Spice of Life

Cal likes proverbs and Joey likes having his cake and eating it.

or some such.

Justin Timberlake, shrink-wrapped in denim, should appeal more to Joey than the vague acknowledgement his brain awarded.

"Hey, baby," Justin murmured, and Joey tipped his head back onto Justin's shoulder, receiving his nuzzling with a smile. "Whatcha doin' over here?"

"Justin," Joey said, playing for time. Was he gonna ask? "I was wondering."


Justin's hand was stealing down his back, playing in the blunt fringes of his jeans. Lance had made him wear them, said they had a sexy-country-vibe. Joey thought he should've known better than to listen to Lance. "Should we bring in someone else?"

"Someone what?" Justin said, and Joey thought he could make it a totally different thing he'd said, until Justin said, "someone in with us?" and he said,

"yeah," and then. Fuck. He couldn't. "I dunno, I was thinking JC -- leave Chris and Lance to their bus o' Cloraseptic," he continued, like that was what he'd been aiming for all along. Busses. Separating the sore-throated from the healthy sheep. Yup.

"Oh," Justin said, and the relief in his voice was sharpening for Joey, made him feel selfish, small.


The nudge of Justin's foot was warm against Joey's ankle, under the table.

"So what," the interviewer haplessly asked his wineglass, "would you say is your greatest achievement?"

Chris cackled, and Joey leaned forward confidentially. "Well," he said, meeting Chris' eye across the table, "I'd say screwing Justin in the men's room, just over there? That counts for something," and the interviewer sighed, took a sip of wine.

"Joey's accomplished lots more than me," Chris agreed wickedly, and JC was cutting up his unpronounceable meat into tiny pieces and trying not to laugh. His fork quaked gently against his plate, making a ringing noise.

"Also," Justin said, eyes sparkling, "we have bondage parties. Lance dresses up in a skirt."

"Yeah," Lance agreed, lazily, leaning his head against Justin's shoulder. "A leather one. You should see me."

The music of JC's fork got louder. The interviewer looked from Lance to Justin, and shook his head. "You wanna wake me when you've got something to say that I can actually print?" he asked, and Lance grinned helpfully.

"I wear stilettos, too."

"I'm gonna say you dress up," the man threatened, and Joey winked at Justin.

"Oh," Justin said, leaning forward, foot sweeping up Joey's calf, "you wouldn't wanna do that. 'Cause if it gets out that Joey gets his way with me every time he snaps his fingers, we'd know just where to point our lawyer."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck," Chris agreed, pleasantly.

The man sighed, and Joey patted him sympathetically on the arm. They were gonna fax him the official interview later, of course, but he was a rookie and didn't know that yet. And they were always the best fun. "Can I say you go to costume parties?"

"Fuuuuck," Chris said, sagely. The man looked at him, pale with confusion and scruffy round the edges. He'd been so tidy when he'd arrived, all hopeful and sly. That hadn't lasted long.

"Is that a yes or a no?"

"Fuck," Chris said briskly, and Justin joined in,

"handjob, blowjob, cream tea," and Lance mouthed at Joey,

"cream tea?" and Joey shrugged and grinned, then got distracted back at to the interviewer, who'd moved aside Joey's wine glass to bang his head gently on the table. Pretty cute, too.

"Sodomy," Justin said, stroking Joey's leg happily with his foot and smirking.

"Sodomy!" Chris squeaked, equally happy.

"I'm gonna give up," the man said. Wonder if he was straight?

Joey patted his shoulder again. One way to find out. "In fact," he said, leaning in close, "if you wanted the exclusive on the Timberlake-Fatone thing, you could always join us one night," and the man jerked upright and stared shell-shock from one to the other, and then JC crumpled into laughter and he looked less nervous again.

"That's a joke, right?"

Joey glanced at his mouth, then back. "Nope."

"That's--" The man staggered around on a pause for a few seconds, then looked sharply around the table. Lance had a knuckle firmly between his teeth, and Chris was almost turning blue with trying not to laugh. "That's bull."

"Yup," Joey said pleasantly, and turned back to his plate. "Can I get more bread over here?"

"All the bread you like, you wonder-stud," Chris beamed, winking broadly at the definitely-straight interviewer. Joey grinned and took a slice of ciabatta, and then he saw Justin's eyes briefly sullen, and his foot disappeared under the table, and Joey thought uneasily that he might've made some wrong move.


"That wasn't what you meant, was it," Justin said, looking at JC curled over his beanbag.

"What," Joey said, playing for time. This felt ominous.

