminds himself not to call Justin 'kid' anymore because he is coming up to twenty-one.

"On abstinence?" JC says, again, waiting patiently for them to shut up. "And about how guys think about sex more than girls."

"Well, duh," Lance says, and Joey smiles.

"Actually, I knew this chick--"

"No conquest stories in front of Justin," Chris proclaims quickly, holding up his hands warningly and looking imperiously around the room for silence. "The Prince is sulking."

Justin jostles him, a little grin poking through his sullenness. "Fuck you," he says, good-natured again.

"Um, anyway," JC says. "They said guys think about sex too much, and. um. and it's all George Michael's fault? For that video. With the, um. the men. and the rolling."

"Ha," Lance says shortly.

"Y'know," Chris says, looking at JC, "this programme, it's not ringing any bells whatsoever."

"Well, I dunno," JC says obstinately. "It exists."

Joey frowns. "And it says guys are useless at abstaining, right?"

"Not if they're close to God," JC corrects, then quirks his mouth. "Because, uh. That's the whole no premarital coitus." He glances at Chris. "And frankly, once you've married a girl who goes in for that, you're only gonna get it at Thanksgiving in any case."

Lance's phone rings, and he glances at the screen before grinning privately. "Lemme up," he tells Chris.

Chris unfolds his legs from across Lance's thighs; Lance gets up, and Chris shifts round to sprawl full length on the sofa, leaning on Justin's chest, grinning at JC. I knew there was hope for you, he's about to say, but then Justin says "I could abstain," in that announcement voice of his and Chris laughs instead, looking up at the smooth line of his chin.

"As if, Infant," he says. "You get off three times a night. Minimum. I pity your mom's dry cleaning bill, I swear."

Justin shifts under him. "Oh," he says. "You mean, like, not... anything."

"Ha!" Joey crows, "of course he means not anything. Anyway, if it was just getting laid, aren't you forgetting Brit's outa town -- what would your struggle be, exactly?"

"Me and Brit's not exclusive," Justin says, as Chris says wickedly,

"Well, he'd have to cut out on the phonesex for one," and Justin blushes just as Chris remembers why he hasn't told him about overhearing that conversation before. Because it was kinda hot. Practically adolescent, and no imagination... but hot. "I bet I could abstain longer than you," Chris tells Joey, drawing the subject away from Justin and his habit of making Chris squirm in the most covetous of ways, and Joey laughs.

"You say that like it's a good thing."

"Hey, hey, don't diss the stamina," Chris drawls, and Justin shifts under him again.

"I could abstain."

Chris looks up again. "You so couldn't." He drops his voice. "Oooh, Justin, just think of Brit and that dancer of hers, that totally stacked nympho one, just think of them accidentally spilling ice cream on each other and having to lick it off." He shifts luxuriously, adding, "like, licking it off each others' tongues and squeezing their tits, and then nympho's in charge and pinning Brit down and shoving her fingers-- aha, see, I knew you couldn't do it."

He shifts again, feeling the pleasantly unmistakable bulk of Justin's erection against him, and blows Justin a kiss.

Justin swallows. "Hey, but, abstinence, that's when you don't get off, right? So I haven't broken any rules yet."

Chris eyes him thoughtfully, then turns his head to meet Joey's eye. "Whaddya think?"

"You gonna bet him?" Joey says, and Chris grins.

"Hoo, no, we're all gonna do it. A hundred bucks each. Winnings go to the guy who lasts longest."

"A thousand," Justin says, and Chris looks back at him, raises his eyebrows. "Hey, gotta make it worth my while, man."

"If you're that confident, make it ten thousand," Chris retorts, and Justin meets his gaze head on, confident and dark blue and just a little drunk.

"Deal," he says, nodding once, then reaching for his beer.

"Yeah, yeah-- like this ain't gonna distract you some," Chris teases, reaching into Justin's lap and squeezing his erection wickedly.

"Are you groping Justin?" Lance demands, as Justin yelps and drops his beer and wriggles against him. "Hey! The carpet."

"No, we just made a bet, is all," Chris says, "yeah, and y'all are gonna have to pay me ten grand when I can resist longer than the rest of you," and grins at Justin, at his wriggling, the way it pushes his cock harder into Chris' hand. "Old habits, eh, Just?" he coos, and lets go, swinging his legs down to the floor and relaxing back into the couch. Justin makes a low, strangled whimper deep in his throat, and slumps.

"Fuck," he mutters, folding his hands in his lap.

"What's the guidelines for the bet?" Lance says, sitting down next to Chris. "Given you've just decided I'm takin' part without asking, and all..."

Joey coughs. "Uh, we all abstain for as long as possible. No... no orgasm, right? Gropage is allowed. Stakes are ten thousand bucks. Winner takes all."

"Winner resists longest," Lance says, then laughs. "They did this on Seinfeld."

"For ten grand?" Justin says, and Lance shakes his head. "Oh good."

If there's one thing the Infant hates, it's to be outdone.

"We all in?" Chris says, looking round the room, counting nods. Coolness. "Lance?"

Lance's face falls again. "Yeah, well, go for it -- I don't care anyway," he says, rolling his head from side to side on the back of the couch and cracking his knuckles; "I'm not gettin' any more bus action anyway."

"Hello?" Justin demands, "you didn't bring him in here, did you? We ain't none of us gettin' action on the bus, dude," which translates to unless Justin is and they all know it.

Chris watches Lance's mouth twitch into the tiniest of grins, then open in what looks obscenely wide now that Chris' been watching so intently; "Yeah, hmm," and Chris thinks, who's he been blowing, huh? not me, that's for sure, ", but still. Not on or off. Danny's only been fucking rerouted."


"His fucking boss," Lance adds, with another deep sigh. "It's transparent-- he's totally fixed it."

"Well, in fairness," Chris points out, "he was cheating on his boyfriend with you. and the props manager." He starts idly ticking off his fingers, "and... half the rest of the production team. And the bouncer in that club. and didn't we stop for a long time at that gas station?"

Lance shoots him a dirty look. "Ha ha, Kirkpatrick. They've gotten rid of him because he's cute enough to draw the reporters, that's all."

"Yeah, we only need the one flamer traveling on our dollar," JC says, apparently blithely oblivious to the fact he himself is wearing stretch denim pants with magenta glitter daisies embroidered up the seams.

Chris coughs, ignoring him; "And because his boyfriend's brother is also his boss."

Lance scratches his nose. "Well, that too. He's got him working totally ludicrous hours. Our schedules'll never cross over now. I guess it could've been 'cause the boyfriend was whining."

Chris snorts. "Give up, man-- that's totally it," he insists, and Lance throws a lazy punch into his arm.

"You're just jealous," he moans loudly, grinding his knuckles into Chris' bicep, then throwing the back of his hand dramatically across his forehead instead. "He was twice the man you are -- give me my time to mourn!"

Chris laughs right from his belly, "yeah, that's our resident flamer alright," and Lance giggles next to him, low and sultry, then sighs.

"I am gonna miss him."

Justin wrinkles his nose. "Yeah, but Lance, think about it; he's probably like, not the healthy option, y'know what I'm sayin'," and Chris winces, because this is Justin trying to make Lance feel better, yeah, but that doesn't mean Chris shouldn't get ready to interrupt with something vaguely this side of tactful. "I swear, dude, you're better off without him."

"What, so I can take part in stupid stamina competitions with the rest of you jerk-offs? Oh, yay me." But he's smirking, so Chris figures he's not too ruffled by Justin and his well-meaning insults.

"Or even, not-jerk-offs," JC says, and Chris chuckles-- then realizes that if they start right now he'll have the advantage, before the others have had a chance to choke the chicken one last time.

"Ok," he says loudly, stretching out his hand in front of him. "We start..." one by one, four wary hands pile on top. ""


This not-getting-any thing, Chris decides, the next night, is a piece of cake.

Ok, so when Joey tested his willpower by magnanimously introducing him to the two runners-up to Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft by the pool today, it hadn't seemed so easy. Especially when there was strokage of the arm region. And bikini-flaunting. And giggles.

However. Chris had seen Joey himself sitting in a corner at one point, fending off an exotic dark pixie of a girl that would have looked just great bent over Joey's kitchen table, so there was clearly some justice. And when Justin started reminiscing wickedly about Brit, going into all sorts of interesting detail, it was more amusing than anything else to watch the kid talk himself into a squirming bundle of lightly-blushing hard-on.

Not that the hard-on was blushing, Chris thinks to himself sagely, then realizes that it probably was, just he couldn't see it. Because Justin wasn't naked. Right.

Hoo. He glances over, tries to count the beer bottles arranged on the arm of the couch, then ends up knocking a couple onto the floor. Whoops. Maybe this is why he shouldn't try and relax by drinking beer after beer.

Still, at least he's not horny, right? Well, not very -- nothing sexy happening here, of course, just a few guys watching the movie Joey's chosen to make up for Chris' failure the previous night.

Chris shifts, then shrugs. Not feeling much -- just the faint itch of being sprawled out with what is basically a lean boyflesh cocktail of the highest caliber; nothing he's not used to. As long as he doesn't pay too much attention to his environment, he'll be fine.

Ha, he thinks. For once, it'd actually be an advantage to be JC...

"Joey, Joey-- is there sex in this?"

"Sex or violence," Joey says, squinting at the back of the video box. "Hmm. Yeah, ok-- it kinda implies both."

"Sex I'd like," Lance clarifies, watching the screen belligerently. Chris stares at Joey's finger tracing a slow path down the back of the video box, then reminds himself that he's not gonna be thinking this stuff tonight. Ok. Just gotta outlast Justin.

"Sorry, man," Joey says, after a pause, and tosses the box behind him. "Straighter than, uh. an old road. Whatsit. a Roman one." He looks around, then tosses Lance a faintly sheepish grin. "Scrap that. I'm talking bull. Which is me-speak for, no."

"Great," Lance says, gloomily.

On screen, a man and a woman start kissing. Chris tries to care that the killer might arrive, but he can't quite bring himself to do it.

"Yeah, but, Lance," JC says, after a moment. "You don't wanna get off. You want the money."

"Mmh, I dunno." Lance says. "I don't need the money that bad. The regular sex, though? That's a pretty cool situation." He sighs. "Not that I've got that any more."

Chris almost says that Lance can come eat at the Kirkpatrick table any time he feels the need to give that pretty jaw a little exercise, then doesn't, because he's just about drunk enough that it'll come out wistful rather than as a big hilarious joke. He has a feeling Lance knows he's not the only guy in Nsync with a propensity for another Y-chromosome, but it's not something he really wants to bring into the open right now.

"This could be good," Justin says.

Chris glances at him. "Huh?"

"This. Could be hot, like, right?" Justin says, nudging Chris in the ribs. Chris looks at the two people on-screen, with their lewd rhythm of wet mouths, and finds it slides off him like particularly quease-making water off a deeply cool duck's back. Not hot at all. "Nah, I mean, this-- this? Nah," and takes another pull of beer. "Them kisses," he says, and waves his bottle at the TV screen, "they don't do anything for me."

There's a contemplative silence, while the couple start looking round furtively for a place to screw.

"Yeah, but if it was two women, man," JC says suddenly, pointing at the screen.

Lance laughs shortly. "Boys, Jayce," he corrects; "get with it."

Oh, ok. So maybe they're bringing it into the open anyway.

JC's head swivels round curiously; what with the mussed up plumage on his head, Chris thinks instantly that he looks like a particularly scrawny owl, and opens his mouth to say so when JC asks, "you like boys too, Kirkpatrick?" and he finds himself lying,

"eh. Not all the time," and tilting his hand up and down so-so-ingly instead. JC's eyes widen, and that does it; "you look like a freakin' owl, man."

"But. you like boys?" JC squeaks, scrubbing one hand through his hair on what's probably automatic. It doesn't help.

"Yes," Chris says, and glances across at Lance before he can help it. Lance stares back at him, then smiles.

"So, I've gotta not come at all, right?" he says demurely, and Chris blinks.


"The competition," Lance says, and his eyes seem very dark. "Does it count if I don't get myself off, that sorta thing."

"Yeah, it does," Joey says, slightly grumpily, "everything counts," and Chris spares a sympathetic grin in his direction before wondering what exactly Lance is suggesting, and why on earth -- if it's what he thinks it might be -- he's waited til now to bring it up.

Especially since right now, Chris is working hard not to bring anything up.



"Justin, baby," Chris crows, when Justin gets hard playing basketball and makes only the most cursory of attempts to cover it up; "is that an anatomically-correct Justin doll in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

"Fuck off," Justin growls, rearing back, and Chris plucks the ball out the air and plays it low, out of Justin's reach.

"Ah, c'mon now," he grins, keeping it near to the ground, angling his hand and hip defensively whenever Justin tries to get close, "what's a little *Nnuendo between friends?"

Joey bursts out laughing, leaning against the fence, shirt off in deference to the sun. Chris is determinedly not looking at him.

"Yeah, well the Chris doll is anatomically correct," Justin shoots back, and Chris remembers the conspicuously flat plastic and thinks about grabbing Justin's hand and showing him exactly how his anatomy's arranged, then remembers that that's not a good idea with this bet going on and whatever. Justin doesn't know how hard Chris is working to keep soft right now, what with boy-wonder's fantastically unsubtle tight-tight shirt, not to mention that over-bitten lower lip-- and Justin doesn't need to know, either.

Instead, he teases, "Just 'cause I can control myself while you're waving it around like a flag pole," and then ducks past him, jumping up to dunk the ball, hanging on the hoop and swinging for a few seconds to feel the wind against sweaty skin.

"Yeah, well, this whole thing's not fair anyway," Justin says sulkily, holding out his hands when Joey picks up the ball and tosses it up in the air a few times. "Joey, c'mon-- to me, ok? It's like, dude, I'm at my sexual peak, and that makes this fucking painful, but you're old and don't even need to do it anymore," and Chris laughs and catches the ball deftly when Joey throws it to him, thinking, shit, if only you knew.

