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[If, for some truly bizarre and unlikely reason, you're here without knowing what slash is, get a clue now.]

Please note: as of late 2002, new stories are going up at this page. Sorry for the inconvenience while I (very slowly) move everything over.

the recent...ish stories

Birthday fic for Linbot, who wanted Harry/Draco. Broken Bones, a Harry Potter war story.

The little mprov that couldn't: Marionettes, Inc. Blah. Also, new music recs.

More Smallville. I'd say I'm on a roll, but that would guarantee that I'll fall off it. Marry Into The Family, in which I give further lie to my claims that I am not a big sappy girl. I just don't know what's wrong with me lately.

Smallville Bradbury Challenge. Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar! Almost gen, but faintly Clark/Lex & Pete/Lana. Mproved, but edited after. Addendum: Livia did a gorgeous illustration for the story which made me squeal happily.

Another Bradbury. The Town Where No One Got Off Silly snippet.

What Matters, a tiny Lex/Clark PWP.

I've got TS, DS, SN, HP and Nsync shorts in Speranza's latest mad masterpiece, 101 Ways To End Up In A Canadian Shack

The Freshest and The Best, a Highlander supermarket story. Duncan/Methos.

A little Sentinel smut, written ages ago in chat, never posted. Might as well. Indomitable.

I'm such a ditz. I forgot about this, which went up on Livia's page months ago. Telegrams from Hell. Five word fictions by me, Livia, Francesca and Virg.

Eclipse (Buffy TVS, Xander/Larry) A missing scene from Graduation, pt. 1. Written with Livia. To swipe a line from her site: "sex, death, apathy."

Third Person (due South, Fraser/RayK) Bombs, chinese food, insanity. All part of getting to know Fraser.

Everything You Need In One Convenient Location (Sentinel, J/B) An epilogue to The Debt.

Gift Horse (due South, BF/RK) A post-COTW trip in Ray's head.

Hot Sky Blue (Sentinel, PWP, J/B) Summer, men, basketball, sex. Written with Livia and Calico.

A Tale For You, Who Needs To Hear It (Star Wars gen) Um.  Sort of weird and nihilistic, not in a good way. Q/O slash, or maybe not.

Four-Letter Words (door, fuck, hurt, lust, love) (Sentinel, J/B, R)   A vaguely post-S2 melodrama.

The Fool (Blakes 7, Avon/Vila, R-ish) A post-Gambit delusion. Vila gets more than he bargains for, and a reminder that Avon is not a gambling man.

Last Time (Sentinel, J/B, R) My first step outside Voyager slash. Jim can't ask for what he needs.

Older stories (all Voyager) have been shoved into this dusty corner.

other stuff from me

the "coming soon" stories This listing isn't for real, it's for entertainment purposes.  My number of stories-begun grows exponentially and the number finished, well, diminishes proportionately.  But worse is the fact that nothing ever gets finished if I actually think I'll finish it.  It's a sad, sad world, and I do get a kick out of laughing at it by playing pin-the-tail-on-the-next-story. (Updated Jan 30.)

Okay, five minutes with Napster, and I know why this is going to change the world. It's too good to pass by, people. I've put up a page of a few music faves just because I'm so excited that, for the first time in history, people anywhere would be able to hear what I'm talking about. (Update September 2001 - and and are the new places, now that the record companies have killed napster.) (Update August 2002 - a new batch.)

There's a list for Australian Slashers. If you're Australian, I order you to go join it right now. It's now called AusSlashAss, on whatever freakishly annoying thing it is that onelist --> egroups --> YahooFuckingAnnoyingGroups has become. (It's low volume, mainly used to trade tapes and arrange meets, plus heads-ups for things on aus tv.) There's also a Queensland slashers list, contact me if you want details.

I have a soapbox. I stand on it and blather my opinion. Nothing particularly original, but hey, it reveals my politics to anybody that cares.

And look, over here, this is me trying to be clever. A rambly essay on women and slash and things.

A few long-winded recommendations for you. (Updated December 2000.)

necessary evils

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