"You wanna bring someone else in with us." Justin's eyes were bright, reckless. "Joey."

"I didn--"

"Don't be lyin' to me," Justin interrupted, and Joey stared back, and when he relaxed in defeat Justin looked sharply away. "Right."

"It's-- stupid," Joey said, weakly. "It's just, like. a fantasy. Not a relationship thing-- our relationship rocks, Justin," he added quickly, touching Justin's shoulder, making Justin look at him. "Hey."

Justin stared up at him, all eyelash and reluctance. "You wanna... some lady?" he said quietly, and Joey almost laughed, wildly inappropriate.

"No way," he said, because Justin was gay, and Joey would never ask something like that, however much the idea had a certain heat to it, "I just want you, and, like. Wait," he said, taking a mental step back. "Do you think it'd be hot?"

Justin glanced away, then inclined his head slightly. Then his eyes flicked back, glarey, "but I wouldn't suggest it, 'cause, like, I wouldn't wanna make you think like I wanted someone else--"

"no, I want you," Joey insisted. "I just thought, like, special occasion. It could be hot. Once." Twice, if Justin liked it. Hell, endless possibilities.

"So this ain't a, a one of those fidelity things," Justin said, still looking nervous, and Joey sighed fondly and pulled him into a hug. A solid, proper hug, with Justin breathing slow and hot through Joey's collar, Joey's arms tight around him.

"It's just a stupid thing," Joey said, into the warm scratchy-soft hair above Justin's ear, half-wishing he'd never brought it up. "I don't wanna make you do anything you don't wanna. I'd never."

"mm," Justin said, and then Joey felt a warm mouth on the side of his neck, and smiled in relief. "I kinda."


Justin took in a deep breath, warm elastic against him, and Joey glanced around, checking for potential interruptions - just JC, and he was asleep - then tilted his head, nuzzling his mouth against Justin's cheek until Justin turned in and kissed him back and Joey knew it was gonna be okay. Justin withheld privileges when he was angry, like that was the biggest punishment anyone could be subjected to.

In fairness...

He backed up, pulling Justin steadily down onto the divan, taking hold of Justin's fingers and guiding them to his waist. Justin's pace, since it was Justin's reward - Justin's thighs pressed into Joey's, following willingly, scrape against Joey's cock of the long bulge in Justin's pants, and apparently Justin's pace was gonna suit Joey just fine.

"JC," Justin whispered, using Joey's hips to lever himself higher on the divan, pushing at Joey's chest until he lay down. "Might wake up."

Joey grinned up at him. "I'm getting kinda mixed messages here," he teased, letting one hand find the small of Justin's back, tugging a silent stop moving, and Justin's hips acquiesced reluctantly, dragging their protest.


Joey's insides seemed to shimmer, and he thought that yeah, no, the idea that Justin wasn't enough: total bull. "forget JC," he breathed, rubbing up against Justin's body, drawing his knees up so Justin was lying between them, couldn't get away without really wanting to.

"I can do that," Justin agreed, nodding, and Joey leaned up and caught his mouth and the nod melted into a kiss, restless and familiar, pushing Joey back down.

"Mm," Joey said, letting the frustration build between them, until he was almost superhuman with the need for him, and rolling them so Justin was underneath was like tossing a coin. "What were you saying earlier?"

"What?" Justin said, scrabbling with his pants as Joey backed away down his body, pushing up Justin's shirt and drawing a long line with his chin. "ah."

"You were sayin' something," he said, licking at the juncture of Justin's thumb while he waited for the boxers to come down, enjoying his endless restless squirm, liking that his heels fit snugly against the small of his back.

"um," Justin said, and his voice widened, like he was grinning, "maybe you better jog my memory--"

"You kinda," Joey said, and waited expectantly.

"Oh, yeah," he said, and Joey couldn't resist any longer, "I know what you mean, was it," Justin gasped, as Joey lowered his mouth onto Justin's cock. "The having someone else thing--"

Hmm? Joey thought, tilting his head quizzically, and Justin gasped as his cock slid in Joey's cheek, and Joey grinned and smoothed his hands up Justin's thighs, spreading them, working his tongue deliberately, and Justin didn't last much longer than that.


"Hey, Joe," JC said, politely.

Joey frowned, looking for Kelly's sister's number on his phone. "Jayce?"

"Joey," JC said, a greeting, which was pretty weird since they'd been in the same room for ten minutes.

"What's up?" Joey said, trying again, alphabetical order.

"You're messin' my best friend around," JC said, with a certainty that made Joey's stomach cramp as he carefully set down the phone.