"That's your excuse for when you break, Infant," Joey grins, and Chris tosses him a quick smile before remembering that he's not looking at Joey today, with all that rambling muscle and hot-looking tan skin. What's he doing again? Right. Playing basketball. One-on-one. Justin. Right.

Justin scowls, going sleekly onto the offensive; "man, I'm not breakin'," and flashing his arms over Chris' head.

Chris grits his teeth, trying to concentrate, then blinks and Justin's flipped the ball away, running to the hoop. "We'll see," he calls after him, sounding kinda lame even to himself, watching the line of Justin's sweaty waist as he jumps and then making himself look away.


"Help! Help, help, help, fuck, help--"

Chris skids into the room, intrigued -- hey, if someone's gonna torture JC then he really oughta have a front seat -- and then chokes out something like a laugh, because Joey's got JC stretched out on the floor, and even though it's obvious it's only tickling, there's something in Chris' brain that goes hoo at an image like that.

"Owowow, help, Chriiiiiiiiiiiis, please, god, please, aaaaah," JC's gasping, laughing so hard he's turning pink, squirming desperately on the floor like he thinks that filing himself down to nothing on the emery board of the carpet would be way preferable to letting Joey carry on.

His eyes are wide -- a startled colt, for chrissakes -- rolling to Chris in earnest plea and then squeezing tightly shut when Joey hits another sweet spot that makes him squeal and shake. Chris feels tempted to join in, then Joey does something else and JC flings his arm out wildly, and Chris decides that ok, pretty dangerous territory, might be better to keep a distance while Joey's magic's going on.

"No mercy," Joey's laughing, and then a phone chirps and he pauses, frowning, and crawls over to his jacket instead. JC takes a few deep, shuddery breaths and closes his eyes, rubbing at his chest with one limp hand. "Hey, yeah," Joey says, rising to his feet and raising one finger at Chris, then walks out the room.

"Christ," JC breathes, grinning, eyes closed. "He nearly killed me--"

"Hoo, don't think you're escaping that easily, screwball," Chris warns happily, pouncing on him, and JC's eyes snap open, comically wide.

"No, no, no way, no," he says, scrambling back and getting one arm on the seat of the couch, then yelping when Chris grabs his feet and jerks him swiftly back onto the floor. "Nooooooooooo," JC cries, then dissolves into choking laughter as Chris starts tickling him, scampering his fingers under JC's shirt and over his ribs and down the sensitive slant of his waist.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," JC gasps, twisting and rocking and battering at Chris with his hands, turning his head from side to side and scrabbling against the carpet with his feet, and Chris is laughing too, trying to work out the exact pressure to drive JC crazy, wriggling his fingers in swirling patters up and down and all over JC's quivering skin.

"Stop, stop, no, fuck, fuck," JC's panting, twisting hard enough to almost get free, hands hammering Chris' shoulders, and Chris growls,

"noooo, you don't," and grabs JC's flashing wrists, pinning them above his head and racing his other hand down JC's jerking chest, peering wickedly down at JC's tightly crumpled forehead and agonized laughter, and then his fingers skid in the sweat of JC's stomach and scratch pretty hard, and JC's spreading his legs and hooking one of them round Chris' thighs, backs of their knees touching and sliding, locking them together and rolling Chris on top of him and folding the other leg firmly up high round his waist--

--and it hits Chris that they're both hard and gasping and JC's practically wrapped around him rocking frantically and the door's open, and then he's driving his hips viciously, cock riding hard against JC's, and JC groans loudly enough to cover up Chris' low hiss and thrusts up blindly beneath him and they both freeze, panting, staring at each other, then scramble apart.

Fuck. Fuck.

"Um," Chris says brilliantly, and thinks about joking, hey, haha, ten thousand dollars for a three minute tumble on the floor, but doesn't because he can't look at JC, and also, it probably would only last three minutes, he's that worked up right now.

JC takes a deep breath, letting it out in a low incredulous whistle, and Chris swallows and darts towards the couch to sit down and then almost twists his ankle in veering back when he realizes JC's thought exactly the same thing.

He gives a strangled little chuckle, then forces himself to sit down. JC sits as well, deliberate and completely taut at the other end of the couch, and Chris suddenly has to fight laughter because it'd be pretty inappropriate to go hysterical right now. Especially with JC.

"Hum," says JC, neutrally. Chris glances over, then quickly away again.

"Hum," he echoes, trying to fight down the trembling heat in his stomach.


"Right," Chris says, swallowing. He crosses his wrists on his knees, resisting the urge to drum his fingers or grab JC and fuck the bet, ok, just fuck it--

"Let's play videogames," JC suggests brightly, after a pause.

"Yeah," Chris says, nodding vigorously.


"Good." It occurs to Chris that he's gonna have to go across the room and turn on the Playstation, and that JC's gonna watch him, and. fuck. "Right," he says, then decides to get over himself already, and scuffles over to kneel and flick the switch. Two controllers; check. Highschool Quest II -- The Cheerleader Returns; check. Hard-on; well, yeah.

He gives JC lots of visual clues he's about to turn round, scratching his elbow and clearing his throat and getting the cords tangled so he has to pause halfway in turning, but still catches him staring; JC looks away quickly. He's either really bad at reading people, or wanted Chris to see him.

Chris isn't sure which is worse, and leaves the space between them when he sits down again. No point aggravating... stuff. JC takes the controller gingerly, without touching his fingers, and Chris has a feeling he may be thinking the same thing.


"Fuck," Joey mutters, when he comes back in.

Chris looks up from pelting an evil janitor with corrosive school dumplings and tries to pout like Justin. "Whassup, yo?"

Joey stares at the screen of his phone, then shoves it back in his pocket in disgust. "I'm so fucking turned on now, it's not even funny," he says.

I know the feeling, Chris thinks, and doesn't look at JC. "Ouch, man. Spare me the details?"

"I wish she'd spared me the details," Joey grumbles, then squints at the screen. "Isn't that janitor supposed to give you the key to the stock cupboard?"

"I pissed him off," JC says wryly, and Chris, who'd normally reach over and grab JC and knuckle him in the head, sighs.


"Jayce, get me another beer, yeah?" Lance calls, sprawled out on the floor, tilting his head to an ungodly angle to swallow the last of his old one. He's playing Sonic II again, and Chris wonders what about this game's captured his attention so much, and then admits to himself that he's just watching Lance's gorgeous hands.

And the smooth line of his back.

And his ass.

"Catch," JC calls, and Lance rolls up onto one elbow and shakes his head violently.

"No way," he says, "I don't want it all exploding, do I?" and beckons JC over instead. JC goes, and Chris pokes him as he passes;

"Can I get a beer here too?" JC's eyes are hot when he looks down, and Chris swallows. "Actually, scrap that, I'm gonna... I'm just gonna," and he gets up, walking conspicuously round the couch to avoid contact.

"Thanks," he hears Lance say behind him, and when he looks round he can see Lance's face upturned, and JC's obscuring most of him but it looks a lot like in three seconds Lance's gonna open his mouth and JC's gonna give him something meatier to suck than a bottle of beer, and then Lance glances over at Chris and Chris looks away quickly, hoping the stuff in his head wasn't written all over his face.

Stuff. He half-shakes his head incredulously. If he could write down what's going through his head right now, he'd have a fucking pornographic masterpiece. Though at least he should feel happy about one thing -- whatever Lance saw, it isn't as bad as what's actually going on there.

When he looks back, JC's sitting on the couch, swiping his toes over Lance's soles, and Lance is wriggling irritably and kicking back at him, and they're both wearing socks so it's not gross or anything, just playful.

Gross. Because that's what Chris'd think it was if JC's skin's naked against Lance's skin. Uh huh.


"You know that dream I had," Joey says, far too close to his ear.

Chris leans away, peering at him warily. "Uh."

"The dream," Joey says, and his voice is dark and luxuriously promising. "You woke me up. Me and Brit and that chick of Lance's. I just remembered something else about it. Brit's tongue--"

Chris clamps his hands over his ears, "I left the thing on! shit! It'll go blue!" and scampers from the room.


"...hi--ah! fuck!" Chris exclaims, jerking back in alarm because what the fuck, Lance, JC, kissing, what?

"Chris," JC murmurs, against Lance's lips, drawing back briefly to slant Chris an acknowledging glance before returning to the task at hand. Which is Lance. Hello, JC? Jesus. Talk about a missed memo?

"Ok, I've got the patent on jokes and that's a good thing since y'all aren't funny," Chris says, watching helplessly; their hands are by their sides, heads tilted together, patient and prim and strangely intense, and there aren't even tongues, not that he can see, just open mouths and the tender slide of lips and fuck but this shouldn't be sexy, shouldn't be shouldn't be.

It is.

They look like beautiful young men, British sweethearts in Oxford, eyes closed, enjoying every blissful press of mingled breath and soft mouths.

As he watches, frozen, he sees the pink tip of JC's tongue glide sweetly into Lance's parted lips, and Lance grins, teeth baring to nip playfully in defense, and Chris spins on his heel and stalks out the room, mind vibrating with the pure glistening clarity of JC's tongue breaching Lance's mouth; just a little, just slightly; just faintly, gently depraved.

He pulls the door closed roughly behind him, swinging round to rest against the wall, head thrumming, hot all over. Once the ring of the door slamming fades from his ears, he can plainly hear them giggle.


The voice on the other end of the phone is deeply incredulous. "Three days? That's all?"


"And-- are you kidding? just to swap? Eighty bucks?"

Chris almost laughs. Honestly, baby, it's small cheese to me. "Yeah. But your boss doesn't find out, y'hear?"

"Ok," the guy says, quickly, like Chris might change his mind. "Done."


Joey's channel-hopping, head tilted, flipping through slowly. Chris grins as the porn he left playing happily in the vcr flicks into view; Joey freezes, then speeds away, double time.

Sitting next to Chris, Justin coughs. "dude," he mutters. "What was, uh. that."

"What's what?" JC demands, looking up from his iBook. He's more fidgety than usual, but still pretty cool. More than the rest of them, at least. Chris thinks, snarkily, that JC's used to being perpetually aroused.

He's considered more than once that maybe JC wears the clothes he does to scare himself limp every time he sees a mirror. Although given the obnoxiously tight pants JC's been wearing for the last three days, Chris has a feeling that'd be kinda counter-productive.

"Yeah, what channel was that?" Chris asks innocently, and Joey raises his eyebrows and glances at them all, one after another.

"You want me to go back to it?"

"What was it?" JC says again, and Joey sighs and thumbs back to the happy -- oh, ever so happy -- couple. Chris restrains his own grin as JC inhales sharply; yeah, that's what he'd thought. JC's just the type to bury himself in other stuff to avoid thinking about sex.

They all stare in silence for a couple of seconds; Chris feels his tiny grin widen a little. He knew this was gonna be good when he set the tape to play before the rest of them pile in. It's pretty decent porn, not too squelchy. Just right to make Joey horny, not to mention the others. As for himself: it's ok, boys and girls -- he's not much into the het schtick right now. Not when there're pretty bandmates kissing idly in corners.

Uh. He shouldn't have thought about that again.

"Oh, give it to me harder," warbles the woman onscreen, throwing her arms over her head to grab the edge of the rocking kitchen table. Predictably, her plumber obliges.

"Oh, fuck, that's mine," Chris says, like he's only just realized. Justin jumps next to him; a quick glance in his lap tells Chris exactly what he wanted to know.

"What the hell are you guys watching?" comes Lance's voice, over the televised panting. Joey hits the stop button, and Chris looks round. Lance is standing in the doorway, looking worryingly breathless and delectable.

There's no way he'll be able to floor Lance with het porn, but hopefully...

Chris slithers onto the floor and crawls to the vcr, popping out Rough Trade II and sticking it back on their makeshift shelf.

"Uh, Chris' porn," Justin says, and Lance laughs and says,

"Surely that's counter productive," before glancing down at his phone and grinning and saying, "anyway, so Danny's temp-ing for a while and he's waiting for me outside -- you want me to make the check out to JC?"


It's not that Chris wasn't expecting Lance to round on him. Just that he wasn't expecting it to happen while Lance looks so... post-coital.

He was waiting for the kettle to boil when Lance stalked onto the bus, mouth looking used, eyes bright, color high.

"There you are," he growls, striding into the kitchen, and Chris takes one look and ducks past him, under his arm. Not gonna be backed into a cupboard by this one, thankyouverymuch. Making the mistake of breathing, he realizes the air by Lance tastes of fresh sweat, and then he notices Lance's collar's deeply unbuttoned and there's a red crescent on his sternum and--

"Me? I've been here all along--"

"Bullshit," Lance says, and because he's right Chris doesn't bother protesting beyond making his eyes large and hurt. "I've just been talking to Danny."

Talking. Riiiiiiight. "Mm," Chris says, when Lance glares at him accusingly.

"He's fucking only staying two more days, y'know. Because... well, can you tell me what happened?"

"No?" It comes out, Chris notices disgustedly, as a squeak.

"Oh, that's interesting-- I mean, I wonder who else'd bribe a guy to swap with him for three days with eighty bucks, just now, just right now as--"

"Ok!" Chris squeaks, then clears his throat. "Ok, ok. Ok. I did it."

"I know," Lance says, closer, and Chris finds himself thinking of a lime popsicle -- one of those bright green ones -- melting on a sunny day. His mouth's dry. "Well, you got what you want..."

"Mh," Chris manages, backing away, distraught when Lance prowls after him.

"So now, do I get what I want?"

Chris' knees hit the arm of the couch and he sits on it suddenly. What, uh, what does Lance want? "What's that?" he asks, clearing his throat again.

Lance opens his thighs decisively with both hands, stands between them, ducks his head, then bites Chris' ear. "Guess," he says, and Chris realizes just how dumb he was to alienate the one guy with the voice that could sculpt steel.



JC's grin is kinda sickly. "He's not."

Chris has one hand clamped over his stomach. "He's not," he confirms, swallowing, looking round the room. Justin and Joey were going all out on Sonic II, determined to beat Lance's high score, and now they're frozen on the floor with looks of absolute horror on their faces.

"Ah, fuck, yeah," drifts over them, and it's unmistakable; Lance, moaning, fervent expletives tumbling from his bunk.