"Word to the wise -- don't have private arguments when someone's trying to sleep right next to you," JC said, folding his arms. He looked frighteningly sober, like Joey had been caught with dishonourable intentions towards his sister.

"You heard all that," Joey said, wanting to be sure.

"I heard you make Justin think he's not enough," JC said, and Joey shook his head quickly.

"He's totally enough. I didn't."

"When a guy means enough to me, I don't go round lookin' for other people," JC said, and Joey groaned in frustration.

"I'm not, okay? And even if I was, it's just sex."

"Sex ain't just anything," JC snapped back, and Joey raised an eyebrow, said,

"Okay, C, not everyone thinks it's one big sparkly trust game like you do," and JC threw up one hand and said,

"no, Joe, that's exactly what it is," and then, when Joey looked at him mildly, lowered his hand again. "I'm pissed at you," he said, after a second. "Just so you know."

"I guessed."

"Yeah, well, even if you think it's all good, I heard what Justin was saying." Joey winced, and JC nodded. "Yeah."

"I told him, though," Joey said. "You must've heard that, too."

JC tilted his head. "I just think you should tell him again," he said. "He didn't look too convinced, from where I was standing."

"Sleeping," Joey said, cracking a smile but nodding, too. Okay. If JC thought he needed to make it clearer to Justin, he could do that. "Sleeping with your eyes open. Very restful."

JC's eyes opened wide at the accusation. "Oh, you, shush," he retorted, brilliantly, and Joey grinned and jostled him, and wound up with an armful of JC. "I just want things to be good with you guys," he heard, breathed against his neck.

Joey squeezed him harder, lifting him briefly off the floor so JC squeaked and clung. "Yeah." Then it occurred to him that actually, "uh, you heard more than just the conversation, didn't you?"

He felt JC smile against his neck. "Oh," JC whispered, throatily, "yeah, like that, God, Joey, your mouth," and Joey hooted with laughter, tipping JC onto the floor. "What?" JC demanded. "Y'all shouldn't be gettin' your freak on when I'm in the same room."

It was a fair point, but that didn't stop Joey tickling him pitilessly until Lance came in and wanted, croakily, to know why Joey was murdering JC and did he need a lawyer. Him and Chris were coming back down with the throat thing, and the bus smelt permanently of eucalyptus again. Joey and Justin were still fine, which, Joey thought happily, was mostly to do with them eating proper food and sharing body heat at night. No colds for them. JC was just a fluke.


He really thought Justin was okay with it, because yesterday Justin had muttered something about how he'd looked on the internet from JC's laptop and found some hot pictures of four guys getting it on, and Joey didn't even want four guys, just three, though he might not turn a forth away if he came knock-knocking on the chamber door - but he'd promised JC, so he was gonna ask anyway.

"Hey," he said, when JC was in the kitchen and Justin was laying across his lap getting petted after losing abysmally at cards, "you're not stressed about anything, are you?"

Justin peered up at him. "Stressed?"

Joey sighed. "JC said you might be worried I wasn't treatin' you right," he said. "Like with the third-guy thing."

Justin frowned for a moment, then shrugged. "You said it wasn't about us," he said simply, "so I believed you. You weren't lying, right?"

"Nope," Joey said, and hugged him a little.

"Cool." He yawned. "I promised I'd call Chris tonight, now he can speak again," he said. "You don't mind?" Thing about Justin was, he was always surprised when someone suggested him or Joey might not be totally satisfied, 'cause after all, Justin had brilliant taste, and why would anyone who had Justin not be on top of the world? Made sense, like.

Joey spread his arms, and Justin clambered to his feet. "Be my guest, man. Tell him we know he's fakin' it to get out of wearing the blue pants." JC just needed to remember Justin's outlook, Joey thought, and he'd be fine.

Justin grinned. "Got it," he said, and left.

The moment Justin was gone, JC came back from the kitchen, humming frenziedly. "you're all good," he said, happily, and Joey laughed and grabbed him down with a fist mock-threatening against his neck.

"You thought I'd mess up something as great as me an' Justin?" he demanded, and JC giggled and shook his head hard and finally gasped,

"no, no, you rule, dude," and Joey let him go, satisfied.


Justin's voice was too breathy on the phone.

"What, what," Joey said, thumping the light on, squinting round for his pants. Stupid hotel and their ten billion watt bedside superbulbs. He slid out of bed, frowning across the room. Were they his pants?

No, they were Justin's shirt. Damn. "I brought someone," Justin murmured, and Joey stopped looking.

"You. what?"