"This isn't happening," Joey mutters, and JC's got his hand over his mouth, eyes bright blue and glazing fast.

"That fucker," Chris hisses, and Lance moans loudly, rhythmically, the sound adhering to the core of Chris' dick with wicked aim. "I'm gonna fucking kill him."

"Ah, ah--"

"Dude, he's gonna kill us," Justin breathes, and his hands are folded over his stomach, fingers twitching in time to the sound of Lance ostentatiously jerking off.

"ah," Lance mumbles, "fuck that's tight," and Chris' mind fills with images of fucking, of men fingering themselves and being fucked and having dicks pushed into their mouths and goddamn if Lance doesn't figure in every picture.

"Fucking stop that," Chris calls, heart in his throat. It sounds so good. So good. Oh, god; oh god. His thoughts. move to. the beat. Lance sets.

"Mmm, aw, fuck, yeah," Lance gasps, and that's it, that's too loud and clear and fucking sexy, and Chris gets up and storms through to the bunks, yanking back Lance's curtain and then freezing, dead, once more.

Lance is naked, one knee bent up, one hand wrapped round his cock, the other buried between his legs; his whole body's rocking, smooth and beautiful, and his hands move in perfect time to the growly little noises from his throat. He opens his eyes, still moving, staring lazily up at Chris; "mmmm, hey, yeah, Chris; you wouldn't just lick me, would you?"

"No," Chris hears himself say, and he's kind of amazed he can even formulate that much, and then Lance thrusts up hard and groans loudly, and Chris is staring at the dark red of his cock, at the clear slickness at the head of it, can't help but flash that into his hand, the thickness, the curve against the inside of his fist--

"Please," Lance is breathing, "I'm close, and that'd just... c'mon, I can tell... ah, fuck... I can tell you want to..."

He has a feeling he wants to suck it more than he's ever wanted anything before. He can almost feel it against his lips, velvety warm and heavy, tasting like Lance's groans sound. "No." Because if he does, he'll come. It's that simple.

Lance grins at him, and his mouth's like all the best things of a man and a woman meshed together, the pink and the wet and the flash of tongue and the perfectly smooth lips because Lance always uses lip balm even though he wouldn't touch an Nsync one if you paid him, and Chris suddenly knows that if he sinks his aching cock into that mouth it'll swallow him down and smile against his stomach and make the world end in a rush of liquid heat, and fuck but he wants that, wants that so much-- "Please," Lance says again, and then slowly, delicately licks his teeth, making both invitations shockingly clear.

Chris looks over his shoulder; he can't see the other guys, but he knows they're there, waiting in horror for it to stop, for him to reappear...

Lance is maybe the sexiest guy he knows.

Chris' hand slides down his stomach, finds the button of his pants, the sensational ache of the bulge beneath. Lance's eyes follow the movement, glinting in the shadow of his bunk, and Chris realizes that what with the height of these things, if he just gets out his cock and stands there waiting, Lance could wriggle to the edge of his bunk and lie on his side and suck it like that, barely having to move.

His thumb shifts, circling the button, and Lance's hand speeds up briefly and Chris' brain suddenly clicks that Lance has got his own fingers inside him, moving inside him, and that's so fucking hot he can't believe, and then the button's between his thumb and forefinger, sliding so easily out of its hole, and he can hear his own breathing almost as loud as Lance's. Jesus christ.

"Yeah, c'mon," Lance whispers, spreading his legs further, and Chris looks down and sees Lance's fingers disappearing and he wants to touch, wants to feel the thick elastic of the muscle giving under his fingers, feel the heat of him clutching as he pushes inside. "Chris."

"Fuck, I want you," Chris mutters, sounding fierce even to his own ears, and Lance's eyes close in something like pain, opening again flaring hotly;

"Fucking do it, then," he hisses, and Chris reaches out slowly, fingers trembling, reaching down past Lance's cock, watching as Lance catches on and nods wordlessly and slides his own hand away.

Chris holds his breath; he wants to pull Lance half out his bunk and hold his legs spread wide and aim his cock at that tight little opening, rubbing against the slickness of it before pushing forwards and hearing Lance moan and feeling Lance wriggle impatiently because he needs it deeper now now now and then sliding right inside-- and then his fingers brush hot wetness and the memory slams into him -- the bet -- and he wrenches back, jerking the curtain closed, pressing his hand hard into his chest and trying to get his blood to shut the fuck up.

Shit, that was close.

He swallows, staggering away from the bunks, towards the guys. Fuck. Fuck. He can't get Lance's body out his head -- the pink tongue, the quaking stomach, the voice, for chrissakes, the voice that could charm a dozen snakes before breakfast--

He stops dead.

What the fuck? Because if he walks away now, obviously Lance is gonna give up and let him rest. Because he hasn't been waiting for this for months. Because ten grand really fucking matters to his bank account.

Uh huh.

He spins and hot-foots it back down the corridor, tugging open Lance's curtain feverishly, receiving a hundred-watt gleam of smug greeting in return.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Chris comes out of the back smiling. Joey swallows; he knows that smile. Him and Chris have helped each other out before, nights when the girls aren't biting and they can't be bothered to find a bigger pool to fish in, and that smile's the exact same one Chris gives him the following morning.

Of course, it's only been a half hour since Chris disappeared to shut Lance the fuck up; only half an hour since it went suspiciously quiet, to the point where Justin suggested they'd strangled each other and Joey felt inclined to say that yeah, they were probably squeezing something; only half an hour of sitting here trembling because fuck, Chris interrupting Lance jerking off and giving him a talking to, that's pretty damn hot, knowwhatI'msayin'.

He'd found himself straining to hear the telltale panting until he was imagining it in stereo, the jagged little whispers that Chris makes when he's getting close, the wet noises of Lance's mouth doing wicked things that no good mommy's boy should ever even think about, the slow hushed groans of incredulous enjoyment.

Now, staring at Chris getting a piece of white paper out his pocket and smoothing it thoughtfully, he realises he wasn't imagining nearly as much as he'd hoped. His stomach's competing for the World Wide Knot-Tying award, apparently; each stubborn fucker in his stomach's laced through with heat, made pretty with sparkling energy. It borders on art. And agony.

Chris hands his check to JC without a word and flops down on the couch with a contented sigh; Joey takes one look at his face, relaxed and smug, and wants to hit him.

Or fuck him.

Well, both would do.

"That took a long time," Justin says, evenly.

Chris grins, vulpine. "Felt pretty damn quick, to me," he says, and his voice has got that Just Got Laid quality to it that makes Joey's teeth itch. "Hey, Lance," Chris calls, tilting his head back; "I've lost one of my socks-- can you see it?"

There's a moment's shuffling, then Lance wanders out and stretches hugely, lean and infuriatingly sated. He's... also smiling. Jesus. Could they be more obvious? "Yo," Lance says, sitting down next to Chris and dropping a sock in his lap.

"That's not mine," Chris says indignantly, and Lance hooks an arm round his neck and hauls him sideways across his lap;

"Donnnn't complain," he growls, unforgivably playful, and Chris widens his eyes.

"Oh, ok," he breathes, and Joey sees Lance's hand move up Chris' leg, sees Chris arch comfortably against him, finds he can't look away from them. Chris sits up to put on his sock and then grins around the room. "Y'all look so tense," he announces, then lies down ostentatiously across Lance's lap; Lance's hand settles back against his thigh, thumb stroking lightly against the material.

"Can you blame us for lookin' tense?" Justin grits out, and Joey glances away long enough to practically see the wild heat rolling out from Justin's direction, then back, to where Chris is swinging one foot idly, and Lance has started playing with his hair.

The game suddenly feels uneven, and he wonders how, given his partial inability to think right now, he's ever gonna entertain an entire stadium of teenagers tomorrow night.


"And here we are, the long-awaited interval in the First Show of Abstinence," Chris says, talking imperiously into his banana. "And they have six minutes to get changed, but the three remaining contestants are showing considerable inefficiency with their zippers, due to, oh yes, the very same penile amplification that has been present through the whole show--"

"Give it a rest," Justin mutters, wrestling with his jeans, and Joey realizes that although they're very spacious if Jup happens to get excited onstage, the actual waistband's pretty tight. And Justin's erection's definitely causing problems. And that thought doesn't make Joey want to drop to his knees and give him a hand, no it doesn't.

"Tempers are fraught," Chris rambles, then sidles up to Joey, "ah, Mr. Fatone, do you have any advice for Mr. Timber-Timber, having successfully tucked your own erectile tissue away?" and holds his banana out to Joey to talk into.

"Give it a rest," Justin growls, snatching the banana and throwing it across the room.

"I wanted to eat that!" Chris yelps, diving after it.

"uh, guys?" JC says, from the corner. "I think I'm stuck."


Joey doesn't mess up any steps, and it's a miracle. Predictably, one of them's managing to work it -- the girls who happen to catch Justin's eye keep blushing crazily and can't stop staring at his dick -- but Joey's just concentrating on coming in at the right note and holding it without screaming I haven't jerked off in so long it should be illegal into the crowd. JC doesn't seem to be any different.

Joey smirks, as they bound offstage at the end, thinking: go figure.

Justin looks bleak, and he's gritting his teeth a lot.

"Say what?" Lance demands, when Justin mutters something and storms off to the showers. Lance raises his hands sharply, palms out; "whoa, girl," he calls after him. "Who looked up your skirt?"

"Anyone looking up Justin's skirt would see one helluva big angry cock," Chris says helpfully, and Joey doesn't really manage to laugh, because fuck, if anyone looked up Joey's... uh, pants... well, it wouldn't be suitable for family viewing.

"Give him a break," Joey says, and his voice comes out as hoarse as the laughter, and suddenly he needs to beat off right now, get the show out his system, get some rest--

"Yeah, cut him some slack," JC says, and he's practically vibrating, all the spastastic fun of the fair hammering round his thin body with no chance of anywhere else to go. Joey almost feels sorry for him until he remembers himself.

"So Justin's not gettin' no relief; that's not my problem," Chris protests; "don't tell me he don't know how to whip it out if it's all too much. He can always write the check after." He flicks a grin at Joey, then nods at JC, "Anyway, I dunno what you're so fired up about-- surely you're used to getting it up onstage," and then JC's smiling nastily and Joey swallows.

"I'm used to dealing with it afterwards," JC purrs, "but obviously now, I can't," then tosses a sharp glare round the room. "So don't fucking irritate me tonight, and I'll be just fine."


"What about wet dreams?" Justin demands, the next morning.

Joey laughs and gives him a deliberate once-over. "Did the happy fairies come in the night, junior?" and then joins in the laughter again when Justin scowls at him. It feels good to laugh. Not the sensation he's really chasing, but by this point, he's taking all he can get.

"No, you ass-wipe," he insists, and folds his arms. "It's just, like. Dude, this is getting painful. And I wanna know if I should be, like, trying to wake up if a dream goes. you know. the right way." He shifts, uncomfortably, and Joey decides he'd pay quite a lot to know what Justin dreamed about last night.

"I think wet dreams count," JC says, suddenly. Joey glances across at him, raising his eyebrows.


"Otherwise," JC explains, kinda sharply, "you're gettin' release when the rest of us aren't." He laughs, shortly. "And that's just unfair on so many levels."

"Feelin' the strain, Jayce?" Chris drawls, leaning across and blowing impudently on JC's neck. He looks like a particularly mischievous fourteen-yearold torturing some poor geek who dared answer three questions in a row.


"Whatcha doin'?" Chris demands, looking around expectantly. "Why aren't you ready?"

Joey glances at him sourly, and his stomach cramps violently. Jesus fuck, Chris is fucking wearing eyeliner, and a sleeveless dark red shirt with black glittery streaks that makes him look like something out the glam rock scene. The totally edible section of the glam rock scene. Joey almost wants indigestion tabs, he's suddenly strung so tight. "I'm not going out."

"The hell you're not," Chris says dismissively, and then his eyes widen. "Wait, you seriously not? It's Friday night, Joe, in case you haven't noticed--"

"I can't go," Joey says, and pinches the bridge of his nose. "I just. ugh."

"Why's Joey not ready?" comes Lance's voice, and Joey looks up to see he's got fucking eye makeup as well, just a smudge of dark green, matching his thin snakey belt. Between the greens, a sheer black shirt that's cropped above his belly button. Joey thinks that if he saw them walking down the street he'd either flee or beg.

"I'm not going," he says, and flops down onto his bed, wanting them to take their glittery bodies away from him as soon as possible. "I. Ha. You'll think I'm crazy."

"What?" Chris says, and then Joey feels the bed tilt and Chris' is crawling on top of him, ducking down to bite his ear, smelling of rusty oceans and mulled wine. "Please, Joe, come with us..."

The smell's driving him crazy, making him dizzy. "I don't know how to go out without sex at the end of the night," he blurts, keeping his eyes tightly closed.

"You're right," Lance says, "I think you're crazy."

Joey laughs shortly. "C'mon, guys-- look at you. I can't hang with you for hours and dance with you and get drunk and then go home and, like, just go to sleep, can I," and he wonders if this is sharing way too much, "so I just wanna stay here. I know my limits." He laughs again, and it sounds kinda harsh. "My limits are very much here."

"Hmm," Chris says, and Joey pushes insistently at his shoulders until he slides back onto the floor. "Well, hell, flattery will get you anything. C'mon, Lance, let's take our virile irresistibility out to da club," and then the door slams behind them, and Joey rubs his face with his hand.

He's gonna have to change the sheets. He can't sleep in a bed smelling of Chris, not if he wants to wake up pure.


"That's right, baby... Yeah, perfect... oh, yeah."

Joey freezes, then raises his eyebrows. Distressingly-noisy Lance is in his bunk, ok-- but Chris is in the beanbags, nestled up with a book that makes his hands look tiny, reading briskly through wire glasses. Joey's spent the last ten minutes trying to work out how he can ask Chris to suck his cock without taking off those glasses, and wound up miserable because he wouldn't last three seconds. And he's not planning on asking to lose.

"Yeah, yeah," Lance rumbles, and Joey swallows; fuck, is Justin in there with him? The images totally aren't welcome in his brain, but they swarm his defenses: Justin lying on his back with Lance's cock skating against his open mouth; Justin bracing his feet against the ceiling of the bunk to let Lance spread his ass with two thumbs sliding deliberately inside; Lance on his hands and knees with Justin's face between his legs.

He looks back at Chris, who's smiling faintly at his book. Fucking orgasmed-out bastard. It's almost insulting, Chris' complacency when Lance is -- oh, fuck -- panting softly, making Joey's hands itch to grab those sleek shoulders and push firmly down and feel the compliance in Lance's knees as he folds obediently and takes Joey's cock graciously into his sinner's mouth--

"I'm rolling you on your front," Lance says, louder, and Joey almost groans; what, phonesex? That's so last season, so JC. He thought Lance would have more taste. "No, no, you can't move your hands, remember," Lance adds, an aural smirk; "not until I untie you," and Joey actually does growl, deep in his throat, mouth arid.

He thought Lance would have more mercy. Lance must know this is killing him -- for christ's sake, he's admitted the sight of Lance beating off makes his thought process dry up, and it's just not fucking fair of Lance to use his weaknesses against him.

"Oh, yeah," Lance says, and it's so approving that Joey feels furious that Lance isn't aiming it at him, can remember the slick glide of Lance's tongue against his cheek when Joey gets a hand round Lance's cock and starts jerking, remember identical approving yeahs crawling liquid across his skin. "And I'm holding your hot strong thighs in my hands, pushing them right apart, and now I'm sucking your balls until you're ready to cry--"

Chris has laid his book aside.

"--yeah, beg for it, uh huh--"

Joey stares at the ceiling, wishing desperately that his bunk wasn't right next to Lance's, wishing his headphones were here instead of under his pillow. Fuck. Fuck. Dread curls in his stomach; it'd be too fucking easy to give in, to go and throw Lance's phone at the opposite wall and get Lance's hands and--

"uhhh, yeah..."

---and, fuck! Deep breaths, man. Deep breaths. He wipes the fantasy off his brain, over and over, and then abruptly there's no thoughts left to distract him from the sensational raw need that's smouldering red and jagged all across his brain.

"yeah, yeah, like that, mmm-- and now? I'm gonna rim you until you scream."

"When you're done," Chris calls abruptly, and Joey swallows because he sounds turned-on again, no longer complacent, determinedly composed, "you're gonna do all that shit to me, y'hear? Or I'll... I'll beat you in the head."

"You still reading?" calls Lance instantly, then there's a pause, and a muttered "mmh, just a sec."

Joey glances over, and Chris is grinning at him, the white glitter of his teeth shocking compared with the black glitter in his eyes. "I can safely say I ain't been reading for the past forty seconds."

"For chrissakes get in here, then," Lance growls, and as Chris scampers past he mutters

"open invitation, man," and Joey closes his eyes in agony because he's not gonna go with them, he's not, he's not.


"So, Superman," Lance drawls, the following morning; "you crumbled, yet?"

Joey laughs, feeling a smug well of pride in his chest. Last night was hell, but this morning he's happy he didn't give in. "Nope."

"Hoo, he will soon," Justin predicts, then tilts his head at Joey, eyes sparkling. "No offense, Joe, but--"

"No! Lots of offense," Chris interrupts: "how the hell are you still in, when I'm ten grand poorer and you're the resident flirt?"

"I wanted you," Lance reminds him, and Chris makes a show of mulling that over before shrugging.

"Point," he concedes, leaning back into Lance's arm.

"I'm thinking, maybe he's all talk and no play," Justin says, and Joey opens his mouth to protest when Lance says,

"No, he's definitely got play; I should know," and grins at him. Crookedly. Images flicker viciously through Joey's head, of Lance on his knees, curling up and stroking the backs of his thighs and gagging, once or twice, which Joey felt faintly guilty about enjoying at the time.

Now? The thought of tangling his fingers in the back of Lance's pretty hair and guiding his mouth to exactly where he wants it, pushing into the wet furnace of his mouth and carrying on pushing, hips jabbing insistently until Lance is gasping hot air and squirming frantically and swallowing convulsively as his body tries to get free? Fucking show him where to sign.

"Yeah, well, make good on that later, huh?" he manages, and Lance's eyes glint like a green glass bottle containing L'eau d'Ego, looking smug and expensive.

"Oh," he breathes, and Joey feels it against the back of his neck even though Lance is right fucking across the room, "I will."


JC has a new bad habit, Joey notices, and it's nothing so harmless as refusing to eat crusts on Tuesdays.

"If we sleep together... will you like me better," JC croons to himself, proving Joey right. Somehow, he didn't realize JC knew so many Garbage songs-- although he knows it now, given he's had Hammering In My Head stuck in his brain for the last two days, just choice phrases twisting seductively in JC's new voice, the one he uses to bind teenies to him in enthusiastic adoration-rich slavery, the one that pours into Joey's ear like so much crisply melted chocolate.

Justin, luckily, doesn't seem to know many sexy songs.

As JC chuckles to himself and breaks into Janet's Would You Mind, Joey thinks that small mercies still leave the giant thumpin' super-lack-o-mercy to haunt him. Day and night. Oh, god, the nights.


When Lance swans up to him before rehearsal, hips gliding silkily into his space, Joey has a feeling he gulps audibly. He feels relieved he's already gotten changed. He feels extra relieved his dancing gear's got lots of room to manoeuvre.

"What's up?" he asks, trying not to sound strangled, and Lance smirks and reaches for-- hey, hey! "Keep your hands off the goods, Bass," he growls, twisting his hips out the way, uncomfortably aware that there's suddenly a lot more goods down there for Lance to grab.

"Ooh, I'm impressed," Lance says pleasantly. "You sure you haven't been beating off on the side?"

Joey blinks, then sends Lance his best injured look. "What's this-- you don't trust me?"

"Why the hell should we trust the sluttiest guy in Nsync?"

Joey laughs. "You can talk," he says, because there's him and Chris and that Danny guy and also, Chris has told him about Lance and JC, which might or might not be making Joey periodically think bad thoughts about videocameras depending on how strongly in denial he's feeling right at that moment.

Lance glances sideways, then at the ceiling, then licks his lips quickly and gives Joey a little smirk. "Point."

Somehow, having Lance confirm it makes it worse.

"...But I'm already out," Lance adds, and then his hand's on Joey's shoulder and he's leaning in; "and I know how much you like it, so unless you're cheating or having problems down below then I'm guessing you must be in a pretty big mess of agony by now."

Joey tosses him a grin that even feels vicious inside his mouth, trying to keep on the fun side of the joking-fucking line. "You're tellin' me."

Lance's tongue flicks over his top lip, exactly how Lance once did after sucking Joey off successfully enough to make him see stars. "Well, Fatone, just as soon as you're out for real," he murmurs, and Joey's teeth click together because he realizes he's been breathing through his mouth all this time, " come find me, y'hear? We can celebrate your loss together." Lance apparently has no regard for the line whatsoever.

Chris wanders into the room, and Lance squeezes Joey's shoulder before strolling over and laying a brutal little kiss on Chris' mouth. Chris' hands come up startled, then settle on Lance's shoulders, one moving up to stir circles in his hair. It evolves, deep and thorough and nasty. Jesus. Joey wonders if he makes this much noise when he's kissing.

"Guys, are you," Justin calls, jogging in, then stumbling as he sees the men in the middle of the room, narrowly missing smacking into the stack of chairs Joey draped his jacket over. "Hey," he growls, after staring open-mouthed for a couple of seconds, "break it up," and Lance draws back and smiles around guilelessly. Joey would laugh, if he wasn't so furiously turned on.

"Hoo, yeah, a few more like that and I'll have got value for money," Chris announces, and Joey, staring at Lance's wet red mouth, almost finds himself agreeing.

"Time," JC calls sunnily, spinning into the room and smacking hard into Justin, knocking him into the chairs. "Ow!"

"Shit," Lance says, helping them up, slipping one hand under Justin's wifebeater, the other stroking solicitously up and down JC's hip, and Joey's not even surprised when ten minutes later Wade comments on how they're not dancing too great.

"Like, aren't you even concentrating?" he demands, when Justin fucks up a turn that Chris picked up minutes ago.


He can.

He can just do it; it's not like his shower isn't private, for chrissake. And surely, one little orgasm, that's not too bad -- just enough to let him dance properly and look round a room without risk of spontaneous combustion; just enough so he can face off JC's little swiveling hips without itching to plunge his hands into his pockets, or resist the fucking unholy calling of Lance and Chris who seem to have developed a knack of making out against every wall Joey wants to walk past.

His hand slides down, soap-slick and groping his chest for support, feeling his heart patter away like a child's deep inside-- and then he remembers the blithe grin as Chris handed in his check, and he twists the water on hard and cool. No fucking way.


He dries off, allowing himself two brief squeezes of the towel round his cock. It's hard; big surprise. Pictures are spinning feverishly in his brain, Lance's kisses, JC's up-tilted ass, the looks that Justin and Chris keep sharing like they might just drop to the floor and screw right there-- Two squeezes becomes five, and he wrenches his hand away before things get totally out of control.

He shares a little pained grin with himself, then realizes he's seen that same grin on JC all day; in fact, he has a feeling the hotel won't be losing much hot water tonight to the three of them, all things told. Another day; fuck. The bad thing about turning out moral is the way he's still carrying most of his blood around at waist-height. Fuck. He cleans his teeth roughly, stares down at his cock in mute hopefulness, then shakes his head and pushes back into the other room.

And almost comes on the spot.

Lance is on his bed, naked, knees up, legs spread.

Chris is lying next to him, stroking Lance's cock, kissing him slowly; as Joey watches, Chris' tongue pushes deeply into Lance's mouth, dark pink and wet, and Lance's lips part to take it, twisting slightly, welcoming. Joey stares at them, and then Chris' hand lifts off Lance's cock and slides down over his balls, and Joey's mouth goes dry as he sees two of Chris' fingers pushing into the dark center of Lance's body as easy as butter.

Lance mutters something and arches up, wriggling his ass at Joey, and now he can see the glisten of something against the pink, realizes he must be totally lubed up and ready to go, and then Chris' fingers slide out again and, without pausing in kissing Lance, Chris' beckons Joey over, and Joey goes.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Justin knew something was different when he woke up. He just... he could tell. The groans coming from Joey's room for most of the night were a clue.

"It's down to the two of you," Lance says, and Justin glances at Joey, at his sated smile and loosely spread legs. Justin hasn't felt how Joey looks in what feels like months. Bastard.

"Ok," JC says, and his voice is cracked like he might not be able to sing, and Justin realizes that shit, there's just him and JC, and that makes it personal. He's not preening for the crowd any more-- just for the one man, thanks. Jesus.

"Ok," Justin says, and his own voice sounds thick and dusty, and then the call comes from Wade that if they don't get their asses down in the next three minutes he's gonna bring in O-Town and coach them to perfection and then wear an Nsuck hat to every awards ceremony he can.

As Justin reaches the door, JC pushes past him, and the firm curve of his ass skims against Justin's cock like the sudden glance of sunshine off a dirty window.

It's not aggressive or anything. The stakes have upped, though. No doubt about that.


"Flip," Wade says again, and Justin grits his teeth. He thought he'd managed to avoid this move, but nooooooo, Wade wants to try something new so they're starting with something old.

He tenses, then sighs. "Gimme a run-up, ok?"

"I've got six hours of footage that says you don't need a run-up," Wade snaps, then raises his hand when Justin starts to protest; "Fuck it, never mind. Chris, get over here."

Wade flips. Chris flips. Wade and Chris flip in tandem across the room, and then Chris walks nonchalantly back to his starting point and Justin swallows, hard. He just-- he can't. His center of gravity's moved, and as lame as that sounds, he can't get the dull fizzing energy in his stomach to coalesce into bright bursts of flip-propelling vigor and that seems to be that.

"Ok, take it from the top-- Justin, I need a double flip by next week or your ass is gonna be so chewed out you can't sit down, y'hear?"

Justin nods as the music starts, trying to look meek, then levels his gaze at himself in the mirror and sees a horny bratty teen glaring back. Fuck.

Though at least JC's just as bad. Right?

He kicks, drops to his knees and glances at JC, then skitters from foot to foot and feels the spin come almost naturally; JC's hard, and looks pained, but it's not enough to form consolation. He's gonna have to do something about that, he thinks, and as soon as possible, because man, this is getting insane.

"Dude," Chris mutters, when Justin slots into place behind him for the pelvic-jabs-with-high-knee-sweeping-five-six-and-sink-and-spin; "Watch it with that thing. We gotta be professional right now, you dig?"


Justin tilts his head, staring at the reflection in the hotel mirror, then wonders what is says about him that he's got the clothes on hand to make him look like something from, then decides it doesn't matter, because, as Lance would say, it's all about coordination.

He wonders what Lance will think of this outfit, then wonders if it's a good idea at all. He likes it, but... Hmm. He runs a hand over his hip, then down, fingers stirring the ragged edges where he cut off his Levis two summers ago. He's grown since then, and the wayward threads of soft, faded denim tickle high up his inner thighs.

I'm wearing shorts, he thinks, then swallows. Not exactly, are they? But he remembers JC's eyes following the twink in hotpants all across the street in LA, so he figures it's as good a plan as any. He's walked around in them a little; it's fine, and looks amazing, except that the seam pressing against the crack of his ass makes him shiver from time to time.

He tried them on with underwear, and that looked wrong. So.

"You dirty little whore," he hears, and looks up in the mirror; Joey's leaning against the doorframe behind him. He didn't hear the door open. Fuck.

He swallows again, realizing that, what with the mirror, Joey can see him from all sides. "It's, uh. JC. I know he likes--"

"He couldn't not," Joey says, and Justin shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other and then realizes hotly that that made Joey, watching his ass, smile a little and tilt his head. Shit. He starts to shift again and cuts off, stricken.


"Very pretty. Aren't you gonna twirl for me?" Joey says, still smiling.