"Mmm," Justin said, rich tease. "I'm bringin' him up," and Joey sat back down hard, because, what, what, Justin was initiating something? and now? "You wanna-- hey," Justin said, and then there was a slow wet noise, and that burr of sound that Joey recognised from Justin's throat, and he felt fiercely jealous, wanted Justin up here right now.

Although. Hell. Not, God, not up here alone. Not if there was a chance of something more.

"We're coming up," he heard, eventually, not Justin, and he knew the voice, knew it from somewhere, and, God. They were actually gonna do this?

He flopped back on the bed, half-hard and counting. He stroked his cock, distractedly. Well, no need to find his pants now.


The reason he'd recognised the voice was because it was Nick Carter's, Joey realised, shockily, when Justin drew him into the room.

"See who I brought," Justin was saying, delighted and a little drunk, and Nick was watching Joey, appraising. There was a pale red mark on his throat, and his eyes looked dangerously bright. "Like, I didn't think he'd come," Justin continued, giving his thoughts freely, "'cause he don't look the type or anything," and Nick's arm was curved around Justin's waist, Joey noticed sharply, and that arm flexed against Justin when Justin shrugged expansively, "but!"

"But he's here," Joey said, and he was, here, wearing black stuff that Lance would know the labels of - and Justin probably did too - for that matter, and his hair was a pale spiky mess, and his eyes, the glittering, yeah, mm, and the bottom of his shirt had been rumpled up to show a crescent of pale skin, and God help him but he was jonesing for a Backstreet Boy. People would steal his lunch money if they ever found out, they sure would. Damn, he looked hot. "Hey, Nick."

"Hey," Nick said, and he looked slightly amused, like he might wake up any minute, and he looked Joey over and seemed, miraculously, to approve of the whole bedhead-and-boxers thing. "Fancy seeing you here."

"What, in my boyfriend's bed?" Joey asked sweetly, and Nick laughed and curved a little into Justin, and Joey felt a shivery anticipation slither through his chest. They looked good, Nick's blond to Justin's dark almost-curls, Nick's black something-or-other fabric against Justin's tight red cotton tee that Joey knew felt good.

"Yeah," Nick said, "he mentioned that," and Joey thought, good. Nick's hand was restless, fingers sliding idly up and down the side of Justin's stomach. Justin was doing his reactionary thing, where Joey's fingers seemed to draw cobwebs of heat inside him that made it impossible for Justin to not lean up, wriggle, show what every touch felt like on the inside.

Of course, this time it was Nick's fingers.

Those touches sure seemed to feel good.

"...see?" Justin was saying - murmuring, really - in the vague direction of Nick's ear.

"Yeah, okay," Nick said, and Joey met his eye and wondered what his mouth tasted like, wanted to know, somehow couldn't stand that Justin had a claim on their new guy and he hadn't even touched him yet.

"He was worried, see," Justin said blithely, and Joey wondered briefly if Justin had drunk too much tonight, because Nick's eyes were almost hostile as he watched Justin say, "he didn't think he was your type," and then Justin was uncurling from Nick and coming to lean over Joey instead, one hand on the back of his neck, the other reaching confidently between his legs. "but I," Justin added, and that was definitely a murmur, "didn't think you'd object," and his soft mouth brushed Joey's lower lip, then his cheek, and his hand squeezed Joey's cock knowingly, making him jerk, "at all."

He didn't taste of booze. Couldn't be that drunk. "No," Joey agreed, eyes falling closed, "no objection," and Justin feathered a laugh against his cheek and stroked him through his boxers and called lightly,

"you should feel this, Nick, feel just how much he don't object," and his hands disappeared, and Joey opened his mouth in protest.

"Hey," he said, blinking, and Justin wasn't listening, was in Nick's personal space instead. Deeply in. No doubt about the personal side of it, either. There was no way a man could have Justin's tongue in his mouth and not feel his space was being invaded, especially when Justin's hand was in his hair, Justin's hips flat against Nick's thigh.

Not that Nick seemed to mind - and, hell, not that Joey minded either. It just felt like about time they brought the party over here, where he could get a dance or two.

"Hey," he called, softly, and Justin made a low noise in his throat and pressed closer to Nick, and Nick's hands slid up Justin's back, and his thigh pushed forward lewdly, and Joey stood up. He couldn't breathe properly. He needed Justin on his cock right now.

The thought of Nick bringing him off, hell, he couldn't think about that right now. He wouldn't be responsible for his actions.

"Mm," Justin whispered, when Joey came up behind him, nibbled at his neck, pushed his cock against his ass. "Hey, baby." He tipped his head back, throat naked, still clinging to Nick. "You like this?"