Justin freezes, then gives himself a mental thwap: idiot! He approves, so play it up. "Sure," he says, composing his voice smoothly, then turns and pads on bare feet into the center of the room. His shirt, filmy and clinging, makes a tiny noise when he moves. "Like what you see?"

Joey straightens, giving him a slow once-over. "Oh, yeah," he says, and walks towards him, and Justin realizes that in terms of a victory, maybe these clothes aren't the best choice. Not if they make Joey take his hand and tug him closer, then spin him deftly and catch his hips in both hands, pulling him back against Joey's broad chest, his hard thighs. "Yeah, I like it very much," Joey mumbles into his hair, then ducks his head and licks the back of Justin's neck.

His tongue's soft and wet, and makes Justin go taut all over. He takes a deep breath, Joey's hands like brands on his hipbones; he's staring down, and his cock looks huge, bulking out the denim and sweetly distending the button, and he can feel the scritchy ice of Joey's beard on the back of his neck and it makes him shiver, and then Joey bites down just above the collar of his shirt and grinds his hips forwards, and Justin shudders and pushes away. He's breathing hard.

Joey grins, delightedly. "Oh, not as easy as you look."

There's movement at the door, "Though, that would be difficult," and Justin jerks round to see Lance leaning there where Joey had been, arms folded. Lance grins at him, come-to-bed eyes, then swings his gaze round to Joey instead. "C'mon. Chris wants you."

"Ok." Joey smacks Justin hard on the ass as he passes, and Justin grits his teeth hard to prevent from gasping. "See ya later, Justin."

Ok. The shorts are not gonna work.


"What the hell are you wearing?" Chris demands, but Justin's ready this time, ready with a fuck-me grin and a purred,

"Don't even pretend you don't like it," because he knows clothes, ok, and knows this is a good choice. The shorts, they brought exactly the response he wanted, but he couldn't deal with it -- he's a man, though, and he can admit that and move on.

So he's moved on to... this. If the waistband was any lower, anyone could tell if he was a natural blond. "I won't," Chris says, shaking his head; "jesus, boy. I could eat you alive."

"You won't, though," Justin murmurs, looking around for JC, smiling at him brightly. "What do you think?"

His nipples are tight, because this shirt's... well ventilated, and he's only bothered to do up one of the six buttons -- but it adds to the effect, so he doesn't matter. Frosted dark green's good on him, too. He looks arty-- in the same way that a pre-Raphaelite model would look arty if she were standing on a street corner with a collar around her neck.

JC stares at him for a second, then exhales softly. "Very nice," he says neutrally, then clears his throat.

"Want some water?" Justin asks quickly, closing in on him, liking the way Chris backed up for him with his hands raised and eyes dark. JC puts both palms on the table like he's about to push up and flee, then cringes down when Justin leans over him. "You look thirsty."

"I'm thirsty," Chris says clearly.

"Get yourself a drink, then," Justin says sharply, one hand on the back of JC's chair, the other placed on the table right next to JC's, thumb stirring against JC's wrist. JC jerks back, brushes his neck against the inside of Justin's elbow, jerks forwards again like he's had an electric shock-- and Justin grins to himself and leans closer.

"I want you to get me a drink, and feed it to me," Chris says plaintively, then pauses, and adds, "or, y'know, you could just drink it. Through a straw. Two straws. Uh, slowly," and JC laughs shakily.

"That'd be... yeah, shut up, Chris, I thought you had a side-bet on me winning," and Justin straightens, turning, surprised.

"You're betting on JC?" He folds his arms when Chris doesn't answer immediately, eyes narrowing. "You are. Fuck. Chris!"

Chris' wide eyes spark with fear, and then he looks Justin up and down, fear fading, and a slow grin spreads across his face. "Not if you walk round like that," he murmurs, lifting one hand as if to touch Justin's sleeve, then dropping it again. "A couple more days? Jesus, kid. Look at you."

Justin chews the inside of his cheek, still concerned that Chris might have anything but the highest confidence in him. "Hmm."

"JC doesn't stand a chance," Chris says, and ok, Justin smiles, that's decisive enough. He's mollified.

"Yeah," he says, turning back to JC; "you don't stand-- oh, fuck."

Apparently, JC's smarter than he looks. What with no longer being anywhere to be seen, and all.


Justin hovers round the bar, searching for JC in the crowd. He had a knot of girls earlier, and one of them had enough spiky red hair that Justin could easily keep track of them, but now she's dancing with a blond man and Lance said JC was on the move instead.

He swirls his thumb round the top of his beer bottle, just in case JC's watching from afar, then smirks to himself and licks his fingertips. No reason, but it's not like anyone watching's gonna know he doesn't have salt on his hands, or condensation, or sweat.

He'll wait another five minutes here, then move on. Maybe JC's in the little room, with the dark corkscrews of smoke and the hulking tattooed man sitting with his silky scrap of redhead jailbait in the corner. For a moment, Justin plays that through his head, of JC sinking to his knees and rubbing his face against the guy's crotch, frustrated tears streaking the dull hot leather, inky fingers sliding into his perfect coif, and then he takes a long pull of beer because shit, not supposed to be thinking anything like that.

Think about Joey's socks. And the spittle at the edges of Wade's assistant's mouth when he was shrieking that they were late for the third rehearsal in a row. And... family?

He catches sight of JC, drinking, in the corner, the lean slant of his throat making Justin's mouth water. Then JC looks at him, directly at him, and wipes his mouth, and not even lurid sense-memories of the moldy yogurt curry found in the broken fridge last summer can make his hard-on disappear.


On the way back home, JC opts to go in the second limo. Actually, Justin remembers, JC was the one who arranged for a second limo in the first place. It's kinda cool, in that it implies that JC doesn't dare spend time in a confined space with him.

On the other hand, like, how the fuck's he supposed to seduce a guy who won't even breathe the same air? He's good, but not a miracle worker.

Of course, there's always the possibility that JC will succumb to something else. Justin permits himself a smirk. Riiiight. Like, because JC's constantly coming into contact with sexier stuff than him.

"What's so funny, huh," Lance demands softly, sitting opposite Justin, eyes bright in the darkness. Justin wonders how shiny his teeth are in this light, then realizes that maybe Lance was just watching his mouth really closely, and swallows.

"JC," he says, and hears a long sigh from Chris; he looks over, then frowns. From what he can see, Chris is asleep next to him, slumped down -- dangerously close, but unconscious. Meaning him and Lance are, in every way that matters, alone in the limo. Together.

His brain wants to say something about contradictions, but he's cut short when Lance licks his lips. "Yeah," he murmurs, and Justin thinks that maybe the low voice's in deference to Chris, and maybe it's because Lance knows it makes Justin's knees weak. "I been thinking a lot about him, too."

Justin blinks, tries to look nonchalant. "Uh, yeah?"

"Mmm," Lance says, then flashes a bright smile; "there's something about the way he's constantly hard that makes me... hungry, you know?"

Justin shifts in his seat. "Uh huh," he says, and realizes that he's just exacerbated the problem.

"What about you?"

Fuck. And it's Lance, too, who can smell a lie a mile off. "Um," he offers, trying to buy time, then gives up. "Yeah, actually. It... it does," he says, trying not to think about it, about what it'd be like to suck JC, feel his air cut off, taste the musk for hours after. There's a pause, then Lance chuckles, breaking smoothly into a low laugh when Justin says, "what-- hey, what?" and folds his arms in hopeless defense.

"Oh, man," Lance manages, and his voice's trembly with amusement. "Oh, christ. This is just... Jup, I meant, what are you thinking about JC..."

Justin replays what he said, followed by what he should have said -- he's such a dork, tonight -- and swallows again. Hard. Twice. "I was thinking he's a dork," he says quickly. "Tonight he was. Um, and yesterd--"

"Not thinking about how his cock made you hungry?" Lance purrs, and Justin does his best to look outraged;

"No! He's not, I'm. No."


Oh, god. Lance's voice is dropping; Lance's knees are opening; Lance is leaning forwards with his wrists crossed across his knees, a little smile on that face, totally fucking charming. "It's not bullshit," Justin says, hopefully.

"I bet you'd suck me right now, if it wouldn't make you shoot in your pants."

Oh god. "No," he lies, hoarsely; "no, no, I wouldn't."

But it's Lance. "You think you could do it? Get me off, without coming yourself?"

"Easily," Justin says rashly, "but I'm not gonna, 'cause Chris might, uh, might wake up and surprise me, and trick me into coming, and, like, that's fifty grand, yo."

"You can afford it."

Good point. Shit. "It's about honor, man." That's vaguely true, at least. Right?

Lance sits back, spreading his legs wide. In the dimness, Justin can just make out the shape of his erection if he stares real hard, and he finds his whole body wanting a closer look, wanting to touch, to explore. "Fuck honor," Lance bites off, stretching out one foot to trace the side of Justin's leg.

Justin twists away, bumping his thigh against Chris, and looks down in panic. Shit; Chris is so not asleep.

"You're not asleep!" Justin accuses, and Chris' eyes flash.

"I wouldn't miss a show like this, you fighting between making good and fucking honor," Chris tells him, light glinting off his teeth, then shifts languorously and grabs Justin's hand, pulling it into his lap. "Or what, it's not a fight at all, you're just waiting to get your hands on some real excitement..."

Justin snatches his hand away, but not before he's vividly memorized exactly how hard and thick and twitchy Chris' cock is in his involuntary grip.

"You insulting me, Kirkpatrick?" Lance demands, and the low voice, it's definitely for Justin's benefit, no two ways about it.

"What do you think?" Chris murmurs back, and Justin wants to put his hands over his ears except then he'd probably feel the vibrations through the seat or something and he really doesn't wanna concentrate on his ass right now. "I'm better quality than you, that's for damn sure."

"Hmm," Lance snarls, and then Justin's blinking, because Lance has slithered off the seat opposite and onto the seat next to him instead, then reached across and grabbed Justin's far wrist and twisted him deftly onto the floor, and now Justin's kneeling in front of Chris and Lance with head spinning and cock dangerously hard. "I think," Lance says, sounding only faintly breathless, "Justin should decide."

"Hey," Justin protests, and tries to get up, but Chris leans over and presses his shoulder down so his knees dig firmly into the hard floor, and takes his other hand in the process, and the words sizzle to death in his throat.

"Yeah," Chris says, "that's a pretty good idea," spreading his legs, and then Justin's got the restricted solid heat of a cock against each hand, and Lance threads their fingers together while Chris merely cups himself through Justin's palm, and Justin ducks his forehead to the leather seat with a low moan, because this is so not happening, right. Right.

He's just imagining that he's got his left hand in Chris' lap, his right hand in Lance's. It's just a joke that they're both hard, and grinding up gently, their own hands keeping his grip tight. It's merely a very vivid dream that the effort of keeping his own body in check is making his forehead damp with sweat, making his eyelashes ache.

He knows in the back of his mind that the only way to escape this and stay in the competition is to go on the offensive, to give better than he gets-- but when he starts squeezing, shifting his knees further apart for balance and biting down on his lip, Chris turns to stone beneath his fingers and Lance clutches at his hand and breathes out a moan. It's kinda not conducive to clear tactical thinking.

Maybe I don't wanna beat JC that much, he thinks wildly, starting to grind his palms in, fingers stretching up to squeeze and explore. Chris is thicker, but Lance isn't letting his hand have enough freedom to find the tip of his cock, so hell, who knows-- and suddenly, all Justin wants is to be sitting on it, feel the warm silken iron of it rubbing underneath him, maybe even inside him, and if he can suck Chris' cock at the same time and feel his mouth absolutely filled then that'll be cool too.

"Ah, fuck, you were right," Lance murmurs, and Chris gives a breathless little laugh and thrusts his hips up gently.

"You doubted me?" he says, and Justin's broken out in sweat all down his back, and then the intercom chimes and Justin tugs back in alarm, then almost tumbles backwards onto the floor when they don't stop him.

"Shit," Justin mutters, realizing they've stopped, that he's got a chance to get away. That's good, right?

The intercom chimes again. Chris punches it. The chauffeur says, "We're here," and Justin looks up, swallowing.

"Yeah, ok, let Jup out," Lance says clearly, not looking at him.

Chris stares back at Lance, breathing audibly through his mouth, and they're one of the most fucking gorgeous things Justin's seen all year. "Then take us round the block again," Chris adds, and the door clicks and Chris' foot stretches over to push the catch, and Justin's caught in the face by a sweep of brightly cold air.

He crawls for it. "I'll... see you guys tomorrow," he says, turning and lowering his feet to the ground.

"Mmhmm, yeah," Chris calls, and Justin feels pretty happy Chris ain't looking at him right now because jesus fuck he could do without knowing ten things he's thinking. He stands up on unsteady legs, gravel tilted uneven beneath his feet as Lance leans in; he sees the flash of skin as milky hands tug open Chris' pants and guide his dick eagerly into Lance's mouth, and then he's slamming the door closed before any passing journalists can see, even though that wouldn't happen since they're staying in a private hotel that's got a warrant to arrest trespassing hacks, and all.

The car sleeks away, tires scrunching on the gravel like the last remnants of Chris' groan lingering to haunt him; he watches it go, one hand folded protectively over his crotch, the other wiping on his stomach to try and get the impression of a solid warm erection out of his sense-memory. They're going once round the block, huh?

Well, he doesn't care. He's got a nice cold unfamiliar bed to go to. What could be nicer.


"I can't go anywhere," he confesses, and JC sighs. They've called a truce, just for half an hour, and locked themselves away in the bathroom on the main bus. JC's sitting in the bottom of the shower because he doesn't trust Justin; from the look Justin's reflection's got on its face, Justin's not surprised.

Calendar firms would pay millions to bottle the sexual aggression that's rolling off him right now.

"Me either," JC agrees. "They're... always there."

Justin fiddles with one of Lance's sample shaving gel bottles, flicking at the cap with his thumbnail. "Making out," he says.

"I've walked in on them fucking twice now," JC says glumly, and Justin glances at him.

"Yeah?" He hasn't had the pleasure. Pleasure? Something like that.