Joey tilted his head to kiss Justin's neck, rubbing his hips for the shock-spark value, then forced himself to look up, to meet Nick's eyes. Don't come right away, huh? he told himself, but his cock still twitched when he got eye contact, still pushed harder at Justin's ass. Nick's mouth was wet, looked like he wanted to be kissing Justin, but he was watching Joey, eyes hot, breathing loud.

Joey touched Justin's arms, slid his hands down to the point where they were touching Nick, one at his neck and the other at his waist, and then further. Nick. Whoa. He had his hands on Nick Carter - Justin's body felt like a current of electricity between them, hot and thick and lean, but, God, so easy to tug Nick closer, to kiss him across Justin's shoulder, to bypass Justin and plug himself straight into the mains.

"I'll take that as a yes," Justin was mumbling, as Joey pushed his tongue into Nick's mouth, moving Justin's hands down so he could explore. Nick was kissing him back hard, good, wicked, and Joey got a hand in his hair, and Justin shuddered between them. "Guys--"

"Bed," Joey muttered, though he couldn't bring himself to move, to step away from the restless heat of Justin's body, Nick's mouth. Nick's teeth caught against his tongue, bright spark of pain, and he hissed softly, pushing closer, then broke away as his head fizzed and swam. "C'mon."

Justin turned on the spot, kissed him, walking him back, pushing him down onto the bed. Joey shivered again, hauling Justin's leg up over his thighs, pulling Justin's red shirt up, feeling the heat of his erection against his stomach.

Justin's chest still brought thrills under his ribs, the naked slide of it damp against his skin, and Joey's hands still loved to drag his fist up Justin's spine, feel him shudder, feel his kiss turn into a grin. He could do this for hours, normally. Normally. When he didn't have a boiling imperative in his fingers to find someone else's weak spots.

"hey," he heard, a moment later, and then the warm skate of a mouth against his neck, working up to his ear. Little jolts went through him, the desire to get Nick on his knees merging with the desire to get his mouth on Nick at all.

"Mm," he said, and then Nick's hands were tugging him gently, and he nipped at Justin's mouth gently before rolling away, and then he was in Nick's arms, and Nick was only wearing shorts, and the clash of his mouth would've made Joey hard in a snowstorm. Fuckin' hell.

"oh," he heard Justin murmur, almost incredulous approval, and Nick's thigh was warm and firm and perfectly happy to shove between Joey's legs, and they were grappling, growling softly, and Joey was overwhelmed by the newness of it and couldn't get enough.

"you're just," he heard himself say, and cut off quickly, biting at Nick's tongue and sucking his neck and feeling the scrape of his teeth against his ear, and thinking wildly that at least Justin wouldn't have to wonder where he got the marks.

"huh," Nick agreed, and pinned him down, and Joey's body froze for a second because Justin never did that, not viciously, and Joey had always been pretty confident that he was happy with Justin not doing this, and now he wasn't so sure.

"Fuck," Joey muttered, not in the mood for reassessing his sexual preferences, rolling them onto their sides, and then Nick's fists closed on the waistband of his boxers, and he was pushing them down, and Joey's cock was against the perfect heat of Nick's stomach, and, oh, oh. He groaned softly, couldn't bear it, got his own hands on the cotton of Nick's hips before remembering to pause and hope vaguely that Justin was finding this as hot as he was.


Right. Hoping period over.

Nick was groaning back, quaking against him, so Joey jerked his hands down and Nick kicked off his boxers, sending them somewhere onto the floor while Joey kissed him again and rolled on top, closing his eyes for a second at the feel of Nick's body trembling beneath him.

"ah, fuck," Nick breathed, rolling his hips, and Joey inhaled sharply and pressed down, washed over with the feverish nakedness of it, the newness, new body, unfamiliar jerks, Justin's hitched breathing soft and eager next to him.

Nick's eyes were half-closed. He slid his hands up to grip Joey's biceps, stilling him, licking his lips. Joey swallowed, a harsh flash of wanting to fuck him, but rode that out, because no, not happening, not today.

Not while Justin was here.

Not, he thought, turning his head and kissing Justin quickly, not that he'd ever trade Justin for Nick. Taken as read, no. He sucked Justin's tongue, light, playful, almost trying to ignore the feeling of Nick's cock nudging restlessly against his stomach.

Nick's fingers started stroking his arm, calling up chilly patterns of frustration, and he started nudging back, helplessly, rocking his dick against the damp firmness of Nick's crotch, trying to control his breathing while he was still licking Justin's tongue.

Nick made a tiny noise, and Justin's hand found Joey's cheek, freeing him from the kiss, pushing him gently away. "Go on," he whispered, kissing Joey's ear once and then settling back on his side, eyes shiny, mouth dark. "please."

Oh, God.

Nick had watched him kiss Justin, he'd known that, but there was something of an electric jolt when he looked down and saw Nick still watching, knowing and aroused, eyes blue, not quite like Justin's, but close.

"'kay," Joey nodded, vaguely, and Nick flashed him a quick grin. His hands tightened on Joey's arms, and his mouth opened slightly - and he was holding his breath, Joey realised, as he started to slide his hips, a choppy mix of precise and untoward. It made sensation spiral through Joey's body, made him want to fuck someone - fuck Nick, please - to get the same but more, the same but more than this, fastertighter more please.

"God," Justin was mumbling, like he couldn't believe it, "God, guys, that's so. that's so," and Nick was driving his hips up, friction perfect for Joey to thrust down demandingly, and white circles were growing on his arms where Nick's fingers dug in, and the dull pain of his nails was making Joey squirm.

He couldn't hear if Justin was still speaking, overwhelmed by hearing Nick hiss over and over through his teeth, by the cascade of white noise swinging between his ears. Then he thought he heard Justin whisper "fuck me, hell," and didn't know who he was talking to, couldn't even be sure he'd said it at all.

Would be talking to him, of course, clearly, obviously - and then he could see it in his mind's eye, Justin on his elbows and knees, Nick's cock braced against his ass.

Oh, jesus.

The world split, the images in his brain becoming knife-sharp, the slide of his cock against Nick's body a roaring pleasure in the background.

He saw Nick's hands easing Justin's ass open, his thumbs making the journey that - Justin had assured him - only Joey's had made before, the dark glossy head of his cock pressing insistently, over and over as Justin gasped.

He imagined he heard Nick murmur something, something Justin nodded at, and then he saw Justin's face, like he'd seen in the mirror only last week, lip between his teeth, forehead rumpled tense as the end of Nick's cock pushed painstakingly inside. Justin panted, opening his mouth and screwing his eyes closed, and Nick was groaning softly, hands flexing on Justin's hips, as the inexorable long slide of his dick went deeper and deeper - and Joey's imagination was probably awarding Nick with a bigger package than he had in reality, but the Justin in Joey's imagination really didn't seem to mind.

"Holy shit," Justin was gasping, "holy... jesus," and Joey saw Justin's ass push back until Nick's cock was all the way inside him, and then Nick jabbed his hips, like he just needed a little extra power to cram that last inch inside.

"Oh," Nick said, and that was louder than in Joey's imagination, and Joey snapped back to the present, where Nick was spread out beneath him and - and Joey was coming, sudden and vicious, sweat all down his back, curses strung from his stomach to his mouth.

"God, Joey," Justin whispered, almost immediately, hand emphatic on his shoulder, tugging him off Nick and kissing him hard, "so hot, ah, yeah," and Joey kissed back weakly, the feeling of Nick's cock branded across his stomach.

So hot, even as a fantasy - and maybe, maybe Justin would even let Nick do it for real.

"Ohh," Joey groaned, grinning against Justin's mouth, wondering where the Kleenex was, and he could hear Nick panting softly behind him, knew Nick hadn't come, "that was good," knew Nick would be fizzing back there, was aware he kinda liked that about him.


He swallowed that down, surprised. Justin's hands were in his hair, and he was rolling on top, cock hard against the slickness of Joey's stomach, cock hard for him, for Joey, and it was ludicrous to get jealous at a time like this, but, uh, there it was.


"Love you," he felt compelled to whisper, low and deep into Justin's mouth so Nick wouldn't be able to hear, and Justin made a pleased noise in his throat and muttered something that sounded appropriately similar back, and Joey felt something untangle in his stomach.

They were good.

He felt the trail of Nick's finger against his shoulder. Poor man, he thought, faintly, flexing against him even as his hand slid down to Justin's ass. Naked Justin. Always a good thing. He wondered if they were gonna be confused about whose boxers were whose in the morning, then thought that nah, they could stay in bed, and Nick could find his clothes just fine on his own.

He told himself to get a grip on the jealousy thing - stupid, totally stupid - and then Justin whimpered, "mh," starting to wriggle his cock against Joey's stomach, and Joey heard the unmistakable sound of a mouth against Justin's skin, and now he'd come off the insane high he wasn't so sure on the bed-sharing thing.

On the Justin-sharing thing.