"Joey and Lance, yesterday. Chris and Lance, before." JC's lips twist, and Justin tries hard not to fixate on them. So pretty. "I'd be scarred for life if it wasn't so fucking hot."

Justin's nodding before he realizes, then sees that JC's not looking, and clears his throat. "Yeah."

"And then there's you," JC says abruptly, and scrubs a hand through his hair. "I hate you."

"I hate you too," Justin says, as close as he'll come to admitting that just being in the same room as JC's making his blood go hectic. "And your fucking mouth," he hears himself add; "pretty," and then makes himself stop.

"My mouth -- dude, your mouth," JC retorts, and then starts laughing, "aw, shit," and Justin laughs as well, until his chest hurts, because it's ludicrous, what they've devolved to.

"This is so weird," he manages, and JC's quaking in the bottom of the shower cubicle, head buried in his hands. Justin feels like a teenager, smoking pot or something. He's not sure why. "Half hour's up," Justin says, to see what JC'll do.

JC looks up sharply and turns pale, unless it's a trick of the light. "Uh, well. Lemme out, then," he says, nervously, and Justin wonders if he really looks that predatory, then glances in the mirror again and realizes he does. Sheesh.

"You're free to go," he says, waving one hand at the door.

JC gets up guardedly, lingering in the shower. Justin wishes for a moment that it could be remote controlled, that he could douse JC with a healthy sheet of water to teach him not to dawdle, then realizes he'd be all wet and his shirt would cling transparently and he'd probably breathe hard, and decides he's lucky it's not.

"What is this, you want me to go first or something," he says, trying to sound frustrated rather than turned on. As ever.

"Yep," JC says, shameless, and Justin makes a show of rolling his eyes and stalking out the room.

He lingers, though. Just round the corner, where JC'll walk by briskly if he's true to type today-- ah, yeah, he thinks, a few minutes later, and he reaches out in perfect time and catches JC's arm and pulls him close and kisses his mouth-- and misses, as JC twists frantically free, lips brushing a disturbingly silken cheek instead. He must've just shaved, and there's no reason that should be erotic, except that it is.

"You fuck," JC hisses, rubbing at his cheek like it stings, eyes glowing blue-black.

"Sorry," Justin says insincerely, deciding it was worth it; JC glares and then tears off down the hall, and Justin's left with the icy breath of aftershave on his lips, bitter when he licks them, and realizes it probably isn't worth it after all.

And, he's just admitted that he likes JC's mouth.



The towel begins to blur before his eyes, sweat drizzling round his chest from where it tickles all the dimples in his back, dripping off him. Justin's lost count of how many pushups he's done now, he just knows the frothing arousal in his stomach's still there, so he's not done, not done, not done--

When he collapses onto the towel, finding it damp, shoulders ringing with a pale, bitter exhaustion that recurs all down his body in little eddies of terrific burn, his cock rubs sweetly against the floor through his sweats. He doesn't have the energy to groan.


"Yo, Justin," he hears, fuzzily, and shifts uncomfortably. His bed's incredibly hard; his skin's so sensitive it feels like he's lying on terrycloth-- oh. "Whatcha doing?"

He moans pitifully, opening his eyes and seeing the base of the couch far too close, and then Chris' little sneakers step into his vision, turning into those sturdy hairy legs that Justin'd love to have wrapped round his waist -- no he wouldn't, stop thinking that, stop it! -- and then there's a creak as Chris slumps down. "Fuck."

"You been sleeping on the floor?" Chris demands, reaching out with one foot and toeing Justin's shoulder. "You'll get a cramp."

"I've got a cramp," Justin growls, trying to take deep breaths and ignore the stabbing pains; "why the hell d'you think I'm not moving, yo?" He's also got a hard-on.

How original is that.

"C'mon, up and at 'em," Chris croons, and Justin laughs shortly.

"No, really, Chris-- I can't move."

Chris snorts, and Justin manages to tilt his head up enough to glare at him. Yeah, the fucker's laughing. What a huge surprise.

The fucker's also watching him, the amusement in his eyes undercut with appreciation, and Justin remembers he was working out without a shirt and while that's just kinda gross to his stuck-to-the-towel ass, apparently Chris thinks it looks pretty good.

And oddly, just considering that Chris might be thinking about touching him, maybe rolling him over, maybe just licking his shoulderblades and spreading his legs, just the idea of that makes Justin feel vaguely vulnerable and instantly aroused.

"Sorry, Jup," Chris says, and his voice is low again, speculative; "hey, you in real pain? You want a massage or something?"

"Pretty much absolutely not," Justin says, thinking that a backrub in this condition could leave him ten grand poorer; "I'll just lie here, thanks. And, uh. think about stuff."

Chris laughs again. "Well, you got ten minutes before JC gets back from his run and we haul anchor, so if you want to get off this bus at all..."

JC, running. Gleaming, probably; all slippery with sweat, limbs loose, mouth a little open. Panting. "No," he says, and his voice is kinda croaky, but that's just because he's just woken up, uh huh. "I'll just stay here."


"Justin, Justin! You won!" Chris yells, bounding into the room and jumping on him, kissing him soundly on the cheek, waving a bit of paper in his face.

"No way!" Justin yells back, and the images are in his head, JC capitulating at last, grabbing himself and stroking hard and making that face as he comes at last at last at last--

"See, see," Chris is growling, biting playfully at his shoulder, and Justin realizes it's a check he's waving, a check for fucking ten thousand dollars from his very favourite Joshua, and then Chris' hands are sliding possessively down his body, one hand cupping his erection while the other slots into his back pocket, and fuck, that's good, yeah, that's exactly what he needs. The world goes shimmery and Justin's hand comes up to Chris' shoulder, instantly short of breath, panting,

"fuck, yeah, harder, like that, yeah, yeah--"

"What the hell are you doing?" Lance demands, and Justin freezes and thinks shit, is Chris not supposed to eat away from home? and then Lance is chuckling and going, "you opting out, Just? pressure too much for you?" and Justin has just enough presence of mind to shove Chris off him;

"JC's not out?"

The world's spinning lazily round his head, pulses of heat arrowing in from the corners of the room to strike into his erection, again and again and again.

"Nope," Lance is saying, and then his eyebrows raise and his gaze sweeps to Chris; "oh, you fucker, you didn't--"

"He did," Justin says, wishing he had the discipline to pounce on Chris and demand apology without grabbing that blissfully efficient hand and pressing it right back where he needs it. "He totally did." He wipes his face with his hand, taking deep breaths.

"That's so cruel," Lance admonishes, crossing to Chris, hooking an arm round his neck and pulling him in close. "Just because you're bored..."

"I'm not bored," Chris says promptly, leaning into him, then licks a slow path up his cheek, adding, to Lance's temple, "I'm horny."

"Fuckin' come to me, then," Lance says, all wide eyes and wide grin and white teeth and one hand roving down Chris' back.

"Pfft, I've had you," Chris teases, and slants his gaze at Justin. "And, like, look at him. He'd fucking do anything for a lay."

"I would not," Justin protests, but it's too late, Lance is looking at him with that slow Southern appraisal of his and Justin's overly aware of his trembling body, of his dick, the way it feels huge in his chinos.

Even huger when Lance stares at it for a long, lingering moment, then grabs Chris' hand and pulls him towards the door, still staring at Justin's groin, even fucking licking his lips as Chris purposefully overtakes him and then tugs him out of view.

Justin takes another deep, deep breath. His whole torso shudders lightly as he lets it out, and he forces himself to stop staring at the door. He sees something white on the floor, bends to pick it up. A check. Ten thousand dollars. Signed, in JC's floral scrawl, J. R. Gullible Timberlaid.


You'd think that, with the bass voice, the noises which Lance makes during sex would carry the furthest. That Justin'd be able to hear them anywhere, vibrations rumbling up into his brain, the low purr that's distinct from everything in the world except perhaps earthquakes. That even when Justin'd clamp his hands over his ears, he'd still be able to hear the cello groans curling through the air as Chris did whatever Chris did to make himself un-horny again.

You'd be right.

Justin moans softly to himself, burrowing his face deeper into his pillow. He isn't sure how much more of this he can take. He has to do something, finish it. And quickly.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

In the dream, they are singing I Drive Myself Crazy on the red couch at Madison Square Garden, and JC's shirt is soft and green and the earpiece wire tickles the back of his ear, and he's staring at the back of Lance's neck in something like confusion as Justin breaks off his solo and prowls back from the edge of the stage, Chris and Joey turning in unison as well.

He looks around in confusion, sees the light covered in cellophane -- why, why -- and then that Justin's loitering in front of him, face monochrome in shadows that hadn't been there a minute ago.

Lance takes up the verse, not even glancing over. Lance's voice sounds different, multifaceted like light shining through crushed glass, and he can hear his own voice twisting through it, hear all of them there, strands of sound tangling in flawless synchronization. The crowd roars, and JC can't breathe; Chris and Joey are both kneeling on the floor, hands sliding over his feet. He's barefoot, and they're warm, and the couch feels like latex beneath his soles; he feels his balance dip and parry to keep him perched safely on the arm.


Everyone's watching him, and it's making his blood race; he's watching Chris and Joey as they smirk at each other, eye contact simmering until the air between them is glassy and substantial with heat. Chris' hand moves first, sliding up the back of JC's leg, but Joey's soon catches up, until the backs of his knees are being simultaneously petted like a dog.

He tries to push them away; Joey ducks back, but JC's thumb smudges Chris' eye makeup, and Chris just smiles, pinching the back of his knee, then stroking warmly again.

He tries to ask them what they're doing -- there's an audience out there, man, and Lance is singing all our parts -- but they're too busy smiling at each other to say anything back. Instead, their grips turn to stone and they tug down hard; JC gasps in pain as his ass hits the suddenly-unforgiving flat of the couch, then almost swallows his tongue when Justin steps over Joey's legs and leans over him with a white, white, obscenely white smile.

He tries to speak again -- dude, what the hell? -- but Chris and Joey are pulling his legs apart, and now Justin's got a knee on the couch, sliding up close to his crotch, and the smile's blinding him, and his lungs are full of grains of salt.

"Love it," Justin murmurs, and he's somehow gotten hold of JC's hands, threading their fingers and holding them above JC's head, wrist to wrist and blood-warm. He almost shrieks when Chris and Joey start licking his ankles, those blankety wet trails sending fire racing up inside his skin.

He struggles, trying to get his hands free, and then Justin's leg touches his cock and Justin's mouth slants against his cheek, and Joey and Chris pull him down a little further, just enough to make him squirm against Justin's knee.

Fuck, he thinks, but doesn't dare open his mouth to say it, because then Justin'll kiss him for real and that's no good at all. Justin laughs like he hears it, tiny warm walls of air that sink through his cheek and trickle down the inside of his throat, and then Justin's mouth is moving; down, down, a crystal heat of teeth and tongue that pierces his shirt and almost makes his chest dissolve.

He mourns the loss of Justin's knee -- because its pressure was making him insensible with stimulation, but also because he's afraid of what comes next.

He mustn't come.

"Love it," Justin repeats, and Lance picks up that instead of JC's line, then skips back to the song when Justin reaches JC's cock and JC grits his teeth so hard they almost shatter. It's torture, and he's wriggling on the hard couch in something like anguish -- but not quite anguish, because it's also the most welcome sensation all year, and he can't help but quietly groan, Lance's voice blasting him gently with too-familiar words.

Chris and Joey bite down in tandem, crab-pincers of bony heat crunching against his ankles, and JC kicks out and then half-squeals in frustration because no one seems to notice, and Justin's sucking him, now, for real, and Lance has almost finished singing his solo and the audience are screaming even though JC's not said a word.

He tries to thrust up, and Justin's hands disappear, letting him wave wherever he likes but pinning his hips with uncompromising palms. JC starts struggling, not sure why his hands seem to glance off Justin like a negative-negative magnetic charge -- yeah, he took physics a while, thanks very much -- but unable to catch his breath and take stock of the situation.

Justin's mouth is as wicked as his shuddery thrusts, and it doesn't help that JC's been dreaming about it for the last four days. JC kicks out again, feeling the aching roar in the pit of his stomach, and then Lance has taken Chris' place and Chris is behind him and hooking the towel round his neck, hauling him back against the couch and humming in his ear.

Lance isn't singing, but the beat's still going in his head, and even though he can't breathe he knows he has to come in with his chorus, knows it like he knows how old he is, like he knows Justin's favorite color and Lance's list on Why Men Suck pt.3 --

--and then the couch is the one on the bus where he saw Chris grinding in Joey's lap yesterday, and Lance's voice starts up again, soaring slick earth in his fists, and then the microphone in JC's hand is melting away and he's just clutching at air and then he feels the blanket crushed between his fingers and he's slamming awake, adrenaline making his body fizz.

He's thrown the covers off, his legs are splayed wide with one overheated foot dusting against the floor, and Justin's a kneeling supplicant on the floor gently lapping at his thigh. "You fucking cunt," JC hisses, scrambling back on the couch and demanding of his brain why on earth he'd let himself doze off in front of the football, and Justin's hand on his knee is warmer than either Chris or Joey in the dream.

"Let me, please," Justin mumbles, and the licking becomes kissing, Justin's lips working like he's trying to pick up crumbs, moving steadily up to where sensation dims because he's kissing JC's boxers; "please, I wanna suck you, I've been thinking about it all day," and when JC's hands fall to Justin's head, Justin nuzzles into them and starts squeezing his knee.

"Get off of me," JC says, trying to push him away and finding to his horror that he's stroking instead, "this is so below the belt," stroking Justin's soft cheeks and the firmness of his jaw, "you've gotta stop, fuck, please, stop," and then unable to prevent a low moan when Justin's lips press into his erection through the too-thin fabric of his boxers.

"I want you," Justin mutters into the cloth, and his hot breath seizes JC's cock and infuses it with pleasure, making JC squirm and thrust upward and need Justin's mouth more than any single other thing in the universe, bar none. "Please, just let me," Justin adds, tilting his head sideways and opening his mouth wide, working it steadily against JC's cock in a slow slide up towards the waistband of his boxers.