His fingers met Nick's on the curve of Justin's ass, warm and slippery, and he was shot through by a new lust, a possessive one. He wanted to hear Justin yowl his name as he came, wanted Nick to see that there wasn't a niche here for a third party.

Nick's fingertips danced over his own, then slid away, further down Justin's ass, and Justin yelped into Joey's mouth.

"oh, God, oh, God," Justin muttered, and Joey could feel a new tension all through him, feel his ass rocking back under his palm, and when he moved his hand to follow Nick's he could feel the unnatural seam of it, of Nick's wet finger hidden inside Justin, of Nick's finger pushing deeper and making Justin shake and, and, God, he was getting hard again.

He almost pushed his finger inside as well, wanted to, alongside Nick's, work him together - but the thought of it was too intense, and he had a feeling he'd never forgive himself if Justin came like that. He settled for grinding up softly, letting his mouth slip to Justin's ear, breathing out slowly, like he knew Justin liked it.

"Justin," Nick said faintly, insistent, then, "Justin. Justin," and Justin went.

Joey's teeth clicked together, because it had all flowed so smoothly, Justin's body sliding over on top of Nick's instead, without any clumsy elbowing or knees-in-groins or amusing noises or anything. He'd just. swapped.

"oh, you," Nick said, and Justin kissed him and made a hoarse noise, and Joey shifted onto his side and tried to deny the hotness of it and then saw that Nick'd eased another finger into his boyfriend, and, yeah. Justin liked that. Fuck.

"me," Justin agreed, voice thready with things Joey wanted to ignore right now, and he was sliding back on Nick's fingers, inviting and perfect, and Joey wanted to take him himself, knew he couldn't, not yet. Had to play nice.

Nick shifted out from under him, turning them on their sides, and then Joey was looking at Justin's shoulderblades, and this was even worse. Even hotter, seeing Nick's fingers inside him from this angle - but wrong, and possessive didn't begin to cover it - and then Nick was turning Justin over, actually turning him over, blowing Joey a quick kiss as he guided his dick between Justin's legs, then kissing the side of Justin's face, stroking his arm.

They looked amazing together, Joey found himself thinking, and his hand was on his own cock without him realising, stroking slowly, sticky and good. He didn't like it, but God, this was the stuff guilty fantasies tried to be.

"I wanna fuck you," Nick was muttering, into Justin's cheek, sliding his mouth up into Justin's hair.

"No," Joey said, before he could help it. It sounded hoarse.

Nick's eyes flashed fury at him, just for a second. "You don't have to," he said, voice still intimate, for Justin's ears only.

"Mm," Justin breathed, and Joey saw that his ass was perfect against Nick's cock, shuddering eagerly, spread for him, "no, not if Joey doesn't, doesn't wanna," and Nick sent a warm-acid glare at Joey again, making something of relief soar through Joey's gut. Good boy, Justin. Thank God.

"I don't," Joey said, then flashed a smile at Nick, "I wanna see you suck him -- will you suck him, for me, Nicky?"

"Can I fuck Joey?" Nick asked, ignoring him.

Justin tensed all over, and if Joey hadn't been looking at his face and hadn't been sleeping with him for the last three months, he wouldn't have known that Justin was rallying hard against coming right now. He'd shifted his legs wider, too; a sure sign he was turned on. Apparently the idea of watching their partner get fucked by Nick worked for everyone.

"No," Joey said, and then Justin was echoing him,

"no, no, 's not, not right," and Nick laughed plaintively and folded his hands over Justin's shoulders. His hips were still moving, a slow sway that touched the end of his cock to Justin's ass every couple of seconds, and Joey could see it in the tremble of Justin's back that he was working hard against tilting his hips up and taking him inside.

"So I don't get anyone?" Nick said, and he was joking, obviously, but Joey couldn't help but think like there was some truth under it, like Nick really had been looking out for fucking Justin -- hell, maybe even him -- for a good long time.

"Fraid not," Justin said, and Joey felt better again.

"Poor me," Nick murmured, breathing through his teeth, and Joey had a bad feeling he was missing a joke.

"You get, you want my mouth?" Justin whispered, and Nick made a faint breathless noise and hid his face in Justin's neck and kissed him noisily and said,

"Timberlake, yeah, that'd be so good," and Joey was just thinking yeah, good, get off him, that's better, when Justin hissed loudly and Nick's fists curled tight on the pillow and Justin was arching under him and fuck, fuck, Nick's hips were the wrong angle for anything else so he must be, must be pushing inside.