JC hisses and drags his fists against the unforgiving buzz of Justin's hair, gotta push away, please, got to, and then Justin reaches his waistband and slides his tongue wet-lewd across JC's stomach and JC squirms round under him and bucks up and tumbles them both onto the floor.

"You're a fucking cheat," he's gasping, trying to get some space between them, and Justin groans loudly and rolls onto his back, throwing his hands above his head and closing his eyes and splaying his legs wide. He looks like he's done ten laps of the new stage and his mouth's still that infuriating red, and now JC can imagine it opening against his cock and swallowing him down and--

He tries to cut off the thought, failing dismally, aching all over and wanting nothing so much as a nice uncomplicated out-the-game guy to come and push him across the couch and sit on his cock and let him pump briskly into him to his heart's content for all of the three seconds it'd take him to come.

He tries to cut off that thought as well, but coupled with trying not notice that he doesn't seem to want a nice uncomplicated out-the-game woman to come finish him off, plus trying not to notice the solid-looking bulge of Justin's cock, and also trying not to notice how it makes his mouth water, he's almost relieved when Justin takes breath to speak.

"Dude, when this is over, you're gonna let me finish that, right?"

He's no longer relieved. "Yeah," he says helplessly, then swallows and almost chokes with the dryness. Fuck. Needs a drink.

"Good. 'Cause I'm not lying, man-- I've wanted to do that since forever," Justin breathes, and JC wonders if Justin knows how much this isn't helping, and then Justin adds, "well, since Danny first did it to me," and JC's brain fills with Lance's friend and his pretty pretty mouth and Justin's big hands messing up perfect dark hair and fuck, he does not need these pictures right now.

"I'm gonna. right. Is the bathroom free?" Cold shower. Please. Right fucking now.

"I'm just gonna lie here and think about how Chris and Lance and Joey are having a big ole party of orgasms while I walk around with it pinned under my belt half the time because otherwise I'll ruin way too much nice clothes, and then I'm gonna work out exactly where my checkbook is because I might need it in a hurry."

JC's checkbook is in the shoebox at the bottom of his bed with a check for $10,000 already made out. All he needs to do is sign it. "You're a total prick for trying it when I was asleep," JC says, staring at the ceiling and refusing to picture Chris and Lance and Joey's orgasm party, and almost succeeding.

"I waited til you woke up to do anything more than lick your knee," Justin says, and shrugs. "You got all hot and bothered by yourself. Anyway, there's nothing in the rules..."

The thought of Justin watching him wake up is-- right, cold shower. Now. "New rule, ok -- nothing when we're asleep," he says, standing up, still not looking at Justin sprawled out invitingly on the floor. "I'm gonna have a shower."

He walks out without waiting for an answer, then wishes he'd clamped his hands over his ears when Justin's voice calls after him: "dude, don't you worry 'bout sleeping, y'hear? By tonight you'll be curled up round me purring like a Lance that got the cream, just see if you ain't."

JC thinks briefly about replying, then realizes he has absolutely nothing to say.


Jesus fuck, his brain screams, when the cold water blasts over him and hurts with the unpleasantlness of it. He turns off the water and leans against the wall, shivering and gritting his teeth and trying not to laugh.

It's not even funny. Just, he's always heard of cold showers but never actually tried it, and now he knows why-- because they're fucking excruciating. His heart's going hard, like he's having sex, but his cock's definitely less insistent than it was thirty seconds ago.

How do people in Alaska ever procreate? he wonders absently, and then he can't resist reaching down and holding his cock, feeling the weight in his hand and the little dutiful sparks of pleasure and the defeated ache of his balls coming to terms with the way they're not gonna empty themselves for a while longer yet.

He thinks experimentally about Justin, feels a twitch go through it. Actually, that's faintly relieving as well -- asleep, but not dead. Success. Oh, and yeah. Alaskans wear those fur things. Plus, never underestimate huddling for warmth.

He turns on the water again, setting it to pleasantly lukewarm and reaching for the shampoo. This is ok, actually-- Justin's clearly breaking, and some part of him feels unbelievably good about that. If Justin wants to get him off by tonight, Justin can go ahead and try. He can't do much worse than offering to suck him when he's still half-asleep, right?



Ok, he thinks, as he puts on his plainest boxer-briefs in hope that they won't stimulate too much, then grabs his baggiest pants and zips them up carefully, so maybe he overestimated his own control. Coming out the bathroom and finding Lance sitting exactly where he'd been before with Justin's face in his lap, grunting softly and breathing hard-- that's not exactly the most settling of experiences.

He doesn't even bother wondering when it became a free-for-all. Jesus.

"Aw, christ, Justin," Lance had gasped, and JC had frozen where he stood, staring at them, Lance's graceful fingers white-knuckled against Justin's head, hips rocking up, Justin taking it all.

"Shit," JC had muttered, clutching his towel tighter, and Justin twisted his head back, breathing hard, looking up at him with glazed eyes.

"Jayce, hey," he said; "Nice shower?" and then waved his hand vaguely, indicating his mouth and Lance's dark, glossy erection, and then nodding at JC. "Uh, I couldn't stop thinking about sucking you," he said, shameless. "And Lance said it'd be all right. you know, I can suck him now, and you later, whenever."

Lance's hands tightened again, and JC could almost feel the pressure of them against the back of his own neck, urging him back down, too polite to interrupt out loud. "I don't mind," Lance said clearly, and it took JC a minute to work out what he was saying, and during that minute Justin winked at him and ducked to lick Lance's cock again, mouthing it hungrily, making Lance squirm and breathe deep.

"I bet you don't," JC managed, hurrying past, heading to his bunk.

"We're going out in," Lance called after him, "uh, fuck, in ten... yeah, ah, ah, ten minutes, ok?"

JC does up the button to his pants and fishes around for his headphones. He doesn't need to hear Lance come apart deep in Justin's throat, ok? He can't block the thought that Justin's so hungry for cock he'll blow someone even if he's not gonna get off in return, though. And he really, really wishes he could.

Note to self: cold showers only work while you're in them.


Chris comes and gets him, eyes sparkling. "How are you, my man," he asks, slipping his arm round JC's waist, leaning into him playfully. "Still in the race?"

"Still in," JC says, grinning kinda because Chris only usually asks how he is when he's ill, but doesn't say anything because he once read that the definition of a bore is someone that, when you ask how they are, actually tells you.

Joey comes up on his other side, hooking his arm round JC's neck; "JC, baby," he drawls, making it rhyme, "still fighting against the mighty Timberlake?"

"Yup," he says, then inhales sharply as Chris slides his hand down to his ass; "you know, he tried to suck me off earlier?"

"You're kidding," Joey says, and Chris laughs.

"Hoo, I don't think that's in the rules..."

"While I was asleep," JC adds, enjoying himself, and Chris squeezes his ass and hoots with laughter, while Joey strokes JC's head and says,

"poor JC, getting all this unwanted attention..."

JC thumps Chris in the stomach, not hard enough to discourage him whatsoever, and nods mournfully. "Yeah," he lies. "It's tough-- I'm having a dreadful time."


Justin's wrestling the ball off Joey, and Lance has the whistle in his mouth and keeps making raspy squeals with every breath. Chris has wandered off, announcing that it's too hot to play basketball for a wood nymph like him. JC has a feeling he agrees with him; the sun feels too hot for May, and the bodyguards won't go buy them ice cream, and JC's being forced to watch the other guys leap about proficiently and get all sweaty and lickable while he just bruises the heel of his hand on the ball and wishes he had something sweet to drink.

He backs away from the hoop, wondering if he can't get someone to go back to the bus with him if he sits around and makes like he's got sunstroke.

"Jayce!" he hears, and pauses in sitting down. The self-proclaimed wood nymph scampers over to him, and it's an oddly apt description with Chris totally sleek in green and black, hair all spiky and shiny and still flecked with bright darts.


Chris shakes his head frantically, "shh, get over here," and tugs on his hand, barreling them across the asphalt to the bushes. JC looks around wildly, wondering what the hell could be so interesting in a park, then feels an odd glow inside him because Justin's whooping and hugging Lance and Joey's running to rescue the ball and Lance is blowing raggedy blue murder on the whistle, and him and Chris are sneaking off into the undergrowth.

"What is it?" he whispers, blinking to adust to the gloom, scuffing his trainers in woodchip.

Chris' finger flies to his lips, and he kneels down, pulling JC with him. "Look," he breathes, pointing, and JC stares through the rhododendron leaves and the wide mesh of the fence and out onto a tennis pitch. Big deal. Empty tennis court.

He starts to protest, and Chris gets a hand behind his head and points his face over to the left-- ah. Two girls in summer dresses, under a tree, making out, hands idly roaming. "Oh," JC says, and swallows.

"Neat, huh?" Chris grins, letting his head go and nudging him instead.

JC grins back, oddly delighted. It's just a couple of girls-- and yeah, ok, they're hot, but JC realizes they're alone, too, and he's been singled out for something fun, and even if Chris is just trying to get him all flustered, it's still kinda. well. kinda nice. "You bastard," he murmurs, and Chris beams at him, then leans in and kisses him on the nose.

"Hey, you know I love to see you squirm," he whispers, and JC tilts his head up sharply because fuck, Chris smells good, and he doesn't care for a second that this'll put him firmly back into agony-central, because feeling Chris inhale sharply against his lips and then start to tentatively kiss him is pretty much everything right now.

The inside of Chris' mouth is wet and cool, and JC has a feeling that there might be a bottle of water round here somewhere. He sucks lightly, wishing this felt less good, because Chris' fingers pressing lightly into the back of his neck makes him shiver, and it's undoing all the underlying full-body calm his cold shower provided all those hours ago.

Chris' other hand slides up his back, turning him, and then Chris is pushing him hard into the fence and JC's got cold leaves in his hair and Chris' tongue in his mouth and the fence's rusty caress where the plastic coating has peeled off tickling the skin where his tee's too short. His head fills with cushioned black sparks, and he sucks harder, hearing tiny noises start in his throat.

Chris opens his mouth wider, kissing him deeper-- JC puts his hands on Chris' shoulders, trying to work up the desire to push him back and failing, and then Chris' hand skims down JC's body and dives between his legs, and that feels good enough to spur him into action.

"Sorry," he manages, swallowing and blinking, after wrenching Chris' hand away and pressing his shoulders back. "Not that you're not worth ten grand, and all," he adds swiftly, and lets go.

Chris stares at him, then laughs softly. "Aw, shit," he says, "I forgot you were still doing the... yeah, sorry, put me on hold til it's over," and JC blinks again and decides instantly that he doesn't care if Chris is lying, because it sounds brilliant, and if it's not true he doesn't wanna know.

"Do you have a drink?" he says instead, and Chris nods.

"Back with my bag."

JC risks a joke. "What, not drawn from a wood nymph stream?"

Chris raises one bemused eyebrow, then chuckles. "Bought from a totally imp-free Drive Thru, actually, I'll have you know," he says, then catches JC's hand and leads him out towards the court again. "C'mon, horny boy. Let's go make Justin come and then you can quench that thirst on my personal Kirkpatrick Mountain Dew."


They don't make Justin come, though, and Chris lets go of his hand to go jump on Joey, and JC realizes that he'd forgotten he makes other people just as hard as they make him. It's kinda cool to know, except when the bodyguards start shepherding them all back to the buses and Joey and Chris race ahead to fuck.

Justin comes and walks directly behind him, digging his chin into JC's shoulder and wrapping his arms round him and pressing his chest all down his back and almost mashing his heels with every step. He can feel Justin's cock against his ass, and grinds back spitefully, then stumbles when Justin thrusts gently and steals a hand down his hip.

"Stop it," he says, and jumps out the way. Ahead of him, Joey and Chris pile onto the bus, Chris almost bent double with laughter, Joey steering him purposefully inside. "What," JC asks, impatient, when Justin falls in step next to him without a word.

"What," Justin mimics, then snickers; "hey, so, you like seeing me with Lance?"

"Not as much as I like seeing you with me," JC replies smartly, figuring he better go on the offensive because this feels a lot like one of Justin's conversations where he's got an agenda.

Justin's voice drops seductively; "Yeah, you want all of us now, don't you?"

"Mmm," JC says, letting his own voice go low as well. "Pretty much the same way... you do, even."

"Oh, yeah, I'm ready to give this up. Chris says we couldn't get more free-for-all."

"Give it up, then."

"No way," Justin says, and they reach the bus. He spins round to help JC inside, grinning nastily. "How much longer can you stand it, huh?"

JC grins tightly, shaking his hand free of Justin's grip and striding down to the kitchen. "Oh, long enough," he says, reaching the fridge, grabbing the orange juice. "Infant."

"I guess you weren't seeing much play before, huh?" Justin murmurs, close behind, and JC shivers, because he's that much on a knife edge, that fucking sensitive right now.

"Enough, I got enough," he murmurs back, and even the slide of his own voice makes him ache to get off, please, now. He takes a pull from the carton, giving Justin a good view of his throat, drinking deeply and then wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. How beatbox. Justin looks faintly pink, but nothing more. "What is this," JC says, setting the carton down. "You wanna share the money?"

"No way," Justin says. "It's mine."

"Then what are you talking to me for?" He smiles, very nicely. "You clearly want something..."

Don't we all.

"Yeah, I want this over," Justin says, challenge in his eyes. "So I was thinking -- we should have, like, a stamina competition."

JC laughs. "What d'you think this is," he demands; "a new year's resolution? masochism for beginners?"

"I didn't know you were into that," Justin grins, then sidles closer. "I meant, I'm fucking going out my mind, and I know you are too, and why don't we just, like, finish it."

"It sure sounds like you're giving up to me."

"No," Justin protests quickly; "no, man, I can keep going if you can."

"I can keep going," JC says, a perverse wild delight running through him because he likes this, this Justin who suggests things, and because he's never really gotten over the idea of the guys going out their way to him to try and get him off. Beats sitting on a basketball court on his own, any day.


Everywhere JC goes, Justin appears to be drinking things.

Through straws.