"oh, God," Justin groaned, and he was scowling and his mouth was open and he looked like every approaching-orgasm Joey'd ever seen, and Nick's face wasn't visible but Joey bet it was smiling.

He couldn't see evidence, looking down; could only see the smooth tilt of Nick's hips, the seam where they lay against Justin's ass, couldn't see Nick's cock inside Justin, couldn't feel what was showing all too plainly on Justin's face. He saw Nick's ass snap forward at the last moment, and Justin swore, and then, yeah. Nick Carter was fucking his boyfriend, lewd and slow, and his boyfriend wanted it so much he was doing it willingly, even after Joey'd said not to.

Well, it wasn't like he owned him, was it? Of course not. And it was hot as hell, the golden slide of it, of Justin pushing back demandingly like a claim, and Nick giving him - apparently - everything he wanted in return. "Ah," Justin drawled, "ah, fuck," and Nick muttered something into the back of his neck, kissing it frenziedly, making Justin sigh.

Hot as hell, Joey observed, and if he squinted it was almost like they were doing it for him, not themselves. His own personal show, with all the low grunts and staggered moans of real porno. He watched helplessly, his own cock feeling unsubtle and angry sticking up against his stomach, and Justin didn't yell Nick's name when he came, so that was one thing, but he didn't yell Joey's either.

Justin went totally relaxed, and Nick braced his fists against the pillow and looked up, met Joey's eyes, kept moving, making Justin hum in quiet waves. "Sorry," he mouthed, totally unrepentant, then added in a normal voice, blinking back sweat and clearing his throat, "couldn't help myself," and started sliding harder, faster, until Joey was squirming and palming his cock and trying to find reasons to look away from Nick's brightly glazed eyes.

Couldn't, couldn't find a reason, and then Nick was coming, biting down on Justin's shoulder, and Justin moaned, shameless, loud.

"Wow," Nick said, after a couple of minutes, and kissed Justin's shoulder, pulling out. Justin muttered to himself, then laughed softly, and Joey realised distractedly that he acted just like he did after having sex with him.


Nick sat back on his heels, met Joey's eye. "Thankyou," he said, and Joey tried to pretend he didn't know what he meant. His gaze slipped down to Joey's cock, and he raised an eyebrow. "Need a hand?"

Justin turned over, eyed Joey's erection wistfully, then grinned up at him. "Sorry, man, I'm dead," he said, flopping back with an arm over his eyes.

Nick crawled closer.

"I don't need a hand," Joey said, then it occurred to him that, "You better not have no diseases, Carter," he muttered, and Nick snorted softly, and murmured,

"nope, though he might get withdrawal over the next couple of days," and kissed Joey on the mouth, grinning when he turned his face away. "Aw, baby."

"What?" Joey said, and Nick's hand closed around his cock, warm and slick, inescapable.

Okay, so Joey wasn't trying all that hard.

"Stop it," he said weakly, and Nick shook his head.

"I wanna do it," Nick said, and his eyes were cunning and direct, and he was slinking on top of Joey and leaning down and brushing his lips wickedly against Joey's cock before Joey could work out an escape plan; a long time before he could steal himself against plaintive whimpers. "okay?"

He half expected teeth.


The moment Nick was gone, he felt better. Okay, so he'd cursed and moaned while Nick sucked him, and okay, so not even Justin could deepthroat for that long, and okay, so he'd told Nick that, in the throes of it, told him he was the best - but now he was gone, with his hot smirking mouth and his mouth-watering tongue, and now it was all over, all okay, not happening again.

He got into bed, after tossing the dirty blanket on the floor. They'd have a little explaining to do, but hey. He heard Justin finish cleaning his teeth, and smiled. Back to the two of them. Good. Very good.

Justin came out, naked, rosy, smiling, and Joey crooked a finger at him. "C'mere."

"This was a really good idea," Justin purred, padding over, and Joey grinned, licked his lips.

"see, you gotta learn to trust me," he teased.

"Let's just do it sometimes, though," Justin said, "like, special occasions," and Joey grinned and said,

"planning your birthday already, huh?" and Justin blew out a slow breath, climbing onto the bed.

"No, but I am now," he said, eyes going distant.

Joey patted his shoulder. "You got a couple of months."


"Meanwhile, why don't you get in bed with me?"

"If I have to," Justin said, but he was smiling.

He crawled over him, kissed him, and it was good, familiar, pressing Joey back into the bed - and then Justin breathed out a shudder that Joey wasn't expecting, and Joey wondered what exactly was going on in Justin's head, if he was thinking about Nick instead, that mouth, voice, skin.

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