JC thinks he could kill Chris, if only he could get close enough, given that whenever he turns round Chris appears to be getting frisky with someone else. Sometimes, it's clearly not actually for JC's benefit, and those scenes are oddly even worse than the staged stuff. He can't help it-- blithe enjoyment is such a fucking luxury, and seeing it manifested in his best friends, his naked best friends, his naked best friends he's been lusting after since what feels like years ago-- that's totally hot.


Since they seem to be doing it all the fucking time.


Chris comes up to him. "Jup's got a proposition for you," he whispers happily, tugging him along the corridor towards the lounge, then slides a hand out and touches his cock through his pants. "Hoo, and you're so ready."

"Fuck," JC exclaims, then adds, "off," because it sounds wrong, and then they're coming round the corner and the gang's all here, Joey and Lance draped over each other, standing up quickly when JC's drawn in.

"Jayce," Justin says, sidling up to him and taking his hand off Chris; "this ends today, right?"

"I'm... gonna go out my mind if it doesn't," he admits, because everyone's here, and desperation really shows up in Justin's eyes so he knows he's not alone.

"Good," Justin says, leading him into the middle of the room, and JC pulls his hand free and wonders how long this has been planned. He's not sure which is worse -- if Jup's been working up to ask, or if he's doing it on desperate impulse. "So how about we jerk off, slow as we can, and the last one to come wins."

Bad plan, JC thinks instantly. "Um, uhuh," JC says, then swallows; "yeah, um. No. Because you might not do it properly. Like, you might pretend." The thought of what Justin terms properly fills his head with dizziness.

"Ok," Justin says, sounding reasonable. "In that case, why don't other people--"

So it's come to this, JC thinks, feeling faint, and looks around uncertainly. "What, like, one of the others comes and--"

"I'll do it," Chris says brightly, and JC swallows, because Chris' hand against his dick, jesus, that'd be--

"No," he says quickly, "no, no," and what, would he want Lance instead? as if that'd be any better, "it's not fair, one of the others. It might be. um. unfair."

"You're thinkin' Chris' got more mad skillz than us," Joey says, mock-hurt, and JC swallows and shakes his head;

"No, no, I dunno, that's the thing, but one of you might be better and--" he can't look anyone in the eye "--and that'd be not a fair contest, like, if you wanted to--" fuck "--tease, or something, or if you had a bet, and I know y'all are taking bets, so--"

"Breathe, Jayce," Lance says, grinning, and that approving voice, fuck, that's awful, that's doing very bad things to the temperature of his blood.

Joey wraps his arms round Lance from behind, and Lance relaxes visibly against him. JC swallows, feeling the lazy jostle of Joey's hips like it was pushing against his ass, not Lance's. He heard them, again, last night. He has a feeling Lance's ass is very well acquainted with Joey's jostling. Fuck.

"So what you're saying," Chris is telling him, voice low and delighted, "is that you and Jup should do each other--"

"That's not what he's sayin'," Justin says quickly, and that's the only reason JC doesn't protest -- what, Justin doesn't feel totally comfortable with that? oh, interesting...

"No, no, that's exactly what I'm saying-- whassup, Just, you got a problem with that?"

He looks across at Justin to make his point, finds his eyes sliding to the mouth, then wonders how the hell long he's gonna last at all.

"No, no problem," Justin says, visibly collecting himself, and steps determinedly towards him, then rears back-- "wait, are you guys watching?"

"Refereeing," Joey says firmly, and the others nod, and JC almost laughs except the idea of this going on with an audience really isn't that funny. Incendiary, yeah; funny, no.

"Ok, I guess," he says, stepping round the coffee table towards Justin, wondering how the hell they've moved so quickly from incessant monk-hood to initiating voyeurism-themed make-out sessions in the middle of the lounge.

"No touching dicks," Justin cautions, and JC nods.

"No dicks."

Chris gasps indignantly. "Aw, c'mon!"

"No dicks," JC insists, and then he's up close to Justin and realizes that no matter what he says his dick knows what it likes, and what it likes is Justin's thigh to press up against--

Justin presses back at him, grabbing JC in both big hands and hauling him closer, dipping his head and kissing him with deep clumsy tongue and firm lips, and JC distantly hears Chris say "oh" above the hissing in his ears.

"No dicks, like, jerking off," Justin mutters, and JC can't breathe through his dizziness, shifting his weight from one foot to the other to get a racier friction off Justin's thigh, feeling distantly like one of those dolls that climb their way up poles with their hips.

Apt, he thinks distractedly, as Justin starts kissing frenziedly down his neck and his legs turn to rippling water, and he pulls Justin roughly downwards, licking at his mouth again, kneeling chest to chest, thigh to thigh, hooking one arm round Justin's back to steady them together while the other gropes for the floor.

"Suck me," he hears Chris mutter; "please, for the love of god--"

Lance's laughter is more breathless than JC's ever heard it; "no way, man, not giving up this view, not even for fifty grand."

"Good point," Chris says, and then JC's palm skates the carpet and he jerks Justin down on his side, kicking a slithery mass of magazines and Justin's jacket out the way, tangling their legs together.

Justin rolls on top of him, biting the corner of his mouth, and JC fists his hands in the back of Justin's shirt, wanting it off, wanting to scratch and bite and it's only fucking tucked in the back of his jeans, isn't it? fuck! and then he's dragging it out, pulling up and feeling the wrinkle-tug of material against his stomach, getting his hands on Justin's smooth smooth back and raking his nails up, good and hard.

"Oh god, oh god," Justin's gasping, harsh and hot in his ear, desperate and earnest and practically falling apart against him, and JC reaches up and wrenches his head back round. So fucking good to feel another guy, another mouth, and not have to turn away; he sucks vigorously on Justin's tongue, bucking up against him, wrapping his legs round Justin's thighs and scraping his heel down the back of Justin's calf.

Justin kisses back furiously, grinding his hips and grabbing JC's hair, tugging hard and making silver light flash through JC's brain, sucking JC's tongue right back and gasping directly into his mouth.

I could say something dirty, JC thinks wildly, trying to cut off the line of sensation running directly from his tongue to his cock; say something dirty to make him come, but the only thing he's managing to say is "oh, oh, yeah, oh" directly into Justin's mouth and he has a feeling Justin's not even hearing it, let alone reacting.

"When can we join in," he hears Lance demanding, quiet and distant but still so fucking sexy JC can't breathe, and apparently Justin did hear that because his hips swivel hard against JC's, and JC yowls softly into Justin's mouth as flames burst out all over the plateau of his brain.

"No, wait, wait-- one of them's gotta get off first," Joey says dazedly, voice swirling round JC's head as he spiders his hands across Justin's ass and kneads roughly and feels his knuckles turn white with the steel-denim strain of it;

"Aw fuck, aw fuck, aw fuck," Justin's hissing, writhing on top of him, dropping his mouth to bite at the junction of JC's jaw, and JC tilts his head up immediately to let him; "you fucking-- aw, god," and the heat of Justin's breath is a sizzling wet blast across incomparably sensitive skin.

"Shit," JC gasps, sliding the backs of his calves mindlessly up and down the back of Justin's legs because it makes the friction against his dick practically take on a life of its own, and then he realizes, with deadly certainty, that within the next five minutes he's gonna come. He tries to stop thrusting and absolutely fails; he physically can't peel his hands off Justin's ass, and -- fuck -- unless he can make Justin get off very fucking soon then he's gonna be fifty grand poorer and extremely sticky.

He grits his teeth and tries not to think about the pure hot trashiness of the hickey Justin's making, and hauls one of his hands up to the damp base of Justin's back. Ok, ok, just hang on--

His fingertips brush the edge of Justin's waistband, and he slides them carefully under, screwing his face up with concentration to avoid losing consciousness with the sheer erotic thrill of moving to cup Justin's bare ass.

Fucking hell. He pushes his fingers deeper, and it's hot and silken and muggy, and he can feel the muscles working their cocks together, sparking magic trembling all over his skin.

"Oh you fuck," he hears Lance growl faintly, and has an image of what they must look like, writhing on the floor with their legs locked together and his hand down Justin's pants, and that almost does it, almost almost, but he claws his way back by taking a deep breath and nipping hard at the edge of his own tongue.

Where was he. Ok. Gritting his teeth again, he slides his middle fingertip down the back seam of Justin's pants, then runs into the sweaty dimple beneath Justin's tailbone where the crease goes deep and the fuzz of hair starts. He's actually gonna do this. Christ. He scratches lightly to make Justin notice, then wishes he hadn't because Justin moans and grinds down hard.

He's not gonna do this, because he's gonna pass out first. Fuck. He tries to push his hand down further, to actually touch the entrance to Justin's body, then finds he can't pry the cheeks of Justin's ass open because Justin's shimmying against him and couldn't be tenser if he tried, and almost groans outloud. Fuck. This is insane, and his blood's pumping endlessly into his cock, and something's gotta give, soon, soon--

"JC's gone," Joey murmurs; "you owe me ten bucks, Chris," and JC veers back from the edge at the last possible moment because no fucking way, Chris is betting on him? ok, ok, new plan -- and then he's stroking at Justin's ass, the rocking curve of everything he can reach, the sweet split down the middle that's not possible to get at because-- oh.

Oh, inspiration.

He swallows hard, then pulls his own legs apart which forces Justin's to spread as well, and plunges his finger down until the tip brushes Justin's balls and Justin goes totally fucking frantic, and then crooks his finger and pushes it firmly just inside Justin's body and almost dies of relief as Justin shudders against him once, twice, and then groans loud enough to burst the eardrum of a lesser man and comes all over his stomach.

Fifty grand richer and... extremely sticky.

Justin rolls off him before he can stop him, mumbling, "fucker, fucking hell," and JC shakes his hand distractedly and drags enough coherency into his brain to say,

"the rules, didn't break 'em," before he's reaching down for his cock, the smell of musk and salt drifting up from his stomach hitting him round the head like an incessant discord again and again.

"Don't let him," he distantly hears Chris say, and then his wrists are snapped up from their fumbling by a hot wide hand, and JC struggles fiercely and can't see through the sweat in his eyes.

"Fucking hell," he gasps out, voice choked with anger and pure goddamn need--

"Get his clothes off, I wanna, I have to taste him," Lance is muttering, and JC abruptly catches on and arches his hips willingly off the floor to let them pull down his pants, cock rearing and aching as it meets the warm air.

"Thankyou," Chris is saying, kissing him and pulling his shirt open, "you just saved me ten bucks," and then the person holding his hands above his head starts sucking his fingers and licking his wrists, and JC arches against the floor and tries to get enough oxygen to stay conscious as a wet hot mouth opens around the head of his cock and his heart actually skips a beat in unadulterated joy.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he's chanting, the words cracking and dancing in his throat, and then his hands are released and they fly down to twist in the hair of the most incredible mouth ever born, and he plants his feet flat on the floor to lift his ass up and slide his cock as deep as possible, even though he can no longer feel his feet, or his ears, or his brain.

He can hear stuff, though, the obscene wet noises and the rustle of someone's clothes as they shift around, his own kiss-whimpered squeaks as someone starts sucking his nipples with little punctuations of teeth and tongue, the sound his blood racing through his veins like whips of lightning cracking loudly again and again.

He tightens his fists in soft hair and tries to work out who he owes this to, then realizes he doesn't even care who's sucking him or who's licking the stickiness off his stomach or who's kissing him -- although he thinks that's Chris, because he tastes familiar and bites a lot -- and he's just wriggling up blindly, spreading his legs wider and pushing his cock deep into someone's throat and then he feels some shifting around and someone clambering over his leg and the angle of the throat changing and growing even more wetly receptive and then fuck, fuck, no way, another tongue licking its way between his legs, the push of a nose against his balls, two strong warm hands holding his thighs apart--

--and then everything's hot and wet and rasping and he's got a fucking tongue pushing inside him, flickering strokes making his legs shake and then a deep breach and that's gotta be Justin and then he's shuddering, breaking off the kiss and yelling hard, practically dissolving into fucking spasms, bucking up and thrusting deep again, again, again--

He comes.


In the floating blackness, he thinks momentarily that ok, he won't be the center of attention for having the most stamina anymore, he's not the special one-- he's one of a special several, and then he realizes that's so cheesy he could almost say it in an interview, and goes back to the mindless pleasure thing instead.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Lance wipes his mouth, easing off JC's cock and swallowing again, breathing hard. Talk about frantic, he thinks, then realizes Justin was doing exactly what he'd hoped he was doing, and thinks that ok, under the circumstances, Lance would've been pretty frantic too.

"He's passed out," Chris declares, delighted, and Lance laughs, then realizes he really wants to look at Justin again, who's still working his tongue in JC's body and has his eyes closed and looks fucking blissful and damn if he's not hard again as well.

Hmmm. Lance can think of a cure for that.

He drops to all fours, crawls over JC's leg, then pulls on Justin's solid shoulders until his hands pry away from JC's thighs and slide up Lance's body instead, his body twisting and curling up from the floor like so much lithe, unbearably sexy bootcamp python.

It's staggering how much an amalgamation of the four guys he fucking loves and loves fucking really, really doesn't match up to the real thing.

"Ok, now he's not passed out," Chris mumbles, a moment later, sounding suspiciously muffled, and Lance grins against Justin's mouth. Justin's hand slides to his hip, then lower, fingertips sweeping across his ass, inviting him to spread and proffer. Lance takes up the invitation, and fists his own hands hard at the base of Justin's neck when those sturdy fingers start to press inside. Behind him, JC groans loudly, and Joey starts whimpering.

Apparently, the Bible's right-- abstinence brings its own reward.

oh yes.

Author notes:

hotbunny.doc: I've gotta thank Dacey effusively. {{dacey!}} Who in turn, I guess, thanks Jerry Seinfeld. but he didn't do anything so interesting with it. so.

Spatial awareness: I've no idea how high the bunks are. or if they have edges that make... stuff less than comfortable. here's hoping.

Junkyard Wars: exists! and I bet JC enjoys it. Trespasses, however, does not. tsk. JC can't get anything right.

It's like whoa: is just the coolest little timbertrick-in-the-shower sound clip. Audiogalaxy-able.


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